Germany's best real estate investor
companies in 2021

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Selling your property can be tricky sometimes, first and foremost, you will have to try to find out how the market values your property to enable you to set a good asking price for your property, then there is the challenge of where to find a rich buyer who is ready to splash good money, and next, the problem of which buyers you should sell to or which of the available real estate companies you should partner with.

If you are looking for a buyer who will purchase your property quickly and at the very best price, then you’d want to work with established real estate companies and if your are looking for the best of real estate companies, E1 international Investment holdings is easily the best option.

Germany's best real estate investor companies in 2021
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We are one of the biggest real estate establishments in Germany and Internationally, and we buy literally anything pertaining to real estate, from apartment buildings to shopping centres, hotel properties, parking garages, building plots, etc. all over there the world. We also buy commercial real estate and residential real estates for portfolio management. We are in every part of Germany and in every segment of the real estate industry. We buy irrespective of the circumstances surrounding the sale, and we pay little or no attention to the present state of the property as long as it meets the standards of our purchase profile. 

We guarantee something most real estate investor companies don’t – a fast discreet sale. We have more than enough funds to buy your property, and if both parties agree, we can complete the whole process and purchase your property immediately, and you will have cash in your hands within 5 working days.

Why E1 Holding stands apart from others

There are numerous real estate investor companies in the market these days, it is indeed a saturated one, but the bundle of advantages we offer to our customers have singled us out from the crowd. We are giants in the off-market area of real estate, and whichever way you wish to sell your property, we have got you covered.

We have recorded unimaginable success in real estate within and outside Germany, and this has kept a steady stream of customers flowing into our company. Every day, hundreds of sellers are contacting us for the sales of their properties in diverse locations. We can also boast of a 100% customer retention rate as the experience you get by working with us is one you won’t find anywhere else.

We have a team of experienced and dedicated real estate professionals who are united by their unquenchable desire to see that you obtain 100% satisfaction in the sales of your property.  We have recorded a high rate of this customer satisfaction since our origin in 2007 and we are proud to say that with E1 international Investment holdings, there has never been an unhappy seller. You, too can be one of this happy sellers if you take that decision to sell your property to us today.

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Do you have properties outside Germany? Well, that’s great because we buy investment properties anywhere in the world. Contact us now, we are pleased to go and have a look at your property.

Remember, there are hundreds of real estate investor companies out there, but when it comes to selling your property, you wouldn’t want to risk working with newbies or average real estate investor companies, you should settle for the very best.

Choose E1 international investment holdings today for the best home sale experience you could ever imagine.

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