We sell your property discreetly! – No advertising on real estate portals – Not even your neighbors will be pointed!

Our company specializes in brokerage of investment property with a volume of € 1 million and upwards and serves more than 140,000 investors with attractive Offmarket properties worldwide.Our CRM system allows us to provide you with a meaningful intermediate result within 14 days. To put it more accurately, we only need two weeks to check whether one of our real estate investors is interested in purchasing your property or not.

The sales authorization is: non-committal and brokerage fee, only valid if notarial purchase contract , established by the potencial buyer. It is free to decide the amount of the seller commision which is motivation for the sales team.

Reason for our steady success: An investment property for the domestic investor may be uninteresting due to the usual return, for an investor from abroad, these returns can be much more attractive. The reasons of this;

  1. In many countries interest rates are above 10% p.a
  2. Due to inflation in its own country, a lower yield abroad is more attractive
  3. Equity ratio in its own country is significantly higher
  4. Value growth is more stable due to economic conditions in respective countries
  5. Currency risk is significantly lower in EU zones

The advantages at a look:

  1. No publication on real estate portals
  2. Within 14 days, a meaningful interim report on marketing
  3. Over 140,000 real estate investors worldwide
  4. No obligation to broker’s sole order
  5. Brokerage commission for the seller only in case of success
  6. Free decision to accept existing purchase offers
  7. Professional support in financial emergency situation
  8. References for placement volume over € 500 million
  9. They negotiate with the potential buyer upon request without our presence
  10. Your tenants will not be informed by marketing
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