Asset Deal

Asset Deal Definition

As an asset deal, a transaction is defined in connection with real estate investments, in which the investor directly acquires a property. The sale object is the real estate itself – in contrast to the share deal, in which only shares in an object company are sold. An asset deal is always associated with a land purchase. The buyer shall be the direct owner of the purchased object instead of the seller. In addition to the “classic” real estate purchase, in which the buyer acquires a land with an existing building, further forms of an asset deal are possible. 

These include building contract revenues, general contractor models, land purchases with contract acquisition and property outsourcing through sale and leaseback. Portfolio transactions can also be asset deals, provided that several individual properties are sold in blocks. On the other hand, in the case of a portfolio transaction, instead of individual real estate shares in a company which holds the relevant real estate portfolio, this is a share deal.

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