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The city of Wuppertal ranks 17th in the ranking of German cities with 362,463 inhabitants. The city is located in the Bergisches Land south of the Ruhr area and belongs to the administrative district of Düsseldorf. The state capital of North Rhine-Westphalia is only a stone’s throw from Wuppertal with around 40 kilometres. Cologne is a good 50 kilometres away. Wuppertal is part of the Rhine-Ruhr and Rhineland metropolitan regions. Internationally known is the town on the Wupper for its suspended railway and the dance theatre Pina Bausch.

Wuppertal: Between the Ruhr area and the Rhineland

In view of the population development, growth in Wuppertal is stagnating. Experts predict that the population will decline by around 4.8 percent by 2030. Wuppertal offers an excellent infrastructure. The city lies between the Ruhr and Rhineland; the conurbation with around twelve million people is well developed. Whether by train, car by plane: Wuppertal can be reached in short distances. The city in Bergisch also has a university to offer. At the Bergische Universität, the traditional engineering courses mechanical engineering and electrical engineering are offered, among other things, as well as the rather rare course of study in safety technology.

The economy in Wuppertal

The business location Wuppertal is traditionally characterized by the textile and metal industries. Internationally renowned companies and market leaders such as Bayer AG, Vorwerk, Aptiv and Axalta Coating Systems give the city a national radiance.
Wuppertal is particularly strong in the areas of automotive, health care and communication. The unemployment rate is currently around eight percent, above the national average. Purchasing power in Wuppertal is also below the German average. For example, per capita income amounts to EUR 20,759, and the trend is decreasing.

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The real estate market in Wuppertal

In cities with stagnating population trends, below-average property prices are the norm. This is also true for Wuppertal. According to the Housing Market Report, there are currently 198,805 apartments. Prices are moderate. For a 30-square-metre apartment, buyers have to reckon with an average of 1,369.56 euros per square meter, and for a 100-square-meter apartment at 1,535.14 euros. The purchase prices for houses are also significantly cheaper at an average of 2,862.98 euros per square meter (with a size of 100 square meters) than in A-metropolises such as Munich, Düsseldorf, Cologne or Berlin.
In terms of rents, the price level in Wuppertal is also in the lower segment. For example, a 100-square-metre property costs 7.14 euros per square metre. Among the cheaper districts in Wuppertal is Elberfeld-West, the most expensive are tenants living in Cronenberg-Mitte.
Wuppertal has a lot of space. The urban area covers an area of almost 170 square kilometers. This explains the comparatively high new construction activity. For example, the city has a number of building plots.

Commercial real estate in Wuppertal

Commercial real estate in Wuppertal is in high demand. Last year, for example, sales of offices and co increased by five percent. For years, the city has been pushing for the construction of new office space, attracting investors. The city’s economic development sees itself as a “hidden champion” and has a clear goal in mind: to continue to grow.

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Real Estate Forecast Wuppertal 2030 - Recommendations for Investors

Experts predict this for Wuppertal in 2030: the city is shrinking, the prices of residential property are falling. If you want to buy a property in Wuppertal as an investment, you should consider buying it carefully. What this suggests: the comparatively low prices, the university and the proximity to the Ruhr area and the Rhineland. If the equipment and location of the property are correct, investors can hardly do anything wrong. A possible vacancy is also not to be expected in Wuppertal. Even if population growth at the Wupper stagnates, the demand for housing has been increasing for years. No wonder: almost one in four people have a single household in Wuppertal.

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