Where to find real estate investors in 2021

What is a real estate agent without an investor?

The lifeline of every real estate broker and agent is finding good investors. Every day, you set out looking for good real estate with a high probability of developing and appreciating in the coming years, but It only makes sense when you have found someone willing to invest in this your real estate. As an individual agent and broker, where to find real estate investors and how to convince them are your objective, and we both can agree that you are not doing so well on your own compared to how well you will do if you had a bigger and more successful real estate brokerage or company of your own. 

Where to find real estate investors in 2021
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Put yourself in these investors‘ shoes; we all know that everything that involves money, especially in huge amounts, needs carefulness. Therefore these investors will rather work with a trusted company than an individual agent or broker.  Apart from the issue of where to find real estate investors, there are several limits to what you can achieve in a market as competitive as Germany’s real estate market if you try on your own. You find it difficult to approach bigger companies who might be interested in buying your real estate all because you know they would be skeptical about your one-man squad real estate establishment.

Why E1's franchise system is not like other real estate franchise opportunities

But what if we told you that you don’t have to continue your endless search of where to find real estate investors. What if we told you that where to find real estate investors wouldn’t be a problem in 2021 and beyond.

This is possible with E1 international investment holdings. As a reputable name in the real estate industry, investors have always relied on us for success in real estate, and Our franchise system gives you a truckload of these real estate investors who are ready to start investing already. Not only that, we also give you access to many lucrative off-market offers and thousands of purchasing profiles all over the world.

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More than a real estate franchise opportunity, it’s a lifeline.

Due to our success in recent years, we have built one of the biggest real estate investment companies Germany has ever known, and we also have established a strong international presence with over 120,000 registered customers internationally. We have been far above the stiff competition in Germany’s real estate market, and if you are thinking of where to find real estate investors, then think E1.

Due to the level of success we have recorded in the real estate business, investors keep coming to us in large numbers with the hope that we will replicate that success in our dealings with them. We have lived up to their expectations, and this has made us a household name in real estate. All these achievements are what our franchisees are enjoying today. With a franchise license from a renowned company like ours, there is no limit to what you can achieve. There is no company you can’t approach and no investor you cannot convert. We operate in Germany and internationally, and if you come in our name, you are sure investors will listen to you.

It is a life changing opportuntity, it is upto you to take it or leave it

By obtaining an E1 franchise license, you are not just putting an outright end to the problem of where to find real estate investors; you have placed your business on the road to unprecedented success in real estate because you will be receiving free mentorship and all the knowledge you need to unlock higher levels of success in real estate. We also provide you with all the resources you need, from an optimized web presence to emails, purchase profiles, documents, etc.

Our team will also lift the burden of having to do so much administration work so that you can focus on your sales and also keep your existing business moving.

Unlike other real estate investment companies, we have you at heart, and we want you to start enjoying what others are benefiting from. This is why our franchise license fees are one of the most affordable while still maintaining its lead as one of the very few that guarantees success.

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