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Tip Giver

Use your own connections to make Money!

Knowing the right person at the right time can lead to success. Giving a suggestion will be worth 15%!

What do you have to do?

You can get tip giver commission by giving successful recommendation of real estate buyer’s and/ or owners to our company. If you have any potential real estate buyer or owner for our company, please let us know before they contact us. So we can check if they are already known at our company. Otherwise you will lose the claim on tip giver commission.

What is the right recommendation?

Please transfer us all the information of the real estate investor or the real estate property, which are for sale or will be sold in the future.

  •  Contact details (name/surname, phone number, e-mail and address). It is not allowed that the recommended person is already registered in our company.
  • Type of real estate investments: Hotels, Commercial Building, Residential Building, Ground Plot, Shopping Mall and Parking lot and the real estate purchase price, which has to be 1 Mio € and more.

What is the Procedure after recommendation?

After the recommendation process the data you transmitted will be checked.
We check if our company knows the given information. Within 72 hours you will receive a written confirmation of your advice by e-mail.

Use your connections! 

We have some useful tips in how you can use your connections and which connections are relevant for this business.

  • Ask your landlord if he is interested in selling or buying real estate.
  • Also the people who live around, your neighborhood can be relevant.
  • Ask them to whom the building belongs, in which he is a tenant.
  • Ask your landlord if he still owns the house in which you lived.
  • Search on the Internet for real estate investors, purchase criteria for real estate, free real estate advertisements, etc.
  • Use your language skills and widen your research (Russia, England, The Netherlands, Switzerland, etc.).
  • Be active and ask for the owner when you see vacant real estates.

How is your commission paid?

In our brokerage system we will insert your contact details as a guide to the respective property or customer and in case of success, you will be asked to announce your current account connection. The tip giver commission fee is Gross 15% and when our company receives the commission fee, your account will be credited within 5 business days.

Calculation Example

The calculation for the tip giver is as follow:

Price 3.000.000,- Euro
Commision Seller 90.000,- Euro
CommisionBuyer 120.000,- Euro
Commision 210.000,- Euro
Your Tip-Giver Commision 15%       31.500,- Euro

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