Sell your property now with the most reliable off-market property broker

Do you wish to sell your home but you don't want any other person to know?

Have you ever thought of a way to get a serious buyer without having to advertise? Do you want to sell your property but don’t want the hassle of MLS listings? Whether you are a public figure, celebrity, or just a simple person who doesn’t want people to have knowledge of your dealings, E1 is here for you. Whatever could be your reason for a silent sale is never a problem. What we are here to do is to ensure that you get the most silent and secure sale you have always wanted, without stress.

With more than 13 years of experience in the off-market sector of the real estate industry, having carried out the sale of thousands of off-market properties within the country and internationally,  E1 is Germany’s no 1 off-market property broker.  With E1 international Investment holdings, you are in for the smoothest and most quiet sale of your off-market properties, and this is what distinguishes us from every other off-market property broker in the country today.

As experts in the off-market segment of real estate, we know everything that accompanies off-market deals and as a matter of fact, we are not called the best off-market property broker for mere formalities, this is a recognition we have earned from our existing customers due to the professionalism and expertise we bave displayed in carrying out off-market deals all these years.

Not everyone wants the sale of their properties/homes to go public. As a matter of fact, we treat our off-market clients with maximum respect because we see them as people of a great personality who doesn’t want the world to know of their internal affairs. If you are celebrity, politician or just a very simple and quiet individual, then having a motorcade if buyers coming for inspection and pictures of your belongings all over the Internet is the last thing you would want. And with E1, not even your closest neighbor will know you are selling.

Sell your property now with the most reliable off-market property broker
Sell your property to us discreetly and at the best price!

We are an off-market property broker that respects your privacy.

One thing that has helped us stand above the competition in Germany’s real estate market is that every information entrusted in our hands remains 100% private and will never be disclosed no matter what. We look after long-standing existing customers whose purchase profiles have already been stored, and we ensure everything about the sale of your property is not made known for any reason whatsoever.

We are an off-market property broker you can trust

We don’t just release information about your property to any buyer who comes knocking; if we do so, then we have defeated your aim for a silent sale. We ensure that the potential buyer is keen on purchasing the property. We clarify the interest in advance and only release property-related information such as exact address, tenant list, etc, when a Letter of interest/expression of interest is received.

Long-standing experienced real estate agents wanted to look after existing customers!

We are the best off-market property broker and we cannot compromise your confidentiality in us.

Whatever is your reason for a silent sale, we ensure you get not just a silent sale but also a secure and fast one. We assure you that you will get the best value for your property and you’re not wanting to go public will not be a reason to under price your home.

Where ever you are, within and outside Germany, distance is not our problem as we are dully represented with over 43 offices in Germany.

Contact E1 now for a reliable, silent, fast, and secure property sale off the real estate market. Generally the best off-market sale experience in Germany and beyond.

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