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Real Estate Purchase Requirements: Checklist & Key Criteria

Create a
requirement profile
for the purchase of real estate to facilitate your purchase decision. Our checklist and key criteria will help you with this. Read on.

If you own a property and are thinking about selling it, or if you are a real estate agent looking for purchase profiles, of investors, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, you’ll learn how to create the ideal Job profile for the purchase of real estate. We’ll show you what’s important and how you can get involved with E1 Investments, an international real estate agency.
with a focus on
investment properties
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Why is a requirement profile important?

Before you Her Real estate sell or after Matching Investors search, is it crucial, one Clear Job profile to create. This Profile helps you to define the criteria and expectations for the purchase of real estate. It also allows you to meet potential buyers or Investors better identify and tailor your offer to their needs. Click now and make your property visible to investors!

Wichtige Kriterien für den Immobilienkauf

Key criteria for buying real estate

Type of property

Define the type of property you have. Is it a residential property, a plot of land, a commercial property, a hotel property, a nursing home, or any other type of property? This is the starting point for your job profile.


The location of your property is crucial. Determine which city or region the property is located in and whether it is located in an urban or rural area. The world is waiting for your property - Offer now!

Size and Capacity

Determine the size of the property, including the residential, usable and land area. Depending on the type of property, capacity can be measured in residential units or other units of measurement.

Expected returns

What are your expected returns? Determine what financial return you expect from your property. This is especially important if you're looking for investors. Discover attractive investment opportunities!


Define your budget for buying or selling the property. This is crucial in order to realistically assess your financial possibilities.

Checklist for real estate purchase

If you're a realtor , it's important to network with reputable investors . E1 Investments offers a network of business partners for real estate agents. Here, you can benefit from lucrative commissions while providing high-quality investment opportunities to your clients. Sell your property immediately - Upload now!
Commission for tipsters
Even if you don't want to own or sell a property, you can still benefit from E1 Investments. If you recommend a promising property, you will receive an attractive referral commission of ten percent. Earn more with E1 Plus - Join now for free!
Discreet sale
If you want to sell your property discreetly, you can rely on the expertise of E1 Investments. We assure you of a professional, fast and discreet sale, without your neighbors or colleagues knowing about it. Get exclusive insider tips - Register now!
Purchase of foreign real estate
E1 Investments also has an interest in overseas real estate, both residential and commercial. If you own real estate abroad, we might be interested in them. Book a free meeting now and clarify your questions!
Secure financing
In the event of a purchase commitment, we guarantee a smooth and fast processing without having to rely on loan commitments. We have our own funds and can process the purchase independently of banks.

How to find the perfect property

Creating a requirement profile for the purchase of real estate is the first step on the way to the perfect property . It helps you to define your goals and expectations and makes it possible to search for suitable Offered to look for. If you than Broker Working with E1 Investments can give you access to lucrative business opportunities. Discover confidential off-market investments for free!

Diskreter Immobilienverkauf
Diskreter Immobilienverkauf

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Talk to us about the purchase of real estate at! E1 Investments Holding is constantly looking for the Contact to real estate agents, owners and tipsters. We promise you a quick response and profound answers to your questions. Ask? Write to us now on WhatsApp!


A requirements profile for the purchase of real estate is a valuable tool to successfully sell your property or to find the perfect investment. Use our checklist and key criteria to achieve your goals. E1 Investments is at your side as a strong partner to realize your real estate goals.


You Job profile should Type of Real estate, Location, Size and Capacity, Expected returns and You Budget comprise.

That Profile should Clear Data the Type of Real estate, To Location, the Size, to the Financial Expectations and To Budget contain. Learn more about E1 Plus - Discover now!

Use They ours Checklist and Key Criteria than Guide. Define They Her Goals and Expectations clear and precise.

A requirement profile helps you to define your goals and to search for suitable properties or investors . Get to the investment opportunities from the owner now!

The requirements profile serves as a guide for finding properties that meet your needs and goals . It facilitates the selection and marketing of real estate.

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