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Successful sale of investment properties: discover the advantages of E1 Holding

What are the challenges in the real estate brokerage of investment properties?

📍 The sale (off-market real estate brokerage) of apartment buildings, office properties, shopping centres and hotel properties in the million-euro range is proving to be challenging via conventional real estate portals such as Immobilienscout, Immowelt and Immonet. It is difficult to find the right investor, and publishing on such platforms can lead to loss of reputation and value, as well as a drop in rental income.

In the German real estate market, over 90% of real estate agents focus on the end-user business, while the Brokerage of investment properties is a completely different field of business (Off Market Real Estate Brokerage) with specific tasks. In addition, it is a predominantly office-based field of activity in contrast to the field service activities of conventional real estate agents.

➥ When selling investment properties, owners may encounter tough experiences, as not everyone adheres to standard business practices when it comes to large amounts of money. While owners look for a broker locally, local brokers often have few existing customers with whom they have already been able to build trust.

➥ Investment properties are often published on portals for extended periods of time, and professional investors recognize this through proptech innovations. This causes investors to become skeptical and look for possible pitfalls.

➥ Regionally active brokers often have little contact with financing institutions that finance large properties. Buyers often need contacts with mezzanine investors in order to be able to finance larger properties with debt capital, which is crucial for them.

The general solution for successful real estate brokerage

✅ You can try to find investors on your own by researching purchase profiles of real estate, real estate companies, or real estate investors. However, it is difficult to get a good price if you offer to sell your property yourself.

✅ A targeted search for off-market real estate agents in your area will allow you to find investment brokers who already have a large client base of reputable investor groups.

✅ Thoroughly check the previous references of the broker and be convinced of his abilities, not just the reputation of the company or the franchise system to which the broker belongs.

Individual solution with E1 Plus for the right real estate investor

With E1 Holding, you have access to an individual solution for the real estate brokerage of investment properties. You can store the most important key data of your property in our CRM database free of charge and sell them as soon as there are targeted inquiries from potential buyers in order to achieve the best possible price.

✔️ Since 2007, E1 Holding has specialized in the brokerage of commercial real estate, apartment buildings, hotel properties, shopping centers, local suppliers, wind and solar plants, healthcare properties and project developments and serves real estate investors worldwide.

✔️ By working with over 4,500 investment brokers worldwide, E1 Holding enables individual use of in-house CRM. As a result, international investment brokers can provide individual support to their existing clients and successfully broker your property.

✔️ The property is only checked by the investor on the basis of important key data, without revealing the exact address. In case of interest, the investor submits a signed expression of interest , and you decide whether you want to continue negotiations after the buyer details have been announced.

✔️ With our extensive database, we have a large number of investors who have already submitted concrete expressions of interest with specific purchase profiles for investment properties. This means that we have received thousands of binding purchase applications from investors worldwide . By comparing them with these purchase profiles, we can identify potential buyers who are looking for properties like yours. This enables us to provide you with targeted and qualified offers and to handle the sales process efficiently and successfully.

💡 With over 100 office locations and 5 distributions, E1 Holding is an international company that has been pursuing the goal of strengthening the real estate industry since 2007, especially between different countries.

Upload your property now and have it discovered by actively looking investors!

With this alternative, we would like to give you the opportunity to start the sales process of your property discreetly in the off-market. By uploading your property, you can target potential buyers without public spotlight and without compromising your privacy.

Real estate brokerage directly to actively seeking real estate investors

Our real estate brokerage service

With a comprehensive market analysis, professional presentation and effective marketing, we support you at every step of the sales process. Trust in our expertise and achieve the best possible value for your property.

24/7 support

We are available around the clock to answer your questions, assist you with concerns and provide you with the best possible service.

Coaching videos

You will get access to free coaching videos in which we explain in detail how to enter a property and submit an individual offer to existing customers.

Investor database

Through our investor database, you have access to a large number of investor purchase profiles. This allows you to make targeted offers to potential buyers.


We provide you with a system that automatically generates legally secure contracts and forms to protect your interests.

Transaction Monitoring

We offer you non-binding assistance in the sale of your property. Provided that you support us in entering and monitor the transactions.

Discreet and anonymous

Your property will only be passed on to potential investors by providing only the most important key data.


Real estate brokerage is a complex task that involves understanding the needs and wishes of customers and presenting suitable real estate offers. By using E1 Plus, you can take your real estate brokerage activity to a new level and provide outstanding service to your clients.

Contact us today and discover the many possibilities of E1 Plus for your real estate brokerage.

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How can I successfully sell my investment property and get the best price?

Imagine you want to sell your investment property, but it seems like no one is interested. They invest time and effort in marketing, but there are no serious interested parties. Uncertainty and frustration are increasing, and you wonder if you’ll ever find a buyer who recognizes the true value of your property.

E1 Plus offers you an extensive platform to market your investment property in a targeted manner and to attract potential buyers who have a genuine interest in your offer.

Selling a large property can be a real challenge. The search for qualified buyers who have the necessary capital and interest in your property is often difficult. Without a proper solution, frustration, delays, and financial losses can occur. The competition is fierce, and it seems almost impossible to find the right buyer who will recognize the value of your property.

Imagine what it would be like if your large property is for sale, but potential buyers are simply not in sight. You invest valuable time, energy and money in marketing your property, only to fall on deaf ears. The feeling of uncertainty and stagnation can be overwhelming, and you may wonder if you’ll ever find the right buyer.

Solution through the use of E1 Plus

There is a solution to your problem! With the free use of E1 Plus, you get access to an extensive network of qualified investors who are actively looking for large real estate. E1 Plus offers you the opportunity to market your property in a targeted manner and to target potential buyers who have a genuine interest in your offer.

By using the features and resources of E1 Plus, you can present your real estate offer in a targeted manner and maximize your sales opportunities. You will receive detailed information about potential buyers, their investment preferences and financial capabilities. In addition, you benefit from E1 Plus’ expertise and experience in the field of large real estate brokerage to complete the sales process efficiently and successfully.

Take advantage of the free membership of E1 Plus today and discover the advantages of targeted marketing of your large property. Turn your challenges into successes and find the ideal buyer who recognizes the true value of your property.

E1 Plus works with vetted and reputable investors to ensure the safety and transparency of the sales process. You can rest assured that your sale is in professional hands.

E1 Plus provides you with a variety of tools and resources to effectively market your investment property. This includes high-quality exposés, professional photos and a targeted presentation of your property to potential buyers.

The duration of the sales process may vary depending on individual circumstances. However, through targeted marketing and access to qualified buyers, E1 Plus enables faster turnaround and reduces sales time compared to traditional methods.

E1 Plus has extensive market knowledge and access to up-to-date property valuations. You will receive professional pricing support to get the best possible price for your investment property.

Yes, E1 Plus supports you throughout the entire sales process, including the negotiation phase. Our experienced experts are on hand to help you negotiate the best terms for your sale.

E1 Plus accompanies you every step of the sales process. From the preparation of the contract documents to the support with the handover of the property, we ensure a smooth process and a professional handling of the sale.

The use of E1 Plus for the sale of your investment property is free of charge. You can benefit from the individual solutions and the extensive network of E1 Plus without incurring additional costs.

Signing up for E1 Plus is easy and free. Visit our website, follow the instructions to register and upload your investment property to take advantage of our custom solutions.

No, E1 Plus assists you in brokering various types of investment properties, including residential and commercial properties. Our network of qualified investors includes a wide range of interested parties with different investment preferences.

The duration of the sale depends on various factors, including the current market and the specific characteristics of your property. However, by using E1 Plus’ custom solutions, you can reduce sales time compared to traditional methods and find a qualified buyer faster.

Discretion and professionalism - the principles of our work

Successful off-market placements - examples of our competence

As a specialized company for off-market real estate brokerage, discretion and professionalism are the focus of our work. Although we can only publish a limited number of references due to the anonymity of our clients, we would like to present you with some examples of successful placements. Our total of 18 references provide precise information on the location, client/owner and buyer of the respective properties. This selection is a small insight into our extensive brokerage activities. We can proudly look back on numerous successful off-market brokerages and look forward to supporting you in your real estate project.

Discrete sale: E1 Holding successful in the sale of multi-family residential complex Kassel Lohfelden

E1 Holding has discreetly sold a residential complex consisting of 17 apartment buildings with a total of 85 residential units to a private investor . The sale took place without advertising on real estate portals and to long-standing existing customers. The residential complex was located in Kassel Lohfelden and was sold by a real estate company based in Neu-Ulm. The notarial certification was carried out by the notary Dr. Peter Gamon with the official residence in Frankfurt am Main.

E1 Investments successfully sells shopping centre in Martini Bad Kreuznach

E1 Investments was able to successfully sell the Martini retail park in Bad-Kreuznach. The retail park comprises a sales area of 7,400 m² and a plot of 14,916 m² and was sold by a fund company. The notarial certification took place in Bad Kreuznach. The sale took place off market, without advertising on real estate portals. Buyer DMSN Group from Bad-Kreuznach.

E1 Investments sells 4 BMW dealerships to TRIWO AG in Trier in an off-market process

E1 Investments was able to successfully sell a total of 4 BMW dealerships to TRIWO AG in Trier in an off-market process. TRIWO AG is a family-owned stock corporation and a major company in the real estate industry in southwestern Germany. The car dealerships were sold at a double-digit rate and are already successfully owned by TRIWO AG. TRIWO AG was already known as a bidder for Hahn Airport and was familiar with E1 Investments.

BB Beteiligungsgesellschaft mbH acquires refugee home in Wiesbaden from E1 Investments

BB Beteiligungsgesellschaft mbH, based in Wiesbaden, has successfully acquired the refugee home at Berliner Str. 160 in 65205 Wiesbaden from E1 Investments. The seller company RGG Immobilien GmbH E1 Investments had already commissioned the first order in 2013 with the sale of the management company in Rüdesheim am Rhein, which E1 was able to successfully broker without advertising on real estate portals. In the end, the seller company RGG Immobilien GmbH demanded €11.1 million for the refugee home. After expiry of the lease agreement with the city of Wiesbaden, the property can be built on according to the B-plan with 40 apartments and 29 Rhine houses.

Diskrete Immobiliensuche für private Investoren - Rachid Boukli, E1 Holding Immobilienmakler in Frankfurt am Main

E1 Investments brokers administration building in Rüdesheim am Rhein to long-standing existing customers

The company E1 Investments was able to successfully broker an administration building in Rüdesheim am Rhein to a long-standing existing customer. The building, which was built in 1972 and completely renovated in 1994, was completely modernized in 2012 and houses the vehicle registration office as well as a sign service. The main tenant of the building is the Rheingau-Taunus district and the lease has just been renewed and runs until June 2023. The seller was RGG Immobilien GmbH in Taunusstein.

Mr. Muharrem Erdogdu brokers 554 vacant residential units in Stendal to Mr. Phillip Zodtner

Mr. Muharrem Erdogdu received the sales order for the vacant apartment blocks in Stendal from RAKS AG as authorized signatory. After a complex settlement that lasted 7 months, he was able to broker the 554 residential units that had been vacant since 2009 to Mr. Phillip Zodtner from Binsbach. The marketing activities were followed by the local press, including AZ-Online and the Allgemeine Zeitung.

E1 Holding brokers residential complex in Aarbergen Michelbach to Energona GmbH

The company E1 Holding was able to successfully sell a residential complex in Aarbergen Michelbach to Eregona GmbH, represented by Dipl. Ing. Amang Aziz, mediate. The seller company was the legal successor of ehml. Pasavantwerke, represented by Mr Hartmut Bopp and Mr Ottmar Grund. A total of 8 apartment buildings with 76 residential units and 20 garages were sold in Heidestraße in 65326 Aarbergen. The notarization was carried out by the notary office Doerr & Partner. The company E1 Immobilien in Wiesbaden was active as a broker.

Mad Münder business park with 30,000 square metres sold in a share deal

Muharrem Erdogdu was able to purchase the Geberbepark near Hanover , Süntelstr. 70 in 31848 Bad Münder to Mr. Gerhard Benneck from Langenfeld. The business park with an area of over 30,000 sqm was handled in a share deal.

2 Mehrfamilienhäuser mit insgesamt 48 Wohneinheiten in Kaiserlautern Reichswaldstraße 20-26 & Feuerbachstraße 18-22 in 67657 Kaiserslautern,

E1 Holding sells 2 apartment buildings in Kaiserslautern with 48 residential units to Alpha Real Estate Group

E1 Investments has sold existing properties of Kubus13 to Alpha Real Estate Group. The notarization of the 2 apartment buildings took place in Kaiserslautern and the ETW sales company Alpha Real Estate Group was represented by a representative. A total of 2 apartment buildings with a total of 48 residential units were sold in Kaiserslautern. The broker was the company E1 Investments in Wiesbaden, which was commissioned by a long-standing existing customer.

Successful sale of a residential and commercial building in a prime location in Düsseldorf by E1 Holding to Immobilien Aufteiler.

E1 Holding was able to successfully sell a residential and commercial building with 90 units in a prime location in Düsseldorf to a long-standing existing customer. The building, built in 1965 with 86 residential and 4 commercial units, was brokered by the company E1 on an exclusive contract within 7 weeks. The new owner, a real estate divider, is now planning the privatization of the apartments and keeps the 4 shops on the ground floor for the time being.

E1 Holding successfully sells residential complex with 137 residential units in Gröbzig in a share deal process

E1 Holding was able to successfully sell a residential complex consisting of 137 residential units in Gröbzig to a Greek investor in a share deal process. The logging was carried out in the offer and acceptance procedure. The seller of the real estate company was a public figure. The residential complex had already approved the declaration of division before the sale, so that a total of 137 condominiums were taken over with the purchase.

E1 Holding successfully sells 3 apartment buildings in Wetzlar to a private investor

E1 Holding has successfully sold a residential property with 24 apartments in Wetzlar to a private investor who wants to keep the property in the portfolio for his retirement provision. The sale was handled by a notary and the buyer has been deposited as an existing customer with E1 Investments since 2012 in search of the right property for his retirement provision. E1 Holding is pleased to be able to support a long-standing customer in achieving its financial goals.

E1 Holding sells Lower Saxony portfolio with 185 residential units and 17 commercial units to Citie GmbH from Münster

E1 Holding has successfully sold its Lower Saxony portfolio to Citie GmbH from Münster. The portfolio comprises a total of 185 residential and 17 commercial units. The purchase contract was notarized. The owner, Max Immovest Verwaltungs-GmbH and Max Invest Verwaltungs GmbH, as well as the property identifier M54321-22E, have been anonymized. The sale price for the portfolio was 9.75 million euros. The buyer is Citie GmbH from Münster.

E1 Holding sells apartment buildings with 124 apartments in 56574 Weißenthurm to VK Anlagen

VK Anlagen from Offenbach bought 3 apartment buildings with a total of 124 residential units via E1 Holding, which resulted in a successful settlement with the long-standing existing customer VK Anlagen, Mr. Keller. The purchase price amounted to EUR 10.9 million.

E1 Holding records successful sale of 90 rented residential units in Kleve to real estate investor T. N. from Würzburg

Real estate investor T. N. from Würzburg buys 90 rented residential units, Brüningstraße in Kleve. Real estate investor T. N. is a long-standing existing customer of E1 Investments and has already reviewed a number of offers and now the first joint reference has been successfully recorded

E1 Holding sells residential and commercial building in a prime location in downtown Mainz

E1 Holding has successfully completed the residential and commercial building in Flachsmarktstr. 22 in 55118 Mainz to Benner & Kleidmann GbR . The seller of the property was Mr. Ali Barut, who sold his property for reasons of age. E1 Holding placed the sales order and was able to successfully broker the property within 5 weeks in the off-market real estate sale procedure without advertising on real estate portals.

E1 Holding sells existing properties of the former Passavantwerke to Claus Wisser Verwaltungs- und Beteiligungs GmbH & Co. KG

E1 Holding has successfully sold existing properties of the former Passavantwerke to Claus Wisser Verwaltungs- und Beteiligungs GmbH & Co. KG. The notarization included 14 apartment buildings with a total of 85 residential units in Hesse. The buyer company was represented by Mr. Kurt Wahler , while the seller’s company, the legal successors of the former Passavantwerke, was represented by Mr. Hartmut Bopp. The properties are located at Sonnenhang 7-9, Hochstraße 4,6,8,10,12,14,16, Schöne Aussicht 2-12 and Untere Weinbergstraße 35 in 65326 Aarbergen, Germany. PRV GmbH commissioned the company E1 Immobilien in Wiesbaden, represented by Mr. Muharrem Erdogdu, as broker for the sale.

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