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Compared to other major German cities

Compared to other major German cities such as Frankfurt or Munich, commercial and, above all, private real estate in Berlin have long been cheap to buy. However, the price development in recent years shows that Berlin is now also trying to catch up with other major cities in Germany when it comes to property prices. There are only a few exceptions, including Munich or Stuttgart, where the prices for real estate are still significantly higher and an investment is only worthwhile under certain criteria. Investing in real estate in the greater Berlin area with the help of Broker Berlin is therefore still a bet on the right horse, because prices will continue to rise due to the long-term scarcity of living space. Real estate agents in Berlin monitor these developments very closely.

Best real estate agent in Reinickendorf Berlin - Bernd Steidl
Real Estate Agents Berlin - Bernd Steidl
  • Real Estate Franchise License: .Gold
  • Entry in the real estate industry: 1992
  • Strengths: Professional competence through 27 years of professional experience
  • Advantages over customers: Current, attractive investment offers
  • Languages: German
  • Purchase of real estate: Yes
  • Mediation Focus: Hotel properties, residential complexes, commercial real estate, nursing homes, specialist market centres, industrial real estate, land, new construction projects Residential, new construction projects Commercial
  • Property management activities: Yes
  • District: nationwide
  • Agency Foreign Real Estate: D, A, CH and others


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Our offer as a Berlin broker

Our services and real estate portfolio are aimed at commercial and private investors with the aim of supporting them not only with construction projects with their many years of experience, but also with the acquisition of existing properties. In doing so, E1 develops a long-term investment strategy in close cooperation with you and arranges the properties that fit this strategy. This is where the work of E1 as a real estate agent in Berlin differs from ordinary service providers, which often only provide for the mediation of prospective tenants or buyers or rental properties. As an investor, you do not have the time to deal with the market in more detail, which is why E1 Holding, as Berlin broker, takes on this task for you and provides you with tailor-made investment solutions for your investment in THE German metropolis of Berlin.

Real estate in Berlin is of course no longer an insider tip as an investment, but the appeal of the capital is far from over: the vast majority of real estate experts and brokers in Berlin are certain – Berlin will also be a worthwhile investment destination for real estate investors in the coming years, because new – and existing properties will continue to experience significant increases in value. A significant increase in demand is predicted for both commercial real estate and residential space. The supply can only cover a fraction of the demand and demand determines the price, regardless of whether in Munich, London or New York.

Why choose E1 Holding?

E1 International Investment Holding GmbH has been active in the real estate business since 2007. The current transaction volume amounts to more than EUR 2.4 billion for more than 4,700 real estate transactions. E1 Holding is your answer to the real estate business. Get amazing investment agreements when you buy a property and benefit from the sale.
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Why Broker Berlin?

As before, many properties in Berlin are not offered on the open market, but contracts are closed discreetly. This is particularly common with commercial partners who want to keep their investment strategy under lock and key for as long as possible. As Berlin real estate agents with many years of experience, we have earned the trust of our customers in the Berlin real estate industry, which is why we are often commissioned with the discreet sale of such off-market properties. It is often the case that we still have an item in the drawer that is not available on the open market. A decisive advantage of off-market real estate: due to the limited number of potential buyers, the risk of a bidding process and of driving up the price is much lower.


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What do we offer?

Our full service as a real estate agent in Berlin: With us you get an all-round carefree package:

– Compilation of your portfolio
– Development of your real estate investment strategy
– Agreement of viewing appointments for possible objects
– Well-founded valuation
– Price negotiations are carried out
– Notary appointments and land registry entries

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