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Are you a real estate broker, owner, or investor looking for a discreet and efficient way to navigate the world of off-market properties? Look no further, as E1 Plus is here to revolutionize your real estate journey. In this article, we’ll explore why E1 Plus is the ultimate off-market real estate platform that caters to the needs of brokers, real estate owners, and investors. So let’s dive in and discover how E1 Plus can help you unlock hidden opportunities in the real estate market.

Off Market Real Estate Platform
E1 Plus –  Off Market Real Estate Platform

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1 E1 Plus: An Introduction
2 Benefits for Property Owners
3 Advantages for Real Estate Agents
4 Opportunities for Investors
5 Rewards for Tipsters
6 Time Savings through Effective Matching
7 Practical Management of Contacts
8 Discretion and Security
9 Attractive Commissions for Success
10 How E1 Plus Works
11 Registration and Profile Creation
12 Creating Contacts and Securing Protection
13 Assigning Contacts to Properties
14 Automatic Matching by E1 Plus
15 Document Request and Viewing

Off-Market Real Estate Platform E1 Plus: An Introduction

E1 Plus is the go-to off-market real estate platform designed to cater to the needs of property owners, real estate agents, investors, and tipsters. Whether you’re looking to sell discreetly, expand your real estate portfolio, or find exclusive investment opportunities, E1 Plus has got you covered.

Benefits for Property Owners

If you’re a property owner, E1 Plus is the key to maximizing the sale price of your off-market property. With a vast network of verified investors, your property will reach the right audience, ensuring the best possible value. Save time and money by avoiding expensive advertising campaigns and lengthy negotiations. Embrace the secure and efficient transaction process that E1 Plus offers, allowing you to focus on your next investment.

Advantages for Real Estate Agents

Real estate agents partnering with E1 Plus gain access to new sales opportunities by connecting off-market properties with potential buyers. Your clients will appreciate the wider selection of properties available, and you’ll have an extensive global network of investors at your fingertips, elevating your business to new heights.

Opportunities for Investors

As an investor, finding off-market properties can lead to exceptional investment prospects. E1 Plus provides you with quick and discreet access to an exclusive network of off-market properties, potentially yielding higher returns on your investments. Say goodbye to sifting through public listings and hello to a world of hidden gems.

Rewards for Tipsters

At E1 Plus, we understand the value of connections. As a tipster, you’ll be rewarded with attractive commissions for successful referrals. Connect buyers and sellers of off-market properties and be instrumental in bringing value to the real estate market.

Time Savings through Effective Matching

E1 Plus boasts an automatic matching function that saves valuable time for owners, brokers, and investors. With up to 2,000 exposes and acquisition profiles matched daily, potential buyers and sellers are quickly connected, streamlining the process for all parties.

Practical Management of Contacts

Managing contacts and off-market properties becomes a breeze with E1 Plus. Categorize properties and acquisition profiles under “My Contacts” to streamline your transaction process and stay organized.

Discretion and Security

E1 Plus prioritizes customer and source protection, ensuring all off-market transactions are handled discreetly and securely. Your privacy is paramount, and we take every measure to protect it.

Attractive Commissions for Success

E1 Plus offers enticing commissions for successful off-market transactions, rewarding tipsters, brokers, and owners for their valuable contributions to successful deals.

How Off-Market Real Estate Platform E1 Plus Works

  1. Registration and Profile Creation: Sign up for E1 Plus by registering and creating a profile. It’s quick, free, and non-binding.
  2. Creating Contacts and Securing Protection: After registration, create contacts and link them to properties or acquisition profiles. Rest assured, E1 Plus guarantees comprehensive customer and source protection.
  3. Assigning Contacts to Properties: Organize your contacts by assigning properties and acquisition profiles to specific individuals. This will streamline your search for investors and help you market your properties effectively.
  4. Automatic Matching by E1 Plus: The platform’s automatic matching function connects potential buyers and sellers by sending up to 2,000 exposes daily, based on desired criteria.
  5. Document Request and Viewing: Interested investors can request documents through the platform or email, ensuring a smooth and transparent process for all parties involved.


E1 Plus is the game-changer in the world of off-market real estate. With its user-friendly platform, vast network of investors, and commitment to discretion, it opens doors to endless possibilities. Embrace E1 Plus today, and watch your real estate endeavors thrive like never before.

FAQs Off-Market Real Estate Platform

  1. How do I sign up for E1 Plus?
    Visit the E1 Plus website and complete the quick registration process to create your profile for free.
  2. What benefits does E1 Plus offer real estate agents?
    E1 Plus provides real estate agents with access to new sales opportunities through off-market properties and a global network of investors.
  3. Can investors request property documents through E1 Plus?
    Yes, interested investors can conveniently request property documents through the platform or via email.
  4. What is the commission structure for successful transactions on E1 Plus?
    Successful referrals result in an equal 50/50 commission sharing. Additionally, owners uploading properties directly incur a 1% payment to E1 Holding for successful transactions.
  5. Does E1 Plus prioritize customer privacy?
    Yes, E1 Plus prioritizes customer and source protection, ensuring all off-market transactions are handled discreetly and securely.
  6. Is E1 Plus available internationally?
    Yes, E1 Plus is a global off-market real estate platform, connecting users from different regions to lucrative opportunities worldwide.
  7. What types of properties are listed on E1 Plus?
    E1 Plus showcases a diverse range of off-market properties, including residential, commercial, industrial, and investment properties.
  8. How can I earn attractive commissions as a tipster on E1 Plus?
    As a tipster, you can earn attractive commissions by successfully connecting buyers and sellers of off-market properties through your referrals.
  9. Can I access E1 Plus on mobile devices?
    Absolutely! E1 Plus is designed to be mobile-friendly, allowing you to access the platform and explore off-market opportunities on the go.
  10. Is there a cost to register with E1 Plus?
    No, registration with E1 Plus is completely free and non-binding. Join today to start exploring off-market real estate deals.
  11. What distinguishes E1 Plus from other real estate platforms?
    E1 Plus stands out with its extensive network of verified investors, discreet approach, and automatic matching function, providing a unique edge in the market.
  12. Are there any benefits for frequent users of E1 Plus?
    Yes, frequent users can opt for a platinum membership, offering brand and usage rights indefinitely and 95% commission per successful transaction.
  13. Can I manage multiple properties and contacts efficiently on E1 Plus?
    Absolutely! E1 Plus offers practical management tools that allow you to categorize and streamline your contacts and properties effortlessly.
  14. What is the process for securing customer and source protection on E1 Plus?
    E1 Plus guarantees comprehensive customer and source protection by linking contacts to specific properties or acquisition profiles.
  15. How does the automatic matching function work on E1 Plus?
    The automatic matching function connects potential buyers and sellers by sending up to 2,000 exposes daily, based on desired criteria.
  16. Can I view and negotiate deals directly on E1 Plus?
    Yes, customers and property brokers can view and negotiate deals seamlessly through the platform’s secure and transparent process.
  17. Is E1 Plus suitable for both individual investors and real estate agencies?
    Absolutely! E1 Plus caters to the needs of individual investors, real estate agencies, and all those seeking off-market opportunities.
  18. Does E1 Plus offer customer support for its users?
    Yes, E1 Plus provides dedicated customer support to assist users with any queries or concerns they may have.
  19. Can I opt for external cooperation as a broker on E1 Plus?
    Yes, brokers can choose external cooperation with a monthly co-financing option, granting them 70% of the buyer’s commission for successful transactions.
  20. What happens after a successful referral on E1 Plus?
    Upon a successful referral, both the owner and broker receive an equal 50/50 commission sharing, rewarding all parties involved in the transaction.

Off Market Real Estate Platform: Experience a new era in real estate with E1 Plus, the platform that connects property owners, brokers, and investors to off-market opportunities. Maximize your investments and seize hidden gems in the real estate market today!

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