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In the world of real estate, off-market properties hold the promise of unique investment opportunities, but finding them can be a challenge. Enter E1 Plus, the innovative off-market platform for the real estate market. Launched in April 2022 after seven years of intensive development, It aims to provide property owners, agents, investors, and tipsters with a more efficient and discreet way to buy and sell off-market properties. In this article, we explore the benefits and how it has revolutionized the off-market real estate market.






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Welcome to E1 Plus

The Off-Market Platform for Real Estate!

As an owner, agent, investor, or tipster, we offer you an effective and efficient way to navigate the world of off-market properties. Whether you're looking to sell discreetly, expand your portfolio, or find hidden gems for investment, E1 Plus has you covered.


For Property Owners

Selling off-market properties can be a daunting task, but E1 Plus provides a solution. With a large database of potential buyers and a discreet approach, we ensure you achieve the best possible sale price without publicly advertising your property.


For Real Estate Agents

As a real estate agent, partnering with E1 Plus opens doors to new sales opportunities. Connect off-market properties with potential buyers and offer your clients a wider selection. Access our extensive database and global network of investors to elevate your business.


For Investors

Finding off-market properties that are not publicly listed can lead to exceptional investment opportunities. It grants you quick and discreet access to an exclusive network of off-market properties, potentially yielding higher returns.


For Tipsters

Your connections matter, and It rewards you for successful referrals. Earn attractive commissions by connecting buyers and sellers of off-market properties and help us bring value to the real estate market.

Table of Contents

Why Choose E1 Plus?

Time Savings through Effective Matching

E1 Plus boasts an automatic matching function that saves valuable time for owners, brokers, and investors. The platform matches up to 2,000 exposes and acquisition profiles daily, quickly connecting potential buyers and sellers.

Practical Management of Contacts and Properties

With us, managing contacts and off-market properties becomes a breeze. Categorize properties and acquisition profiles under "My Contacts" to streamline your transaction process.

Discretion and Security

It prioritizes customer and source protection, ensuring all off-market transactions are handled discreetly and securely.

Attractive Commissions for Successful Transactions

We offer enticing commissions for successful off-market transactions, rewarding tipsters, brokers, and owners for their contributions to successful deals.

Maximizing the Sale Price

Value for Property Owners

As a property owner, you can maximize the sale price of your off-market property with E1 Plus. Our extensive network of verified investors ensures your property reaches the right audience, achieving the best possible value.

Selling with us saves you time and money, as our platform provides a secure and efficient transaction process. Avoid expensive advertising campaigns and lengthy negotiations, and focus on your next investment.

Sign up with E1 Plus today and experience a smooth and successful transaction for your off-market property.

Access to Off-Market Deals

Value for Investors

As an investor seeking off-market real estate opportunities, E1 Plus is your gateway to a diverse selection of deals. Gain access to exclusive off-market properties not publicly listed and seize attractive investment prospects.

Our platform offers a simple and secure transaction process, guided by experienced professionals. From due diligence to finalizing the deal, it ensures a seamless experience for investors like you.

Join us now and harness the value of off-market real estate investments.

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Notarizations since 2007

Expanding Your Network and Saving Time

Value Add for Brokers

Brokers, It empowers you to expand your portfolio with off-market properties, providing your clients with more options. Our platform efficiently connects you with discreet real estate offers, enhancing your services and offerings.

Benefit from our secure transaction process and dedicated customer service when you partner with us. Expand your network and elevate your brokerage business by joining our platform today.

Commission for Brokering Off-Market Deals

Value Add for Referral Partners

Referral partners, your network is your strength, and It values your connections. Recommend property owners, brokers, and investors to E1 Plus and earn commissions for successful transactions.

Through your affiliate link, refer customers to E1 Plus and reap the rewards. Additionally, you receive a commission for referring new broker colleagues and users. Benefit from your network and succeed with E1 Plus.

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Lifetime franchisees share their experience

Experiences of our franchise real estate agents

Hear firsthand accounts from our franchisees as they share their experiences and successes in the global real estate market. Their testimonials reflect the impact of joining E1 International Investment Holding GmbH's franchise network, validating the value of our commitment to excellence and support.

E1 Immobilien Franchise - Lassen Sie sich inspirieren
Norbert Scherf E1 Real Estate Franchise Trier

With E1 Immobilienmakler Franchise, I was able to achieve remarkable success as a franchise partner, thanks to exclusive co-marketing of off-market properties and lucrative deals with a commission of over half a million euros.

E1 Franchise-Optionen für Makler
Astrid Felder E1 Real Estate Franchise Möhnesee

As an estate agent in the E1 estate agent franchise system, I benefit from global reach and digital expressions of interest in off-market properties, while being able to focus on servicing my existing clients.

E1 Immobilien Franchise-Erfahrungen
Rene Diewert E1 Real Estate Franchise Rügen

Thanks to the partnership with E1 Estate Agents Franchise, as an experienced property investor and portfolio holder, I can take my knowledge and expertise to a new level and achieve successful business transactions.

E1 Holding - Ihre Chance im Immobilien Franchise
Jens Uwe Kern E1 Real Estate Franchise Distribution Spain

Behind E1 Holding is an impressive working machine that supports us as real estate agent franchise partners in the best possible way and with E1 Immobilien Franchise we have made the right choice to be successful in the real estate market.

E1 Franchise - Vorteile für Immobilienmakler
Nesimi Aydıngül E1 Real Estate Franchise Mannheim

Thanks to my partnership with E1 Immobilienmakler Franchise, I have already been able to successfully broker several high-quality investment properties to existing clients, earning lucrative brokerage commissions in the process.

E1 Investments Dubai - Jörg Klarner
Jörg Klarner E1 Real Estate Franchise Distribution UAE

As a platinum partner and distributor for the UAE, E1 Immobilienmakler Franchise enables me to be active internationally in the real estate market and convinces through honesty, visionary orientation and helpful cooperation.

E1 Plus - Step-by-Step Guide

Registration and Profile Creation

Sign up for E1 Plus by registering and creating a profile. Provide your contact details and preferences to find potential partners and deals. Registration is free and non-binding.

Creating Contacts and Securing Customer and Source Protection

After registration, create contacts and link them to properties or acquisition profiles. It guarantees comprehensive customer and source protection.

Assigning Contacts to Properties and Acquisition Profiles

Organize your contacts by assigning properties and acquisition profiles to specific individuals. Streamline your search for investors and market your properties effectively.

Automatic Matching based on Criteria by E1 Plus

The platform's automatic matching function connects potential buyers and sellers by sending up to 2,000 exposes daily, based on desired criteria.

Document Request

Interested investors can request documents through the platform or email. Secure the commission protection for brokers when investors sign a letter of intent upon property submission.

Viewing and Negotiating

Customer brokers review the letter of intent and the buyer, while property brokers ensure all relevant examination documents are available.

Commission Sharing

Owners and brokers upload properties to E1 Plus for free. Successful referrals result in an equal 50/50 commission sharing. If owners upload properties directly, E1 Holding receives a 1% payment for successful transactions by potential buyers.

External Cooperation and Platinum Membership

Brokers can opt for external cooperation with a monthly co-financing of EUR 79, granting them 70% of the buyer's commission for successful transactions. The platinum membership offers brand and usage rights indefinitely with a one-time platinum fee, providing 95% of the commission per successful transaction.


Commission claims are immediately assigned to its users upon notification of a successful reference. The invoice can be billed directly to the customer, and E1 Holding receives its share of the commission.


It is transforming the real estate market by offering a seamless platform for buying and selling off-market properties. With its advanced technology, vast network of investors, and commitment to discretion, It is revolutionizing the way real estate transactions are conducted. Embrace the opportunity to maximize your investments and discover the potential of off-market real estate with E1 Plus.

For secure and efficient off-market real estate transactions, sign up with E1 Plus today!

20 Most Asked FAQs about E1 Plus

Off Market Properties Immomatch CRM

What would you like to know?

E1 Plus is an innovative off-market platform for the real estate market. It provides property owners, agents, investors, and tipsters with an efficient and discreet way to buy and sell off-market properties.

E1 Plus utilizes cutting-edge technology and automatic matching to connect potential buyers and sellers of off-market properties quickly and effectively.

Registration on E1 Plus is completely free and non-binding. Owners and brokers can upload properties for free, and commission sharing occurs only upon successful transactions.

To register on E1 Plus, simply visit the website and complete the profile creation process by providing your contact details and preferences.

E1 Plus prioritizes customer and source protection, ensuring that sensitive data and information are treated confidentially during off-market transactions.

Yes, E1 Plus offers a mobile-friendly interface, allowing users to access the platform on their smartphones or tablets.

E1 Plus provides property owners with a discreet and efficient way to sell their off-market properties, reaching potential buyers in a secure environment.

Real estate agents can expand their business by connecting off-market properties with potential buyers and accessing an extensive database of off-market properties and investors.

Investors gain access to exclusive off-market properties not publicly listed, allowing them to find attractive investment opportunities quickly and discreetly.

E1 Plus offers attractive commissions for successful off-market transactions, rewarding tipsters, brokers, and owners for their contributions.

Yes, brokers can take advantage of external cooperation with a monthly co-financing option to upload properties from business partners to E1 Plus.

E1 Plus matches up to 2,000 exposes and acquisition profiles daily, based on desired criteria, connecting potential buyers and sellers efficiently.

When an investor requests documents, the property broker or owner receives a letter of intent and proof of evidence for examination documents.

Yes, tipsters can earn attractive commissions for successfully connecting buyers and sellers of off-market properties through referrals.

E1 Plus provides property owners with a vast network of verified investors to achieve the best possible sale price for their off-market properties.

Absolutely! E1 Plus offers dedicated customer support to assist users with any queries or issues they may encounter.

Yes, E1 Plus is a global platform, allowing users from various locations to connect and explore off-market real estate opportunities.

Yes, E1 Plus guarantees a discreet and secure processing of off-market transactions, prioritizing data protection.

After a successful transaction, E1 Holding immediately assigns commission claims to the E1 Plus user, allowing direct billing to the customer.

A platinum membership provides brokers with brand and usage rights indefinitely, and they receive 95% of the commission per successful transaction.

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