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Thanks to the tip era, you can make money with real estate at E1 Investments without becoming a real estate agent. If you recommend real estate as a tipster or arrange contacts with property buyers, you will receive a recommendation commission of 10 percent for each successful recommendation. Contact us before the property owner or investor does it himself and secure your claim on our tipster commission!

Why choose us?

You want to sell your property, but don’t want anyone to know about it? Let’s help you. Your market leader for off-market investment real estate worldwide – E1 Holding. Fill in the form below to contact us.

Earn money with a referral commission without a brokerage license

As real estate agents, we know that often the right contact at the right time determines the success of a real estate business. You know investment properties or real estate investors and want to make money quickly? You can use this knowledge and make money with your recommendation as a tipster without a brokerage license. For this purpose, please give us the contact details of the property owner against customer protection. If it is sold on the basis of your recommendation, we will pay you a tip commission of 10 percent of our commission. Tell us your tip and receive a recommendation commission if successful!

Making money as a tipster for real estate

They recommend to us as a tipster real estate that is currently for sale or that the owner wants to sell in the near future. With your recommendation, you can earn money in the form of the tipster commission if these requirements are met:

  • They give us the contact details of property owners or investors worldwide.
  • They recommend us as tipsters real estate such as hotels, commercial properties,apartment buildings, plots,shopping centers and car parks.
  • The object volume is at least one million euros.
  • Our real estate agents at E1 Investments do not yet know the property or the investor.

In order to check these requirements, we check whether we are aware of the property or the investor and whether the corresponding property has been offered to the public. We will contact you within 72 hours via e-mail and send you the commission confirmation.

Make money with real estate thanks to tipster commission

We include you as a tipster for the property or the investor in our E1 Investments database. If successful, a source of money will open up for you. We will then ask you to disclose your account details and we will transfer the tipster commission within five working days of receipt of the broker’s commission. The recommendation commission of 10 percent is a gross amount and offers the chance to make money quickly.

Ways to find real estate as a tipster and uncover a source of money

There are different ways you can discover real estate for a recommendation without becoming a real estate agent yourself. In order to earn money as a tipster, you can

  • for example, ask your landlord if they want to sell their property or buy a new property.
  • check with your acquaintances who owns the property they have rented.
  • check with your former landlord to see if they still own your former rental property.
  • search the Internet for investors and non-provisions real estate advertisements.
  • Use your foreign language skills to find suitable properties or investors in countries such as England,Russia, Switzerland and other foreign countries.
  • Inquire about the name of the property owners when you discover land or vacant properties.

Use these options to connect with real estate investors, find real estate and make money as a tipster with our recommendation commission!

Contact our real estate agents and secure your real estate tipster commission!

Do you have a recommendation? Secure real estate tipster commission now!

Required data:

Information about the property and contact details of the owner, that was …

How does it work to make money as a real estate tipster commission recommendation?

Real estate tipster commission for recommendations | You can receive a tip commission for successful recommendations of our company to property sellers and property buyers. But here too: Please contact us before this seller or investor contactus us. Otherwise we already know the property or the investor and you have unfortunately lost your claim to the tip era.

Now real estate tipster commission for recommendations without brokerage license and a lifetime of 10

You ask yourself how to get money quickly? To earn money, you don’t have to study or work hard all day! When 2 people come together and find a common solution, money flows. Good but we now earn you as a real estate tipster commission/money? Our company maintains contact with domestic and foreign investors who are always looking for suitable investment properties. What does it include?

Maybe the whole house in which you live for rent? Who knows!? Our advice to you: As a real estate tipster commission you get for a successful recommendation s10 and that pays off! What do you have to do? Look next to the letterboxes to see if you can find contact details from the property owner!? If not, look at your rental contract according to the landlord’s details. Then you name the owner as well as the address against customer protection and we will do the rest! If it goes on sale, we will inform you unsolicited and you will give us your account details so that we can pay your real estate tipsters commission for your recommendation.

How is the payment of your real estate recommendation- real estate tipster commission regulated?

Tipsr commission | In our real estate agent franchise system we insert your contact details as a tipster for the respective property or customers and in case of success you will receive a request to announce your current account details. The tip-giver commission i.H.v 10 is gross = net incl. VAT and becomes due after receipt of the broker’s commission and within 5 working days.

Do you still have questions or would like to submit a real estate recommendation?

We look forward to hearing from you!

What happens after your real estate Tippgerber recommendation?

First, we check whether we know your recommended property or the real estate investor or if it has already been published. Within 72 hours, you will receive a written confirmation or commission confirmation by e-mail.

How could you know such a real estate contact?

  • Ask e.g. Your landlord whether he wants to sell his property or buy new ones.
  • Ask e.g. Your neighbour, who owns the house, in which he is a tenant.
  • Ask your former landlord if he still owns the house you lived in at the time
  • Research on the Internet (for real estate investors, purchase criteria for real estate, provisation-free real estate advertisements, etc.)
  • Use your language skills and research abroad (Russia, England, Holland, Switzerland, etc.)
  • Ask for the owner if you see vacant properties

Calculation examples Of tipster commission with real estate

“Tip donor mediates contact with a property buyer or property seller”:*

Buy price: 3,000,000 EUR

Commission Seller: 90,000 EUR

Commission Buyer: 120,000 EUR

Total commissions: 210,000 EUR

Your tip commission 10: 31,500 EUR

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