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General Real Estate Information about Siegen

The university town of Siegen is a modern district town in the state of North Rhine-Westphalia. Large parts of the city area are covered by forest and green areas. After the administrative reform in 1975, the population increased to more than 100,000. This was the first time That Siegen was able to call itself a big city.

Siegen is one of the oldest industrial areas in Europe. With the decline of mining in the region, a long structural change began. In the meantime, the city is a thriving business location and at the same time a strong service and trade center in South Westphalia.

The painter Paul Peter Rubens was born in Siegen. Therefore, the city gave itself the nickname Rubensstadt. Eight original paintings by the famous artist can be admired in the Siegerland Museum. The museum is located in the Upper End and is an example of the multifaceted art and culture offer. Other hotspots include the Siegerlandhalle and the Apollo Theatre as home to the Philharmonie of South Westphalia. In addition, numerous clubs, sports facilities and baths enrich social life and offer a wealth of leisure opportunities.

As an educational location, Siegen offers a wide range of schools and other educational institutions. The present university emerged from the Wiesenbauschule, founded in 1853. It attracts around 18,000 students to the city every year. With these facts, Siegen makes itself interesting for investors. The investment in apartments and commercial real estate is equally promising.

Residents Key Figures Win

In terms of population, Siegen is the smallest major city in North Rhine-Westphalia. Siegen achieved the status of a city for the first time through the administrative reform of 1975. In the meantime, the population fell below this mark, but this trend reversed. Immigration also contributed to an increase in births.

According to statistics, 101,863 people currently live in Siegen, which is only 0.48 fewer than in the previous year. These figures suggest a stabilisation of the population, which contributes to the planning certainty of investment in investment properties.

Siegen has a total area of 114.69 km2. According to this, 888 inhabitants share one square kilometer. The population is made up of people of different nationalities.

Infrastructure Siegen

As far as transport links are concerned, Siegen has a well-developed infrastructure. Directly on the city area there is a junction to the motorway 45 and the motorway 4 is easily accessible via the road network in a short time. In addition, the city is crossed by federal roads 54 and 62. It is precisely this excellent connection that is an economic location advantage and speaks for the investment in commercial real estate.

In addition, public transport by buses and trains ensures the mobility of the population. The city area is connected to the regular network of the city bus service, various bus lines connect the city with neighboring towns. Siegen station is located at the interface of several railway lines and is served by trains of the Regionalbahn and the Regionalexpress. Access and exit is possible at several stops within the city area.

Economic key figures Win

Which location factors support investment in commercial real estate? In recent decades, Siegen has developed from a mining region to an attractive location for the metal industry. The main pillar of the business location is mainly medium-sized companies in the metalworking industry. According to economic data from the city administration, a total of 78 companies with more than 20 employees in this sector were based in Siegen in 2017. This includes Fuchs Schraubenwerk GmbH, which is one of the world market leaders in its industry with around 200 jobs. For August 2018, the Office reported an unemployment rate of 5 for victories.

When it takes economic development, the city focuses on securing the location and resettling innovative companies that are strong in terms of employment and value creation. The planning, development and marketing of commercial premises is also used for this purpose. Against this background, commercial real estate in Siegen is recommended as a long-term investment.

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Real Estate and Investors Key Figures on Siegen

Basic real estate data

The city of Siegen is divided into six districts, each with several districts. The following areas emerged as top residential areas:

Top residential locations:

  • Volnsberg
  • Obersetzen
  • Feuersbach
  • Gosenbach
  • Breitenbach
  • South

Forecasts and rental mirrors:

  • The population is projected to remain stable over the next few years. For this reason, the city expects a residential building requirement of about 106 hectares by 2032. The potential rental yield plays a role in investing in apartments for investors. According to the rental mirror, 7.05 € for 60 m2 are common in Siegen. In 2015, the vacancy rate was 3.1

Real estate portfolio Siegen

The current stock of properties in Siegen is given as 24,437 buildings. Of these, 23,500 are residential buildings without a dormitory. Another 902 buildings offer living space and are used for other purposes at the same time. The number of inhabited accommodations is 35, dormitories do not exist.

  • With a total of 12269 single-family houses, 52,20851064 of all residential buildings in Siegen.
  • Of these, 8369 are detached buildings, representing a share of 35,61276596 for residential buildings.
Residential buildings by property and construction time:
  • 2,641 residential buildings, i.e. 11.4 , in Siegen are divided into condominiums.
  • The municipality or municipal housing company owns 204 residential buildings, or 0.87 .
  • 16.80 of the residential buildings were built before 1919.
  • From the construction period from 1950 to 1969, 32.81 of the residential buildings date from 1950 to 1969.
  • 8.60 of the residential buildings were built in 2000 or later.

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Investment in real estate: forecast for victories

The growth of the city of Siegen is continuing. This is ensured by economic factors such as the existing industry (metal industry) or the increasing number of students at universities. Siegen is an attractive location for the metalworking industry industry. The rate of unemployment in Siegen has been in place for years and the federal average. This also leads to more people coming to victories. This population growth is also reflected in the very low vacancy rates of about 3.

Assessment of the real estate market - Siegen

Siegen remains an interesting investment location for residential real estate. Even though prices are already at a fairly high level, an increase is still to be expected. For these reasons, an investment in siegen can still be expected to generate solid returns.

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Year of

City of Siegen
Residents 101863
Area in km2 114.69 km2
Ew./km2 (2016) 888 km2
Änd. [] (previous year) •0.48
Big city-first in 1975
State of North Rhine-Westphalia
Economic focus on the metal industry
Unemployment rate 5.0 (8/2018)
Top residential areas Volnsberg, Obersetzen, Feuersbach, Gosenbach, Breitenbach, South
Vacancy rate 3.1 (2015)
Rental mirror 60m2 7,05€
Buildings with living space and inhabited accommodation inthe al. 24437
Number of single-family houses (detached buildings,
semi-detached houses, terraced houses with exactly 1 apartment; only residential buildings)
on all residential buildings 52,20851064
including: in detached building 8369
on all residential buildings 35,61276596
Residential buildings
below: which are divided into condominiums
2641 st.
on all residential buildings 35,61276596
Residential buildings
below: which are divided into condominiums
2641 st.
of which: the municipalities or municipal whg. companies own 204
construction Residential building built before 1919 16.8
Residential building built from 1950 to 1969 38.26
Residential building built in 2000 or later 5.14

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