Location analysis Moers: real estate prices and market forecast

Moers real estate market and investment potential

General Real Estate Information about Moers

Moers is located on the western edge of the Ruhr area and is considered to be the gateway to the Lower Rhine. The city is the largest in the district of Wesel and belongs to the administrative district of the city of Düsseldorf. Like the North Rhine-Westphalian capital, Moers is located on the Rhine, the longest river in Germany.

Moers is known for its 12th-century castle, with a spacious castle park and an amusement park that has existed since the 1960s. A petting zoo, tennis, games and barbecue courts, a Japanese garden and a large pond give the area a high recreational value and attract young and old in all seasons. The castle and the adjacent park are right next to the historic old town, which invites you to stroll with its picturesque alleys and cosy squares.

Like many cities in the Ruhr area, Moers has its own cultural scene. The most famous theatre is the Schlosstheater Moers within the castle, which has also developed a good reputation beyond the region. Museums, galleries and numerous events and festivals that take place every year in Moers round off the attractive offer of the city and make Moers an attractive place to live in the west of the Federal Republic.

Residents of Moer

Moers is connected to the A40, A 42 and A 57 motorways from which other parts of the Ruhr area, important transport hubs such as Cologne and even the Netherlands can be easily reached.

Moers is located on the route of Regionalbahn 31 from Xanten to Duisburg, which guarantees the connection to the Lower Rhine and the heart of the Ruhr area. Within the city, buses connect the individual districts and from the central bus station there are even long-distance bus connections to other German cities, Poland and Holland. The combination of the proximity to Düsseldorf Airport with 24 million passengers in 2017 and the proximity to the Port of Duisburg makes the small city a central location.

Economic key figures of Moer

Whereas at the end of the 18th century many inhabitants of the town of Moers were still active in agriculture and crafts, the city’s economic focus has now shifted to the areas of trade and services.

Although the city is above the German average of 3.4 with an unemployment rate of 8.1, there are still many attractive jobs in the region. Notable companies based in Moers include the Dr. Oetker plant “Onken”, the “Edeka Rhein-Ruhr” headquarters and the Lower Rhine transport companies.

The city centre of Moers is considered the shopping paradise of the region and commercial properties in the centre are popular. The combination is unbeatable and attracts tourists and locals alike to shop in the city every year:

  • A beautiful old town
  • A castle park adjacent to the old town
  • Individual and independent businesses that are still owner-managed
  • Contemporary chains and fashion houses

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Real Estate and Investors Key Figures Moers

Basic real estate data

In addition to the soft and hard factors, a concrete look at the real estate market in Moers also helps to better classify the attractiveness of the location. Figures on residential buildings give investors a comprehensive overview.

Top residential locations

  • Kohlenhuck
  • Meerfeld
  • Vennikel

Kohlenhuck, Meerfeld and Vennikel are the most popular residential areas in Moers. Real estate in the districts of Utfort, Schwafheim and Kapellen is also in high demand and with a square meter price of €6.77 (on 60 m2), Moers is still an affordable patch for investors.

In 2018, numerous new shops have been created in the city centre of Moers and the so far strong vacancy rate has declined rapidly. The dealers see the reason for this in the increasingly attractive events and city festivals, which attract more visitors to Moers.

This makes an investment in commercial real estate more attractive for prospective buyers, because an exciting environment has a positive impact on the growth of the city and the value of investment properties.

Real estate portfolio Moers

There are a total of 23,824 buildings with living space and inhabited accommodation in Moers. Of these, 23,087 are residential buildings, 719 are other buildings with living space and twelve are dormitories. Other inhabited accommodations are available in Moers six pieces. Opportunities to invest are numerous given the number of residential buildings and investors just need to discover the right building for themselves.

Detached houses Moers

There are 14,297 detached houses in Moers. These include detached buildings, semi-detached houses and terraced houses with exactly one apartment. Only pure residential buildings are included in this list. Single-family homes thus account for 61.92 of all residential buildings in Moers, which indicates that many families live there. 4,387 of all single-family homes in Moers are detached, so 19 of all residential buildings have no neighbors directly adjacent to the house.

Residential buildings by property and construction time:

For an investment in apartments, it is important to know how many residential buildings there are in Moers. The city has 2,151 residential buildings, of which 9.32 are divided into condominiums. There are 471 buildings owned by municipalities or municipal real estate companies in Moers. This accounts for 2.04 of all residential buildings. This type of property can also be an attractive investment.

The age of a property is also decisive when deciding on an investment. After all, old buildings are often considered beautiful due to their visual charm, but are often in need of renovation. In return, new buildings are usually a little easier to maintain, but often also slightly more expensive. 10.49 of all residential buildings in Moers were built before 1919 and therefore count as an old building. Between 1950 and 1969, 36.05 of all buildings were built, making up the majority of all residential buildings in Moers. Only 9.49 of the buildings are new buildings and were built after 2000.

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Investment in real estate: forecast for Moers

Experts assume that Moers will no longer be a big city by 2025 and will have only about 98,000 inhabitants. The city is actively working against it and wants to make Moers more attractive again through city festivals and events – so far with success. The vacancy that has existed for years in many commercial properties in the city centre is on the retreat and new life is taking place in the shops.

Assessment of the real estate market - Moers

Since the real estate market in many German cities is swept away and especially the big cities like Hamburg and Munich have increasingly extreme square meter prices, smaller cities with a moderate square meter price like in Moers could offer investors a real opportunity.

It is true that real estate bubbles are threatened if massive investments are made in small towns, and prices can rise as a result. As a rule, however, these bubbles only refer to new-build properties and the proportion is low at 9.49 in Moers.

Investors in Moers should be mindful of the loss of city status, however, as this would result in economic losses for the city, which could also have an impact on the real estate market.

Investing in a secure future

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Year of

City of Moers
Residents 103881
Area in km2 67.68 km2
Ew./km2 (2016) 1535 km2
Änd. [] (previous year) •0.62
city for the first time
State of North Rhine-Westphalia
Economic focus on services, trade
Unemployment rate 5.4 (8/2017)
Top Residential Areas Kohlenhuck, Meerfeld, Vennikel, Utfort, Schwafheim, Chapels
Vacancy rate n/a
Rental mirror (good quality, 60 m2 apartment size) 6.77 / m2
Buildings with living space and inhabited accommodation inthe al. 23824
Number of single-family houses (detached buildings, semi-detached houses, terraced houses with exactly 1 apartment; only residential buildings) 14297
on all residential buildings 61,92662537
including: in detached building 4387
on all residential buildings 19,00203578
Residential buildings
below: which are divided into condominiums
2151 st.
including: the municipalities or municipal
whg. companies belong to
construction Residential building built before 1919 10.49
Residential building built from 1950 to 1969 36.05
Residential building built in 2000 or later 9.49

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