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Recklinghausen is located in the middle of the Ruhr area and is part of the Rhine-Ruhr metropolitan region. The city calls itself the Ruhrfestival City, as the Ruhr Festival takes place every year in Recklinghausen. The Ruhr festival is one of the largest and most important theatre festivals in Europe and takes place in the Ruhrfestspielhaus, which was built especially for this event.
Recklinghausen has a pretty old town, which invites you to stroll and with the Palais Vest an attractive large shopping center right in the city centre. 15,000 square metres of commercial space were added with the Palais Vest in 2014, which is difficult for the existing shops and has led to some commercial properties in the city centre now being vacant. Recklinghausen is one of the most important shopping metropolises in the Ruhr area and has as much space for shops and retailers in the city centre as the much larger Gelsenkirchen.
Recklinghausen, like all cities in the Ruhr area, is undergoing structural change, as the last colliery was closed in 2015. Already in the years before, new companies have settled in Recklinghausen, which are now shaping the economic image of the city.

Residents key figures Recklinghausen

In 2016, Recklinghausen had 114,003 inhabitants, and there are as many as 600,000 people living in the catchment area. With an area of only 66.5 km2 and 1,714 people per square kilometre, Recklinghausen is the only major city in the most populous district of Germany, the district of Recklinghausen.
The population of the North Rhine-Westphalian city decreased by 0.29 percent in 2016 compared to the previous year. This development is common in the cities in the Ruhr area, structural change does not work everywhere and people move away.
Recklinghausen was first a big city in 1949. It reached a historic high of 131,569 in 1962. Since 2008, the population has fallen steadily, at that time 120,059 people still lived in the city and at the end of 2017 there were only 113,360.

Infrastructure Recklinghausen

The transport connections of the city of Recklinghausen are good. The A2 and A43 motorways run through the city and connect Recklinghausen with other parts of North Rhine-Westphalia up to Hanover in Lower Saxony. The B225 federal road is also an important connecting road for the city.
Long-distance trains of the German railways stop at the train station in Recklinghausen – via IC and ICE you go to Hamburg and to Cologne and Munich. Buses run within the city.
In the south of Recklinghausen lies the Rhine-Herne Canal, through which goods can also be transported by ship through the German inland waters. The nearest airport is from Recklinghausen from Dortmund Airport in 41 kilometres, extensive international connections are available from Düsseldorf and from Münster/Osnabrück Airport.

Economy & Unemployment Rate Recklinghausen

The most important industries in Recklinghausen include the food industry and automotive supply. The electrical engineering, textileand plastics, wholesale and retail trade and banks sectors are also represented in Recklinghausen. Other important sectors of the economy are services, insurance, educational and scientific institutions, public authorities and universities of applied sciences.
Among the most well-known companies based in the city are the automotive supplier Hella, the fruit juice dairy Möller, the Runners Point merchandise trading company and the grain distillery Boente.
The unemployment rate in Recklinghausen is high at 9.2 percent (as of August 2018), but the trend is positive. In 2017, for example, there were still more than 10 percent of the unemployed, and even in January 2018 the rate was still 9.6 percent. The reason for the falling unemployment figures is the good economic situation and the many new jobs that are being created in Recklinghausen.

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Real Estate and Investors Key Figures Recklinghausen

Real estate market & investment potential Recklinghausen: Demand is rising, prices are also rising and supply is getting smaller and smaller. The old game also works in Recklinghausen and has been soaring prices in the Ruhr area city for years. Whether it’s a condominium, a home or a building plot, prices have risen.

Basic real estate data

The most popular districts in Recklinghausen are the Westviertel with its founding houses, the Nordviertel, Recklinghausen Süd and Hochlar. The Paulusviertel and Speckhorn/Bockholt are also highly sought after for living.
Prices for real estate in the city have risen in recent years. 6.05 Euros are due per square meter in a 60m2 apartment. In relation to other cities in Germany, this is still cheap and some apartments are also deliberately rented cheaply (see also: Renting Real Estate) in order to avoid vacancy. This amounts to 4 percent in Recklinghausen.

Buildings and housing statistics

23,303 buildings with living space and other inhabited accommodation are available in Recklinghausen. 22,579 of these buildings are residential-only buildings. 691 are other buildings with living space and 27 dormitories are in Recklinghausen. In addition, there are 6 inhabited accommodations in the city.

Data on residential buildings in Recklinghausen

Condominiums in Recklinghausen have become expensive from 2017 to 2018. New buildings with 80 m2 of residential floorland are 11 percent more expensive than in the previous year, while for older apartments the price jump is still 9 percent.
There are 3,088 residential buildings divided into condominiums in Recklinghausen. That’s 13.68 percent of all residential buildings. 475 of these dwellings are owned by municipalities or municipal housing companies, or 2.1 percent of all residential buildings.
In Recklinghausen there is still a lot of old building substance. 13.05 percent of all residential buildings were built before 1919. 35.31 percent of the houses date from 1950 to 1969. 7.99 percent of the houses are from 2000 or later.

Data on single-family houses in Recklinghausen

In Recklinghausen there are 10,527 single-family houses, which is 46.62 percent of all residential buildings. 2,354 of these detached houses are detached, representing 10.42 percent of the total number of properties.
Townhouses in Recklinghausen have become 4 percent more expensive compared to the previous year. Semi-detached houses, which only a few years ago cost 200,000 euros, are now barely available in Recklinghausen for less than 300,000 euros.

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Investment in real estate: forecast for Recklinghausen

Investment & Investment Objects in Recklinghausen: The outlook for Recklinghausen is mixed. The fact that the labour market is easing is a good sign and speaks for a dynamic business location with potential.
The fact that more and more people have been moving out of Recklinghausen for years is a negative development. Nevertheless, one can also see something positive in this, namely that more housing is being freed up and more investment properties are available.

Assessment of the real estate market - Recklinghausen

Recklinghausen is an interesting location with quite positive economic prospects. The falling unemployment rate in particular is a good indicator. A good reason why, for example, real estate funds in Recklinghausen are worthwhile.
However, the fact that the population is constantly declining suggests that an investment in a commercial property or an investment in an apartment should be well considered. After all, no one wants an investment that will lose value in a few years.

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Year of

City of Recklinghausen
Residents 547172
Area in km2 328.48 km2
Ew./km2 (2016) 1666 km2
Änd. [] (previous year) 0,62 %
city for the first time
State of Saxony
Economic focus nanotechnology, IT, life science, tourism, plant construction
Unemployment rate 6.8 (8/2018)
Top residential locations Loschwitz, Blasewitz, Striesen-Ost, Bühlau, Weißer Hirsch
Vacancy rate 2.1 (2014)
Rental mirror (good location, from 76 m2, status: 2015) 7.99 € / m2
Buildings with living space and inhabited accommodation inthe al. 57159
Number of single-family houses (detached buildings, semi-detached houses, terraced houses with exactly 1 apartment; only residential buildings) 23865
on all residential buildings 43,13991323
including: in detached building 13697
on all residential buildings 24,75958062
Residential buildings
below: which are divided into condominiums
8173 st.
including: the municipalities or municipal
whg. companies belong to
construction Residential building built before 1919 24.2
Residential building built from 1950 to 1969 8.34
Residential building built in 2000 or later 10.73

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