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The acquisition of real estate is now one of the most lucrative investment opportunities. Whether private or commercial, buying property is worthwhile. However, only if the selected object has an equally worthwhile location. Thus, it is factors such as the infrastructure of a village, the economic situation of the surrounding area and other key figures that make an optimal location for a property. If you are currently looking for a suitable condominium, residential complex or detached house in Oldenburg, we have summarized the most important information for you below.
Oldenburg is absolutely ideal for choosing an investment property. After all, Oldenburg in Lower Saxony, together with about 160,000 inhabitants, belongs to the third largest city in Germany. At the same time, Oldenburg is an important centre for business and culture. Bremen, just 45 kilometres away, is equally advantageous. Oldenburg is one of the most important university cities and is characterized by numerous companies. The city is always growing, because future technologies and innovative ideas are promoted here as well as investment in renewable energy and information technology. The beautiful harbour is another centre of Oldenburg and is an important factor in trade. The city is particularly popular for commercial real estate and promises a successful future.

Residents key figures Oldenburg

In Oldenburg, it can live and operate excellently on 102.99 square kilometres. According to statistics from 2016, there are an average of 1,609 people per square kilometre, about 1.15 more than the following year. Since 1946, the city of Oldenburg in the state of Lower Saxony has belonged to the category of large city. So it doesn’t always have to be the big metropolises to make a lucrative profit from his real estate. It is always helpful to look at the economy and growth, as well as urban development in view of the past years. Thus, it is possible to make forecasts that will give an idea of the real estate market in 10 years of the chosen city. Oldenburg is definitely one of them when it comes to growth, not only in terms of the city’s growing population.

Infrastructure Oldenburg

The A 28 describes the short form of the Bundesautobahn BAB 28 and runs in a west-eastern direction through Lower Saxony. Also interesting is the motorway triangle Oldenburg-West, which seamlessly merges into the A 293 in the eastern part. The A 29 Wilhelmshaven triangle Ahlhorner Heide is also connected to the Bundesautobahn. From here, either take the Oldenburg-Ost motorway junction or take the A 293 motorway in the direction of Wilhelmshaven. The B 401 also belongs to a federal road in Germany and runs from Heede directly to Oldenburg. The Bundesautobahn 29 near Oldenburg is connected to Brake by the B 211. Via the A 293, you go directly to Oldenburg from here.
Of course, the beautiful port city of Oldenburg can also be reached by IC or ICE. And that’s pretty cheap in many other cities. For example, the nearest airport in Hanover can be reached in just 1.5 hours by train. The port itself is an important place for trade and between the numerous smaller towns you will find an expanded bus network.

Economy & Unemployment Rate Oldenburg

The economy in Oldenburg is constantly growing, so that small and medium-sized enterprises also have a future there. No wonder, then, that every year there are many inhabitants close to the beautiful inner cities. The towns are equipped with many small and large service providers and the automotive industry can also be seen in Oldenburg. Shopping opportunities are available in almost every place and the Oldenburgers are also at the top of the fast lane when it comes to energy and information technology. Last year, the unemployment rate was only 6.7, which is, of course, due to the economic recovery. Unemployment is currently falling further, making the city of Oldenburg one of the cities with the lowest numbers of unemployed.

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Real Estate and Investors Key Figures Oldenburg

Interestingly, the seven largest metropolises in Germany offer rental yields of around 4, with the remaining major cities offering more than 4.8. Purchase prices are also rising in these regions, as are rents. In addition to Münster, Heilbronn, Paderborn, Leverkusen and other cities, Oldenburg is one of the best risk-return profiles. These so-called B-cities are thus even sustainably more profitable than is the case with the top metropolises. In 2013, the average return in Oldenburg was around 7.5.
The offer prices for single-family houses have increased by about 10 euros and to an average of about 310,000 euros. Housing prices rose to around 11.2 and 2,800 euros per square metre. Even rents were increased by almost 8 euros per square meter, which was a percentage improvement of 5.6 in 2015.

Basic real estate data

The most popular residential complexes and areas are located, for example, in the Dobben or Court district, but also in Mitte, achterdiek or Haarenesch-/Ziegelhofviertel. The Eversten/Bloherfelde area is also popular and is constantly growing. Just like the Haarentorviertel and, of course, Wechloy. The vacancy rate, especially in the regions just mentioned, is only 1.6 (2011). The rental level is currently around 8.54 euros per square meter and can be moved to rather smaller apartments with around 60 square meters.

Buildings and housing statistics

Oldenburg has potential, but also in terms of free living spaces, especially in the city centre of Oldenburg. In total, there are about 43,472 buildings with living spaces and inhabited accommodation in this city. Of these, 42,038 are residential-only buildings without dormitories and 1,373 other buildings with living space. The dormitories make up only 52, there are only 9 inhabited accommodations.

Data on residential buildings in Oldenburg

Residential buildings are divided into condominiums and into municipalors or community housing companies for statistics. As far as condominiums are concerned, we are talking about around 4013 apartments, i.e. 9.55. Municipalities can be valued at 291, i.e. 0.69. Before 1919, about 8.42 of the entire residential building was built. Residential buildings built between 1950 and 1969 amount to 26.68. After 2000, 10.45 of the entire residential buildings have been built so far. The enormous growth is clear.

Data on single-family houses in Oldenburg

The total number of single-family houses is 29,512. These include detached buildings, semi-detached houses and terraced houses with one apartment each. In percentage terms, this proportion gives a value of 70. Detached buildings account for 20,194 units, with 48 in percent.

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Investment in real estate: Forecast for Oldenburg

In Oldenburg it is not only possible to live peacefully, but also to buy lucrative property. And even with a much higher return than would be the case in the big metropolises such as Munich or Berlin. The expected growth spurt in the labour market, economy and innovation in the future makes the purchase of real estate in these regions even more interesting. Rising rents and purchase prices are therefore also to be expected in Oldenburg in the future. The purchase at times of low interest rates is therefore worthwhile, especially in Oldenburg.

Investing in a secure future

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Year of

City of Oldenburg
Residents 547172
Area in km2 328.48 km2
Ew./km2 (2016) 1666 km2
Änd. [] (previous year) 0,62 %
city for the first time
State of Saxony
Economic focus nanotechnology, IT, life science, tourism, plant construction
Unemployment rate 6.8 (8/2018)
Top residential locations Loschwitz, Blasewitz, Striesen-Ost, Bühlau, Weißer Hirsch
Vacancy rate 2.1 (2014)
Rental mirror (good location, from 76 m2, status: 2015) 7.99 € / m2
Buildings with living space and inhabited accommodation inthe al. 57159
Number of single-family houses (detached buildings, semi-detached houses, terraced houses with exactly 1 apartment; only residential buildings) 23865
on all residential buildings 43,13991323
including: in detached building 13697
on all residential buildings 24,75958062
Residential buildings
below: which are divided into condominiums
8173 st.
including: the municipalities or municipal
whg. companies belong to
construction Residential building built before 1919 24.2
Residential building built from 1950 to 1969 8.34
Residential building built in 2000 or later 10.73

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