Real estate investment company in Germany

Investing in tangible assets remains one of the safest and most profitable types of investment.
Invest with a reliable real estate investment company today and maximize your income yield.

While various forms of profitable investments exist,

While various forms of profitable investments exist, investors have for long been engraved on the myth that every highly profitable investment has a high risk associated with it. However, real estate has continually proven them wrong. In countries like Germany for instance, where property demands clear outstrips its supply, real estate is seen as one of the very few investment opportunities that provide security while also assuring investors of extremely high returns on investment.

Owing to the high demand for residential, industrial, and commercial properties in the country, real estate prices have been on the increase with no sign of a downtrend in sight. This makes for low-risk and high-income yield forms of investment. Every investor whose aim is to make maximum profits from this real estate trend knows that time and money are very precious jewels and your mastery over them is key to actualising your high-income goals.

Real estate investment company in Germany
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E1 International Investment Holdings is a highly reputable and successful real estate investment company, headquartered in Germany but active worldwide and we are all out to help you save your precious time and hard-earned money in your unending search for profitable real estate investment deals within Germany and all across the world.

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We are Germany’s leading real estate investment company due to the high level of professionalism and expertise will display when it comes to the purchase of and sales of properties in Germany and abroad. We are well represented in Germany with 43 offices and internationally with over 40 investment properties in Europe and beyond.
We are particularly the best in handling off-market deals within Germany and internationally and we remain the property seller’s top choice because of the extremely fast, secure, and private deals we offer them. This has resulted in a constant increase in off market properties made available to us, and as our accredited investor, we always supply you with a handful of these hyper profitable deals which you won’t find with any other provider. Investors know how lucrative Off-market real estate can be, and it’s a golden opportunity to invest with a real estate investment company that supplies them to you in their numbers.

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We are an outstanding real estate investment company because we are made up of a team of seasoned agents and brokers. With over 150 members in our team plus our licensed franchise partners, we ensure every one of our investors has an agent or broker assigned to him or her. One tailored and trained with years of experience to meet all your real estate needs, thus, giving you the maximum attention you deserve.
We are open to working with foreign and local investors looking to purchase or sell properties within and outside Germany. Due to our frequent involvement in international deals, our team speaks 10 different languages, so for foreign investors, language is never a barrier.
In our portfolio, we have eye-catching residential, industrial, and commercial real estate properties located in strategic locations including at the heart of Germany’s top 9 cities. We assure 100% confidentiality with every personal detail about your projects kept private and far away from the public. So if you are looking for discreet purchase and sales of properties, E1 is easily your ideal real estate investment company.

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Invest with a real estate investment company you can trust. E1 international investment Holdings is built on honesty and integrity, with transparency as our watchword. With a team of vibrant and innovative certified real estate specialist, you are in line for unprecedented success. Becoming our accredited investor eliminates every risk you would have encountered because we make sure you take only the best and most fruitful decisions to give you the best possible results in your real estate investments.

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