Real estate international

  • 17. November 2020

Real Estate International

Real estate internationally – are there interesting markets here?

The international real estate market offers investors many alternatives for lucrative investment opportunities. A distinction is made between the regional markets and the investment properties in which you can invest internationally in the real estate sector. There are also important decision criteria for the respective investment strategy:

  • What is the economic development in the respective markets?
  • Are the political conditions in the country under investigation stable?
  • What are the prospects for population development?
  • What future prospects does each country offer for an investment decision?

Depending on how these perspectives are assessed, this will affect the

final decision for an investment in international real estate.

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Which regional markets are internationally interesting for real estate?

Asian economies are among the fastest growing markets in the world.

Here are, for example, mainly these countries:

  • Armenia
  • China
  • India
  • Kazakhstan
  • Viet Nam

particularly to mention.

In Europe, too, there are regions that are well worth it for international investors. These locations in the field of real estate internationally include, for example:

  • France
  • Great Britain
  • Latvia
  • Lithuania
  • Russia

In addition to choosing the location for the respective investment in real estate, it is also important to consider which type of property is best suited for a lucrative investment for internationally minded investors.

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Real estate internationally – which investment properties are of interest to buyers and sellers?

In the area of investment opportunities, there are many alternatives that are possible for an investment decision. These include, for example:

  • Real estate for private investors
  • Multi-family houses in the form of residential complexes
  • Commercial
  • Industrial real estate
  • Hotel and leisure properties

Real estate for private investors:

In the field of real estate internationally, this is mostly about luxury properties for the personal needs of the respective buyer. In addition, the purchase of second homes in an attractive holiday area is a large market for the international real estate trade with private individuals.

Multi-family houses in the form of residential complexes:

Here, internationally active investors invest directly in complete residential complexes with attractive prospects for returns. In some cases, investment funds are also represented in this market segment, which are looking for suitable residential complexes for their fund investors.

Commercial real estate:

Commercial properties that are interested in internationally investing investors include, for example, complete shopping malls in attractive large cities. Other lucrative commercial properties can be found in the areas of forwarding and logistics.

Industrial real estate:

Large investors and investment funds often buy up entire industrial assets for their clients as part of international real estate. The advantage here is that the operators of the investments outsource the real estate assets from the balance sheet and then rent it back from the international investors.

Hotel and leisure properties:

Many hotel chains and leisure operators are moving to outsource their real estate portfolios from the balance sheets of the respective companies. For investors, these are interesting investment objects. Secure rental income can be generated through long-term leaseagreements with the operators of the plants.

This makes real estate internationally a very attractive and high-yield area in the entire universe of investment opportunities for real estate.

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