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Demand for real estate as investments is booming

Demand for real estate as investments is booming. Because of the current nationwide housing shortage, more and more investors are choosing the way to buy real estate as the basis for investment.

Whether in the city or in the countryside: The demand for real estate is so great that we specialize exclusively in the brokerage of real estate as investments.

Real estate dealer Duisburg as an example of nationwide real estate brokerage

Our company can already look back on several years of company history. While a few years ago we were represented in only a few major cities in Germany, our customers can find us nationwide today.

Whether in Erfurt, Kiel, Frankfurt or Stuttgart: As a nationwide real estate dealer, we have made it our goal that all customers in any area of Germany can purchase their very individual real estate investment.

Our real estate dealer Duisburg specializes in property brokerage in the Ruhr area. This region in North Rhine-Westphalia has also experienced a significant change in recent years, which has also had a positive impact on the demand for real estate there.

The Ruhrpott as a sought-after capital market

With the end of coal mining, the Ruhr region has also experienced a significant upheaval. The classic coal cities of the West attach great importance to green spaces, new buildings and the creation of jobs and recreation areas. In this way, the region wants to send a clear signal: away from dark, dirty coal and towards an attractive, family-friendly habitat.

This change was also recognized within the population, so that more and more citizens are choosing the Ruhr area. As a result, the demand for housing, care facilities and care centres is steadily increasing.

Long-time experienced real estate agents wanted for existing customer support!

Professional purchase and sale by the real estate dealer Duisburg

Our professional real estate dealer Duisburg manages all real estate in and around Duisburg. In addition to the purchase of corresponding properties as investments, he can also take over the sale of these properties. From the property inspection to the mediation to the final notary appointment, the real estate dealer Duisburg will gladly take over all areas of responsibility for the purchase and sale of real estate.

Of course, our dealer will also make immediate purchases if necessary. These purchases will take effect if the sale of the relevant property is to take place particularly quickly. This can be either after death or in the context of insolvency.

Due to the high demand for different properties, the real estate dealer Duisburg can offer you very different investments. In addition to hotel properties, specialist market centres, senior and nursing properties, office properties, residential complexes and properties with building permit of all kinds are also presented to you. So we can be sure that we will find a particularly suitable property for you as an investment!

Discreet and reliable real estate dealer Duisburg

As a professional real estate dealer in Germany, we can guarantee that all activities of our work will be carried out in an absolutely discreet and public speaking manner. Because we are also interested in the fact that you can purchase your personal property as an investment absolutely confidential.

Therefore, all employees of our company work within the off-market. This means that all real estate offers are reserved exclusively for our clients. The objects of our catalogue are never presented to the public, but only serve to communicate with our customers. This enables a very personal and relaxed sales process, which will ultimately benefit all parties involved.

Choose the direct route to the real estate dealer Duisburg and contact him today. Our staff will be happy to assist you with advice and deeds!

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