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Bremen's most famous and important building is the Town Hall,

Bremen’s most famous and important building is the Town Hall, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site together with the famous Roland statue. We, as real estate dealers in Bremen, are in the home of the Bremen city musicians in terms of the purchase and sale of real estate. In the city and the state state of Bremen you can look forward to the numerous buildings and sights worth seeing. It is very easy to live here and at the same time work. It is no wonder that residential properties are just as sought after as commercial property. This is precisely why we can easily and conveniently pave the way for our customers to enter their own four walls or accompany them if, for example, you want to sell a commercial property in a professional manner.

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  • Real Estate Franchise License: .Platinum
  • Experience: 18 years
  • Real estate purchase: Yes
  • Strengths: Sales, Network, Know-How
  • Languages: .German, English
  • Training company: .Yes
  • Purchase & Mediation Focus on: Hotel properties, residential complexes, commercial real estate, nursing homes, specialist market centres, industrial real estate, land, new construction projects residential, new construction projects Commercial
  • District: Nationwide and International

Real estate dealer Bremen - We also buy office properties

As our business area is broadly based, we offer our clients the opportunity to purchase properties of various kinds. At the same time, you will find exactly the right object in our portfolio. For example, if you want to sell an office property or you have the intention to buy one, you are exactly right with us. You can always rely on us to offer attractive purchase prices for all real estate transactions. In the same way, we offer you valuable and affordable properties. In this context, we strive to offer you a sustainable and highly professional valuation. It doesn’t matter if you want to buy a residential property right in the city centre of Bremen or if you want to wear it with the intention


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Why choose E1 Holding?

E1 International Investment Holding GmbH has been active in the real estate business since 2007. The current transaction volume amounts to more than EUR 2.4 billion for more than 4,700 real estate transactions. E1 Holding is your answer to the real estate business. Get amazing investment agreements when you buy a property and benefit from the sale.
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Real estate dealer Bremen - Real estate purchase discreet and serious

In our work as a professional real estate dealer in Bremen, we attach great importance to the fact that the purchase of real estate takes place discreetly. Most of our clients value discretion in the purchase process of their property in Bremen. In addition, our customers are always informed in a timely manner about all our processing steps, so we create the best possible transparency. As a result of all our efforts, this means very productive cooperation.


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Real estate dealer Bremen - Real estate immediate purchase possible

There are situations in which owners want to sell their property within a very short time and still want to achieve an attractive selling price. Even in these cases, we are your professional partner at all times. Because real estate purchase is one of our strengths. Of course, this competence does not come by chance, we have acquired an excellent knowledge of the market situation through many years of experience with the purchase of real estate in Bremen.

Hotel properties or retail centre

Regardless of whether it is a specialist market centre or whether a hotel property is for sale, we are also professionally positioned in the commercial sector and can always offer the appropriate expertise. As a real estate dealer in Bremen, however, we also buy nursing homes and retirement homes, where our clients can rely on us to offer maximum prices.

Real estate dealer Bremen - Purchase of land

Böttcherstraße is located between the Weser and the market in Bremen. Here you can admire various buildings worth seeing, they were built in the style of brick expressionism. But also outside the city center you will find attractive areas, who want to sell their property here with the corresponding building permit, can contact us. We, as real estate dealers in Bremen, are basically striving to buy real estate and real estate in a serious and discreet manner.

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