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The real estate dealer Augsburg is the expert

The real estate dealer Augsburg is the expert when it comes to off-market real estate in the Fuggerstadt and the surrounding region. If you plan a sale of an object – whether building or land – it will be discreetly and professionally taken over and brought to a successful conclusion. This is supported by the long-standing experience of the real estate expert on the market as well as the large network with national and international contacts. We are also the safe and reliable partner for a property purchase and investment in such a property. The large portfolio includes office properties, new and existing residential complexes, land with building permits of all kinds, senior and nursing facilities as well as commercial properties such as specialist markets and hotel properties.

Step by step with the real estate dealer Augsburg

In order to carry out a successful investment, it needs a suitable partner to accompany the investor step by step. In the end, the greatest possible return should be made and thus a satisfied customer. Augsburg offers an excellent offer due to its size, its surroundings and its proximity to Munich. It is not for nothing that Fuggerstadt is called the technology region and is economically broad-based. In addition, it is a university town and is one of the most beautiful regions in Germany. When purchasing, it is important that the customer and the broker consult carefully on which property is the right one. First of all, therefore, objectives and wishes must be analysed. Then the financial possibilities will be explored. An exact investment plan is being drawn up. After the final purchase decision, the real estate dealer Augsburg accompanies the client step by step until the final entry in the land register. In the field of off-market real estate, the professional can draw on the comprehensive database of E1 Holding, in which properties are listed throughout Germany. In addition, he knows everything in Augsburg and the region, as the real estate professional is well connected.

Purchase made easy with real estate dealer Augsburg

Selling your own properties is often not easy and can have different reasons. Emotions often play a major role. This making it all the more important that a reliable and reputable partner is on hand to assist in the sale. The real estate dealer Augsburg creates a structured process that supports the seller at every step and thus makes the sale simple and understandable. At the beginning, the discreet evaluation of the object is made, through the search for the right investor up to the appointment with the notary. All services are offered from a single source and led to the successful sale. The expert finds the right buyer due to his large network and his many contacts. In addition, all E1 holding real estate dealers are connected to each other, so that there is always a fruitful exchange here.

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Real estate dealer Augsburg is part of a large network

All brokers are connected to each other in the E1 holding network. So did the real estate dealer Augsburg. Since 2007, E1 International Investment Holding GmbH has been very successful in the German real estate market. To date, more than EUR 2.4 billion has been generated in more than 4,700 real estate transactions. All real estate agents successfully implement the great experience for their clients – no matter whether an investment or a sale is planned.

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