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We, E1 Holding, are an active company throughout Germany

We, E1 Holding, are an active company in the financial and real estate sector throughout Germany. In the course of our company history, we have expanded our locations to such an extent that today we are represented in almost all major cities in the country. We only present real estate as investments to our clients – in different regions and in different sizes.

Due to the enormous demand of our customers, we are always looking for suitable properties that are suitable as investments. In addition to buying and selling these properties, we also specialize in the purchase of real estate immediately.

E1 Holding: Your expert for real estate instant purchase

More and more property owners are opting out of an ordinary property sale and an immediate real estate sale. The reasons for such a sale can be quite different. Often it is spontaneous living conditions that make a rapid sale of your own property imperative. However, even within the framework of an inheritance association, a property can be sold as an immediate sale.

As a company, we offer you an uncomplicated real estate purchase – with a clear advantage for you: You will receive the agreed purchase price in a timely manner and can dispose of the money within a very short time. This can help you out of acute financial hardships or facilitate your personal planning for the future.

The real estate purchase is now part of the fixed range of services offered by our numerous employees, so that you too can count on the experience and competences of our colleagues.

Real estate instant purchase explained step by step

As a rule, the real estate purchase can be realized within only a few working days. As a real estate dealer, we need all important data about the property in advance. In addition to the year of construction, the object size and the equipment, we also attach great importance to your own assessment. The regionally responsible representative will contact you immediately and arrange an on-site appointment with you. At this appointment, the object is evaluated by our employee, so that we can usually give a fixed purchase price amount within the scope of this date.

Of course, it is always in your hands whether you decide to sell your property immediately. After your acceptance of the purchase price, we will have the purchase contract drawn up and provide you with the document for the notarial signature. The purchase price will be paid out in a timely manner as soon as all formalities have been completed and the signatures have been made.

Long-time experienced real estate agents wanted for existing customer support!

Fast and uncomplicated real estate instant purchase

As a company, we are also interested in a fast and uncomplicated settlement of real estate instant purchases. In the meantime, many new buyers are waiting for attractive and interesting properties as investments.

Whether apartments, single-family houses, nursing homes or plots of any kind: take advantage of our offer from real estate instant purchase and look forward to a serious and discreet cooperation with our colleagues. Of course, all information is treated absolutely discreetly, so that we can handle the real estate instant purchase absolutely loyally. Due to the off-market, your property is also not presented on the free real estate market, so your environment cannot directly experience the sale of your property.

Take advantage of the numerous advantages of buying real estate immediately and contact your personal contact person from E1 Holding today. And we are always at your disposal if you have any questions or ambiguities – please contact us!

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