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Are you an entrepreneur with experience in real estate investments

Are you an entrepreneur with experience in real estate investments looking for an effective way to get into the ever profitable business?

Do you dream to own your own highly reputable real estate brokerage firm?

It might sound like a wild dream, but it definitely isn’t. The competition in the real estate industry more especially in developed countries like Germany, is very stiff. With real estate firms springing up on a daily basis, it now looks as if reaching the limelight as an individual broker is an impossible feat. 

But don’t be dismayed, it is still very possible. All you need is a solid foundation to help you start-up and a very strong support system to back you up, and this it’s exactly what we at E1 international investment holdings are offering you.

If you love growing, you will enjoy to work with us!
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We are a successful real estate firm, based in Germany, but influential and active in the international real estate scene, and our real estate brokerage franchise is a way we intend to help individual real estate brokers expand their business to maximum it’s potential and ensure our success rubs off on them.

We are offering to help you as we understand how difficult it is to succeed as an individual broker. Given the fact that we also started as a very small real estate agency, we have chosen not to despise your little beginning.

Our Real Estate brokerage franchise is an outstretched hand of partnership from us to help you grow your business and establish a stronghold using our influence.

Why You Should Purchase E1’s Real Estate Brokerage Franchise.

Every well-meaning investor knows that branding and exposure are the two basic requirements if you intend to genuinely expand your business. By purchasing our real estate brokerage franchise, you gain unrestricted access to 2100 real estate investments, more than 4700 active purchase profiles, and premium access to a network of more than 121,000 Solvents investors. With these resources, we both can agree that you have automatically altered the trajectory of your business to follow a faster and more profitable route to unprecedented success.

Everybody wins

E1 is widely revered and respected as Germany’s leading off-market broker we have purchased and sold several thousands of off-market properties, and every single time we do this, we leave both the buyers and the sellers fully satisfied, having helped them obtain the best possible outcome in the process.
Currently, we have numerous properties in our portfolio. These properties are situated in strategic locations in Germany and internationally. We also hold and are still developing properties in all of Germany’s top 9 cities.

All this depicts how big a name we have made for ourselves, and it clearly shows how successful you will become by becoming our licensed partner. Purchasing our real estate franchise keeps you ahead of any competition that exists out there while taking you too many steps closer to achieving your dream brokerage firm.

So you see, everybody wins. You as our franchisee will earn the respect of investors, and you will make sales like never before, while we as the franchisor will have more experienced licensed partners spread across Germany and internationally, enough to cater to all our numerous clients.

Long-standing experienced real estate agents wanted to look after existing customers!

Real Estate Brokers Franchise Like No Other.

There are numerous franchise opportunities available in the real estate market, but ours offers a unique opportunity, one you won’t see anywhere else. As our real estate brokerage franchisee, You are in a collaborative partnership with us, and you’re free to use all our development tools and strategies that have brought us this far.

Aside from the pool of unending benefits associated with purchasing our real estate brokerage franchise, we give you the freedom to retain your own business while providing all the resources you need.

You retain your existing brand and grow it to its maximum potential using us your covering. Being one of Germany and Europe’s off-market Giants, we assure you that you won’t have to spend time looking for profitable deals anymore as we bring these lucrative off-market deals right to you in the comfort of your home or office.

What is in for me as a licensed franchisee

As a licensed partner of E1 international Holdings, you eliminate every risk and hurdle you would have encountered while starting up on your own. This exposes you to low capital, low risk, and high-income kinds of investment.  We are well known for the maximum attention and care we show to our franchisees and we promise to provide every necessary help, tools, and support you need during your startup phase to ensure that your beginning it’s a very smooth and profitable one.

We provide you with quality training and knowledge obtainable only from the best. All our tools and proven marketing strategies as well as professional counsel from the top dogs in the real estate business will be made available to you for free after you purchase our real estate brokerage franchise.

You will also have a unique page in our SEO optimized website, thus improving your media presence and visibility. You will also get approval to use our ready-made contracts, agreements, forms, and documents.  These documents make your daily work and bureaucracy easier. All our documents are up-to-date and are in line with the applicable law.

This is a golden opportunity to fully enter the real estate professional league and maximize your profits. Don’t miss it!

So, what are you waiting for? Hit the button below and take this unique opportunity.

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