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5 Reasons to Partner With a Real Estate Asset Manager

As you explore ways to diversify your investment portfolio, real estate is sure to cross your mind. While the financial potential is high, so is the learning curve. This is why both new and tenured investors partner with a real estate asset manager. Even real estate agents partner with us. In fact, most of our clients are Realtors®. Often confused with wealth management or property management, asset management is an entirely different service. Keep reading to learn more.  

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What Is Real Estate Asset Management?

E1 Holding provides a variety of property investment services, including real estate asset management. Leverage our 17+ years of experience to enable investments that are passive, strategic, and 100% hands-free. We keep our finger on the pulse of multiple international markets, taking care of everything on your behalf. Your success is our success, and we keep you informed of all property advances. We aim for this to be the first of many projects to build your wealth. 

E1 Holding Services

Below are the top benefits of partnering with us, instead of going it alone.

International Market Research

With our services, there’s no reason to limit yourself to your local market. We perform international market research and make property revenue decisions in key global markets. This phase of the acquisition process is the most time-consuming, but we have the network and connections to create a sound acquisition strategy  This includes researching $1 to $3 million Euro:  Multi-unit buildings  Shopping centers  Office buildings  Plots  And more 


As your real estate asset manager, we streamline and simplify the process of obtaining financing in a variety of countries and currencies. We ensure compliance on all fronts and keep you apprised of all ongoing fees, transactions, and contractual obligations. Our services include contract negotiations, so there’s never any worry about a language barrier.  

Setting and Communicating Property Objectives

We present you with projections before you invest and evolve your strategy once the purchase is complete. This includes compiling annual business plans, detailed investment reports, and communicating progress.  

Vetting and Managing Third-Party Partners

It takes a team to keep your property pristine! We vet, employ, and manage your leasing agent, property manager, asset maintenance experts, and all other specialists required to market, rent, maintain, and upgrade your property.  

Managing Cash Flow

Multimillion-dollar properties have multiple moving parts. We take care of it all, including managing your cash flow. We collect leasing fees and pay third-party partners, utilities, and all incoming invoices. Again, everything we do is documented to ensure full transparency 

International Market Research

Want to Learn More About Partnering With E1 Holding?

Increasing the value of your portfolio and delivering sustainable success are our top objectives. Whether you are a Realtor® looking to better serve your clients or an investor looking to expand your portfolio—we’re here to serve. 

Reach out today to learn more about the benefits of partnering with E1 Holding as your real estate asset manager! Or sign up as an E1 Plus affiliate to earn lifetime commissions for every client you refer!   

F.A.Q. - Real Estate Asset Management with E1 Holding

Real estate asset management is distinct from property management. While property management focuses on the day-to-day operations of a property, including maintenance, leasing, and tenant relations, real estate asset management takes a broader approach. It involves strategic planning, financial analysis, and portfolio optimization. A real estate asset manager helps investors make informed decisions about acquiring, owning, and selling properties to maximize returns and minimize risk. 

Partnering with a real estate asset manager offers several advantages: 

International Market Research: 

Real estate asset managers, such as E1 Holding, conduct international market research to identify lucrative opportunities in global markets, allowing you to diversify your investments beyond your local area.

Streamlined Financing:

They simplify the process of obtaining financing in various countries and currencies while ensuring compliance and handling contract negotiations on your behalf.

Setting and Communicating Objectives:

Real estate asset managers present projections, create annual business plans, and provide detailed investment reports. They maintain open communication to keep you informed of progress and strategic adjustments.

Vetting and Managing Partners:

These professionals vet, employ, and manage third-party partners like leasing agents, property managers, and maintenance experts to maintain and upgrade your properties.

Cash Flow Management:

Real estate asset managers oversee cash flow by collecting leasing fees, paying third-party partners and utilities, and managing incoming invoices, ensuring transparency and financial stability.

E1 Holding has over 17 years of experience in real estate asset management. Their success is driven by their commitment to clients and the following practices: 

International Market Expertise: They have a strong network and conduct thorough international market research. 

Transparent Communication:

E1 Holding maintains open communication with clients, providing regular updates and answering any questions promptly. 

Professional Partner Management:

They carefully select and manage third-party partners to ensure the proper maintenance and operation of properties. 

Financial Management:

E1 Holding handles all financial aspects, including cash flow management and contract negotiations, with transparency and efficiency. 

Absolutely. In fact, a significant portion of E1 Holding’s clients are Realtors®. Real estate agents can enhance their services by collaborating with E1 Holding as a real estate asset manager. This partnership allows them to provide clients with diversified investment options and expert guidance in real estate asset management, expanding their portfolio of services. 

To explore the benefits of partnering with E1 Holding as your real estate asset manager, simply reach out to us today. Whether you are an investor looking to expand your portfolio or a Realtor® seeking to better serve your clients, we are here to assist you. Additionally, you can sign up as an E1 Plus affiliate and earn lifetime commissions for every client you refer to us. Your success is our top priority, and we look forward to helping you achieve your investment goals. 

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