Real estate as an investment? Alternatives to real estate?

  • 16. October 2023

The best options for your future

Overview of investments

Before we dive into the details, let’s clarify what exactly investments are and why they are crucial to your financial future.

Discover lucrative investments

Discover lucrative investments

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The Importance of Investments

Investments are investments in assets that are designed to increase in value over time in order to generate an attractive return. They play a crucial role in creating long-term wealth and securing your financial future.

Take advantage of global real estate trading opportunities now!

Take advantage of global real estate trading opportunities now!

„Since 2013, we have been reviewing off-market offers from E1 Holding and have already been able to buy several apartment buildings at good conditions in Kaiserslautern. We have been benefiting from E1 Holding’s off-market real estate offerings for several years.

Alpha Real Estate Group ETW Sales

„We have been cooperating with E1 Holding since 2011, and through this cooperation we were able to successfully sell the entire property of Passavant with the support of E1 Holding. We were thrilled that E1 Holding was able to provide us with several buyers with serious expressions of interest. In fact, we sold a large part of the property to a foreign investor from Greece and another large part of the property to a Frankfurt entrepreneur who is one of the most renowned entrepreneurs. The cooperation has always been flawless and successful, and with a high level of commitment without advertising on public portals.“

Hartmund Bopp Legal successor Passavant

„Since 2014, I have been receiving offers from E1 Holding. In 2016, I also visited the headquarters in Istanbul to discuss the purchase of 554 residential units in Stendal. We were able to complete the purchase at an attractive purchase price of EUR 1.1 million. The city of Stendal waited a total of 9 years for a buyer, and we are thrilled with E1 Holding’s network and reach.“

Phillip Zodtner Private investor

„In 2019, we commissioned E1 Holding to sell our Lower Saxony package consisting of 185 residential units and 17 commercial units. At the same time, Colliers was also marketing off-market, but the sale was successfully handled by E1 Holding in 2022. We were pleasantly surprised that it succeeded without advertising on public portals. We are thrilled!“

Max Crowdfound Investment platform

„We have been working with E1 Holding since 2016 and were able to buy a shopping centre at our location at attractive conditions, which was not known to any local estate agent.“

DMSN Immobilien GmbH & Co. KG Existing customer

„We have been working with E1 Holding since 2012 and have already been able to acquire several apartment buildings in Aarbergen and 137 residential units in Gröbzig at a factor of less than 10 each. We were able to resell both residential complexes at a profit, with E1 Holding mastering the successful sale for us.“

Amang Aziz Investor Greece

„Thanks to E1 International Investment Holding GmbH, we were able to purchase a package of 4 car dealerships at a good factor and were very satisfied with the processing.“

Triwo AG Investment Group

„We have been working with E1 Holding since 2015 and have been able to acquire a refugee home at a factor of 8, which has been leased to the city of Wiesbaden on a long-term basis. The building permit for residential construction that has already been approved offers future potential.“

BB Investments Wiesbaden Project

„Since 2012, I have been receiving offers from E1 Holding as an investor. I also commissioned them with the sale of my commercial property with an area of over 30,000 square meters in Bad Münder. After 8 months of marketing, E1 Holding provided me with a serious buyer who took over my inventory in an uncomplicated manner. I was always highly satisfied and enthusiastic with the process.“

R. Brown Property owners

„Thanks to the exclusive co-marketing of off-market properties by E1 Immobilien Franchise, I was able to achieve remarkable success in my first year as a franchise partner. The sale of a shopping mall and a parcel of car dealerships resulted in a commission turnover of over half a million euros. The unique opportunity to access off-market properties allowed me lucrative deals and an impressive commission. E1 Real Estate Franchise is a recommendation for anyone who wants to optimize their career in the real estate business.“

Norbert Scherf E1 Immobilien Franchise Büro Trier

„Since 2017, I have been receiving off-market real estate offers nationwide from E1 Holding. Thanks to their support, I was able to purchase a total of 85 residential units in Kassel and was highly satisfied with the process.“

Dr. Achim Riemannf Existing customer

„As a real estate agent in the E1 franchise system in Möhnesee, I benefit from global reach and digital expressions of interest for my off-market properties. This allows me to concentrate on looking after my existing customers. The close cooperation with E1 enables co-marketing offers and relevant information for my investor search. Building such an extensive database would be impossible for a traditional broker. As a long-time platinum licensee, I confirm that E1 Holding is something special. I am happy to support them and I am extremely satisfied!“

Astrid Felder E1 Real Estate Franchise Möhnesee

„Thanks to the partnership with E1 Immobilien Franchise, I can take my knowledge and expertise to a new level as an experienced real estate investor and portfolio holder. E1’s professional team and innovative approaches allow me to conduct serious negotiations with direct investors in order to achieve successful business deals. E1 Real Estate Franchise offers experienced real estate professionals like me the perfect platform to develop their careers in real estate franchise management.“

Rene Diewert E1 Real Estate Franchise Rügen

„Behind E1 Holding is an impressive working machine that supports us as a franchise partner in the best possible way. The professionalism and efficiency with which new ideas are implemented and processes are optimized is remarkable. With E1 Real Estate Franchise, we have made the right choice to be successful in the real estate market. The franchise system offers a strong business model, an extensive network and transparent fees. Become part of E1 Real Estate Franchise and take advantage of the opportunities that are available to you.“

Jens Uwe KernE1 Real Estate Franchise Distributor Spain

„Thanks to my partnership with E1 Immobilien Franchise, I have already been able to successfully broker several high-quality investment properties to existing clients and earn lucrative brokerage commissions in the process. As a real estate franchise broker, I benefit from the wide range of possibilities and opportunities offered by the franchise system. With the support of an experienced team and extensive resources, I am well equipped to serve my customers in the best possible way. If you are looking for a lucrative career in the real estate franchise business, you should consider the possibilities of partnering with E1 Real Estate Franchise.“

Nesimi AydingülE1 Real Estate Franchise Mannheim

„As an experienced real estate expert, I am enthusiastic about the E1 real estate franchise. As a platinum partner and distributor for the UAE, it allows me to be active in the real estate market internationally. The system offers great support, personal attention, and invaluable benefits as an investor and broker. E1 convinces with honesty, visionary orientation and helpful cooperation. I am completely satisfied and proud to be part of this down-to-earth success concept!““ – Investor, Platinum Partner and Distributor for the UAE


„We have been working with E1 Holding since 2016 and have been able to buy several apartment buildings outside the public real estate market, and on significantly good terms. We bought our first residential portfolio in Dietzhölztal, and just under a year later we received another attractive property offer in Weißenthurm with 124 residential units, which we bought for EUR 10.9 million.“

VK Plants Privatization

The 10 best investments at a glance

Here we present the ten outstanding investments that have proven to be particularly worthwhile. From traditional investment options to over-the-counter investments, we offer you a comprehensive selection.

Stock Market Investing

The stock market is one of the most popular stores of value and offers the opportunity to invest in established companies and benefit from their growth and success.

Real Estate Investments

Investing in real estate can provide long-term stability and regular income through rental income.

Bonds and fixed-term deposits

Bonds and fixed deposits are safe investment options that can offer a fixed return and capital preservation.


Investing in commodities such as gold and silver can serve as a hedge against economic uncertainty.


Cryptocurrencies have grown in popularity in recent years and offer an innovative way to invest in digital assets.

Investment fund

Mutual funds allow investors to invest in a variety of assets and diversify risk.


Investing in emerging companies can offer huge returns, but it also carries a higher level of risk.

Art & Collectibles

Investing in artwork and collectibles can generate significant value appreciation over the long term.

Precious metals

Precious metals such as platinum and palladium offer another way to invest in physical assets.

P2P lending

Peer-to-peer lending offers investors the opportunity to invest in loans for individuals and businesses.

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Why is E1 plus your first choice for investments?

Find out why E1 plus is your preferred investment platform and how we differentiate ourselves from other providers.

The best investments are waiting for you

Advantages of over-the-counter investments

Discover the unique advantages that over-the-counter (OTC) investments offer compared to traditional investment opportunities.

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Investments in comparison: Which is the best option for you?

Every investor has different needs. Here we compare different investments so that you can make the right choice for your goals.

Benefit from our global network

Benefit from our global network


International presence of E1 Holding

Learn more about E1 Holding’s international presence and how you can benefit from our global network.

Invest smartly with E1 plus

E1 plus: Your door to lucrative investments

Find out why E1 plus is considered a trusted platform for stores of value and investments and how we support you on your path to success.

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Investing in the future: Investments for sustainability

Learn more about investments that focus on sustainability and environmental awareness while offering attractive returns.

Sign up for top investments

Sign up for top investments

Focus: The most attractive over-the-counter investments

Learn more about over-the-counter assets and why they are an interesting option for professional investors.

Benefit from sustainable investments now

Benefit from sustainable investments now

References and Success Stories

Read some of our success stories and find out how we have successfully supported well-known major investors.

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Wind farms as profitable investments

Learn more about investing in wind farms and how you can benefit from the increasing importance of renewable energy.

E1 plus – Your partner for financial freedom

E1 plus – Your partner for
Financial Freedom

Solar and photovoltaic investments

Discover the possibilities of investing in solar and photovoltaic projects and how you can benefit from the energy transition.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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In this article, we’ve given you an insight into the unified template of our landing pages, which aims to improve your investment experience. E1 plus offers you a wide range of investments tailored to your individual needs. Our international network and many years of expertise make us a trustworthy partner for your investments.

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