Real estate agents for investment properties

Selling investment property with professional support in real estate brokerage

When it is about your apartment buildings, office Real estate, specialty real estate, hotel real estate, etc., you need an experienced investment broker who focuses only on the investment real estate segment. Since 2007, E1 Investments has focused only on the investment segment. We are available at more than 30 international locations with many years of experienced investment brokers.

Real estate brokerage without exclusive order

E1 Investments Offices are also happy to arrange your investment property without a binding exclusive order. The only thing to do is: no publication on real estate portals such as Real Estate Scout, Immowelt or Immonet.

Real estate brokerage without advertising

E1 Investments Offices offer your property only to reserved customers for sale. From the point of view of experienced colleagues, an application on public real estate portals for real estate of 1 million euros or more is not a sales promotion.

Real estate brokerage at no cost

E1 Investments offices usually receive your brokerage commission from the buyer. Seller commissions for separate investment properties are only agreed if this is sales-promoting due to the high equity ratio.

Your advantages as landowners & property owners

  • More than 140,000 international investors in the exclusive E1 network
  • Sale possible within 14 days
  • Only audited investors
  • Absolutely discreet mediation
  • Germany’s largest real estate investor network
  • E1 Fullservice: Communication, Documents, Negotiation & Consulting
  • We are 100 independent
  • More than 30 international locations

Long-time experienced real estate agents wanted for existing customer support!

Our real estate agencies have a nationwide and international network of people

A real estate agency for investment real estate is characterized by your client base. Benefit from our long-standing relationship with investors and sit back. All you need to do is put together the most important documents and information for the sale of your property and send them to us by email. Our investment brokers in your region will do everything else. These regions include:

You want to sell your property, but no one should know about it?

E1 Investments specializes in the brokerage of off-market real estate (see E1 Investors – Off Market Investments & Return Objects). We do not need an appointment on site to inspect the property. Also, no address of your property will be announced until a statement of interest with a corresponding confidentiality is signed.

Do you have any questions or would like to test the real estate franchise?

We look forward to hearing from you!

Successful real estate brokerage possible within 14 days

As a rule, you will receive the first expressions of interest within 14 days with corresponding confidentiality signed by the investor. Real estate investors for investment properties and real estate funds are constantly on the lookout and usually well prepared in relation to a buyer for a condominium in terms of real estate financing.

In order to achieve the best possible purchase price for your property, you need not only a trained real estate agent, an investment broker with many years of experience, a strong network and valuable real estate insights. E1 Investment offices with many years of experienced real estate experts are located in the investment real estate segment at more than 30 locations.

E1 Full Service: Communication, Documents, Strategy and More

With the E1 full service you can enjoy your free time and we take care of it!

E1 Holding with the best real estate brokerage software CRM:You relax and look forward to the sales proceeds. We clarify the rest. During an intensive consultation, we clarify your wishes and expectations. Based on this conversation, we create an individualized success strategy. We take care of all communication, selection, documentation, evaluation, auditing and appointment coordination for you. You will enjoy your time during this time and look forward to the successful result at the end of the process.

Investing in a secure future

The E1 Investments concept offers a proven system for the solid development of a business as a broker and owner of a real estate business. E1 Real Estate has the infrastructure and operating systems that enable us to offer first-class services with a team of brokers. You are investing in the market of the future.

Our service for you as a property owner:

  • Development of Goals & Expectations
  • Development of mediation strategies
  • Create a marketing strategy
  • Determination of the potential purchase price
  • Identification of suitable and audited investors
  • Discreet direct approach by institutional and private investors
  • E1 Full service: communication, document creation, consulting

Discreet and anonymous on request

Until the contract is signed absolutely discreetly and anonymously for you

Maintaining their anonymity is an important basic principle underlying E1 Holding. With the help of our trained employees and practical CRM systems, we are able to market you and the object absolutely discreetly. All properties we offer are offered off market (see also E1 Investors – Off Market Investments and Return Objects). This means that mediation does not take place publicly via the usual portals. Our service includes that we present and mediate your chosen property to investors.

Earn the big money with the right real estate!

With just one shop, you’re in the fast lane! Get in touch now!

Real estate prices analysis for 80 locations throughout Germany

Location analysis

E1 Holding offers location analysis for real estate for almost 100 cities nationwide in all federal states. Our well-trained experts for real estate and investments as well as off-market real estate in various locations and sizes take a professional and authentic look at the real estate market at the respective location. In doing so, we determine realistic and continuously updated real estate prices depending on the market situation as well as a corresponding real estate forecast. We are constantly expanding the list of alphabetically ordered locations and intensively expanding the data base for more and more cities. In addition to investors and investors with budgets of all sizes, our nationwide location analyses are also valuable for housebuilders when deciding on a location. Click here

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