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Real estate agent Rheingau-Taunus Alexander Münch

Alexander Münch is right in the middle of it with his real estate office in Hünstetten

As a broker Rheingau Taunus, the experienced professional is not only based in the heart of the Rheingau-Taunus district, the region is also located at the gates of the banking city of Frankfurt am Main as well as near the Hessian capital Wiesbaden and the Rhineland-Palatinate capital Mainz. In addition, the Mannheim metropolitan region and the State Capital of Baden-Württemberg, Stuttgart, are in the immediate vicinity. The region is a feel-good place and a charming residential area, which is extremely popular with the old and the newcomers. As a real estate expert with extensive professional experience and an excellent network, Münch is the competent contact for sellers and investors alike who are interested in a so-called off-market property. Alexander Münch not only offers such objects successfully in the Rheingau-Taunus region, but also nationwide as well as in Austria and Switzerland.

Best Real estate agent in Rheingau-Taunus - Александр Мюнх - агент по недвижимости Rheingau-Taunus | Alexander Münch
Alexander Münch - Real estate agent Rheingau-Taunus
  • Real Estate Franchise License: Platinum.
  • Strengths: Customer satisfaction, commitment, competence
  • Advantages to customers over: Real estate full service
  • Languages: .German, English
  • Purchase of real estate: Yes
  • Mediation Focus: Hotel properties, residential complexes, commercial real estate, nursing homes, specialist market centres, industrial real estate
  • Real estate financing: Yes
  • District: Nationwide
  • Agency International Real Estate: Austria, Switzerland

Broker Rheingau Taunus feels a

If an owner wants to sell his property, Alexander Münch and his professional team are the right contacts. A sale always has a process in the background. In addition, it is certainly associated with many emotions. With the broker Rheingau Taunus you are accompanied by a partner who is at the side of the seller step by step. For this purpose, a structured process is developed, which is always comprehensible for the customer. Steps are the discreet valuation of the property or the property, through the project development up to the successful sale with the date at the notary. Even with an investment, the steps are similar. It is important to carefully select the object. This includes first of all defining the wishes and goals of the customers. Afterwards, the appropriate financing will be discussed and what possibilities the customer has. In the end, there is either a private investment or even a large-scale investment. After determining the goals and choosing the right property, the broker Rheingau Taunus accompanies his clients throughout the process until they are entered in the land register.


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Why choose E1 Holding?

E1 International Investment Holding GmbH has been active in the real estate business since 2007. The current transaction volume amounts to more than EUR 2.4 billion for more than 4,700 real estate transactions. E1 Holding is your answer to the real estate business. Get amazing investment agreements when you buy a property and benefit from the sale of a property.
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Estate agent Rheingau Taunus knows the pearls on the market

Whether real estate brokerage to retail investors or a large, professional investment – real estate is extremely popular as an investment and, thanks to the good return opportunities, ensures private wealth building. Alexander Münch and his E1 real estate office cover all services related to the sale or purchase of off-market real estate. At the broker Rheingau Taunus, the client is also on the safe side that only high-quality properties are in the portfolio. There are usually only a few beautiful objects on site at an affordable price. This is mainly due to the fact that the off-market properties are sold only by recommendations and are not publicly published at all. Of course, this also applies to properties throughout Germany.


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Quick contact with broker Rheingau Taunus

Alexander Münch is the competent and trusting partner and the right address when it comes to buying or selling off-market properties – whether in the Rheingau-Taunus district or in the entire federal territory. Objects in Austria or Switzerland can also be successfully mediated. The office is located at Asternweg 7 in Hünstetten and can be easily reached by phone at +49(176)62604848 or by e-mail to [email protected].

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