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As a real estate agent with a strong focus on off-market real estate, we accompany and support our clients step by step. From professional valuation of the property and the optimal strategy for the price to the appointment with the notary. We are just as competent, experienced and solution-oriented for investors as we are with property owners and potential sellers. As experienced real estate professionals and expert investment brokers, we take over the valuation on behalf of our clients, including a serious assessment of the condition of the property as well as market analysis at the Radebeul site.

Лучшим Брокером В Радебуле Является Штеффен Фойгт
Real estate agent Radebeul - Steffen Voigt
  • Franchise Real Estate License: Platinum
  • Real estate business experience: Since 2007
  • Buying real estate / real estate investor: Yes
  • Strengths: Sales, Network, Know-How
  • Languages: .German, English, Turkish
  • Training company: .Yes
  • Real estate purchase & brokerage Focus on: hotel properties, residential complexes, commercial real estate, nursing homes, retail centres, industrial real estate, land, new construction projects residential, new construction projects Commercial
  • District: Nationwide and International

Real estate agent Radebeul - with a strong real estate network

A real estate professional is always at our clients’ side with advice and advice and professional advice on price analysis and determining the best possible offer price. Trust our competent real estate brokerage specialist in your investments in Radebeul and take a look at our references in the area of real estate brokerage for investors and owners also in the area of large-scale projects. For your investments in the Radebeul area, please contact our local real estate office! Real estate agent Voigt from E1 Investments Radebeul is looking forward to your call or email.


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Why choose E1 Holding?

E1 International Investment Holding GmbH has been active in the real estate business since 2007. The previous transaction volume is over EUR 2.4 billion with over 4,700 real estate transactions. E1 Holding is your answer to the real estate business. Get amazing investment deals when you buy a property and benefit from the sale.
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The No. 1 in Radebeul - Real Estate Agent Steffen Voigt

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For many years we have been successfully active in the real estate market as a service company for professional real estate brokers and investment brokers in Radebeul for owners and investors. We are strongly positioned as a real estate agency for investments in real estate of different types and sizes, with off-market real estate as a focus, independent of speculation. Over the years, our professionally positioned E1 Holding has been able to establish a sustainable network of investors and owners, real estate agents and dealers as well as investment companies at the Radebeul site. Today, as a real estate agent specialising in investments, especially in off-market real estate, we have a prominent presence in the region and are the right address for you as potential buyers, sellers and investors when it comes to competence, professionalism and reliability in real estate brokerage in Radebeul. The satisfaction of our clients is the be-all and end-all in our self-image as investment brokers and real estate professionals.


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Real estate agent Radebeul for OTC Real Estate

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When it comes to lucrative investment properties for private, commercial or institutional investors in real estate in the Radebeul region in the district of Meissen in Saxony, we are successful partners of investors from Germany and abroad. Benefit from the solid and professional mediation of properties by our experienced real estate agent in Radebeul! Our service at your investment is comprehensive and ranges from the careful planning and development of the investment strategy exactly according to your needs, to support with pricing and financing, to the design of the notarial purchase contract, the certificate and the logged handover of the property. As a real estate professional and investment broker of your trust, you will receive an individual full-service package made to measure. By the way: Our investment broker Mr. Voigt in Radebeul is also the right contact for you when selling land and brokerage to potential investors.

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E1 Real Estate Investments Radebeul:

Real Estate City of Radebeul

For many years, we have been advising and accompanying professionally and customer-oriented not only private, but also institutional and commercial clients as investment brokers at the Radebeul site. We are specialists with a strong focus on off-market real estate. At the location of our branch in Radebeul, Mr. Voigt provides you with professional transparency and loyalty as an investment broker to his clients. More than 25 years of experience as a real estate agent as well as expertise and in-house investment experience form the strengths of our real estate professional in Radebeul. In the successful real estate brokerage as an investment broker in the region, residential complexes and nursing homes as well as hotel and commercial real estate are among the focal points as well as specialist market centres and new construction projects of various kinds. Absolute confidentiality as well as anonymity and discretion in the mediation of investments in off-market real estate are a characteristic appreciated by our clients. Try it out and contact your real estate agent and investment broker in Radebeul today!

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Real estate agents in Radebeul:

Here at the main location Wiesbaden, the E1 database with its stock of off-market real estate is at the centre of the action; from real estate valuation to due diligence to legal, technical or tax issues for each individual property. And from here there is also direct access to a network of more than 120,000 people worldwide, from business partners to investors.

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Off Market real estate in Radebeul with real estate valuation

Real estate agent Radebeul – Steffen Voigt (Vosch Immobilien) – The Radebeul branch supports clients in real estate sales, purchases or investment projects. This applies to both commercial and institutional clients as well as private clients. In addition, real estate acquisition and financing are in the foreground. For prospective buyers who have a property for sale, the focus is on researching interested investors. In addition, Mr. Voigt is available to advise on the topics of real estate valuation, real estate brokerage, investment investment and all legal and technical topics.

Real estate agent Radebeul - services of Steffen Voigt

Safe low-risk returns and good profits offer above all investment properties. Of course, factors such as market development, demographics and surrounding economic power play an active role in pricing, but we offer our many years of experience and professional forecasts. The real estate shortage in the coveted inner city and water areas and the resulting high prices in Radebeul and the surrounding area are fuelling demand in districts that until now hardly any investor had on the bill. We work with you on a suitable investment plan that is tailored to you.

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Investment properties Radebeul

Real estate agents in Radebeul

Depending on the desired investment volume, we research suitable investment properties for you in the Dresden area. E1 Holding has an extraordinarily large portfolio of interesting off-market properties that are exclusively and not publicly marketed. Take advantage of the long-standing and professional experience of our employees. If you are interested, you can take a look at the following form: Form: Off-Market Real Estate – Deposit your purchase profile now!

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Making money as a tipster for real estate in Radebeul

As real estate agents, we know that often the right contact at the right time determines the success of a real estate business. You know investment properties or real estate investors and want to make money quickly? You can use this knowledge and make money with your recommendation as a tipster without a brokerage license. If it is sold on the basis of your recommendation, we will pay you a tip commission of 10 percent of our commission.

Purchase of real estate Radebeul

As a nationwide active real estate investor, we generally acquire properties with a volume of 1 million euros or more. In doing so, we intend to keep them in our stock for as long as possible. We also buy apartment buildings to privatize them. Are you currently implementing a new residential project? Then you may be able to win us over as a solvent real estate investor.

Real Estate Agency Off Market Radebeul

It is not uncommon for properties to change hands without having previously been offered on the open market. They wanted to avoid public attention and were also willing to accept price increases of about ten percent for discrete mediation. Today, off-market real estate brokerage has long since left this market niche. Commercial investment properties are also often sold in this way.

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