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Real estate agents jobs can be

Real estate agents jobs can be the leap into a successful future for one or the other committed and motivated person. If such a real estate agent Jobs is also accepted by the successful E1 Holding, which has promising properties throughout Germany, there is a chance of an attractive profit, which can be pocketed for any property that is successfully brokered. In the following article, we deal with the jobs as a real estate agent at the professional lyre-working E1 Holding, which already offers an attractive job to a large number of employees.

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Real estate agents Jobs at E1 Holding: No more searches for suitable properties

As a real estate agent in our company, you have the opportunity to concentrate fully on the sale and brokerage of the real estate, because this is the task for which our real estate agents can burn and fully rise. If you are also created for one of the real estate agents Jobs at E1 Holding and would like to work at one of our locations throughout Germany, you now take the opportunity and apply today. Perhaps the biggest advantage for the people who have acquired one of the real estate agents jobs from us is the fact that there is no need for an acquisition on the part of the broker and no objects have to be searched independently. With us, the brokers are only responsible for the sale and have constant direct contact with the customers. The search for new objects is taken over by the company itself and every broker is of course provided with objects, which are then to go on sale.

Long-time experienced real estate agents wanted for existing customer support!

Real estate agent jobs with 70% of commission as profit

A whopping 70% of the broker’s commission is paid to the freelance brokers who hold one of the real estate agents jobs at E1 Holding, while only 30% is payable to the company. This shows an immensely high rate, which can lead to an attractive income even when selling 1-2 properties per month. You should not miss this opportunity and apply to your competent partner and employer in the real estate sector as soon as possible. E1 Holding offers freelance brokers an optimal start to the job and provides not only the properties but also any support and support necessary to be successful in the sale of those same properties. The hefty net profit that goes to the real estate agent for a sold property also speaks for itself and shows very clearly that a professional company is at work here, which makes a serious effort for the brokers and supports them.

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