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The handling of transactions with investment properties requires expertise, local knowledge and practice. As a real estate agent in Berlin-Charlottenburg with decades of experience in the real estate market, we bring with us excellent expertise in the acquisition, valuation and financing of off-market real estate. In our search for investors and investment opportunities, we rely on a broad network of investors and numerous return objects for investment investments in Berlin and nationwide.

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Real Estate Agents Berlin - Hans Bamberger (left) & Detlef Martin (re)
  • Real Estate Franchise License: .Gold
  • Previous brokerage volume: approx. 500 sales
  • Average annual turnover: discreet
  • Strengths: Concepts land and new construction projects, residential complexes, development and marketing of commercial real estate
  • Advantages over customers: complete support with creation of concepts, financing, etc.
  • Languages: German, Staff: English & Turkish
  • Training company: Yes
  • Purchase of real estate: Yes
  • Real Estate Association: IVD
  • Mediation Focus: residential complexes, commercial real estate, nursing homes, specialist market centres, land, new construction projects housing
  • Property management activities: Yes
  • Real estate financing: Yes
  • District: nationwide
  • Mediation Foreign Real Estate: No

Real estate agency Berlin-Charlottenburg with investment broker Hans Bamberger

Our real estate agent in Berlin develops individual strategies for off-market real estate, whether you are looking for profitable investment properties or want to invest as an investor in a real estate fund. Even if you want to buy a holiday property abroad or a condominium for rent, you will get competent advice. In our real estate agency Berlin-Charlottenburg, we develop investment opportunities for small investors and supervise investment projects for large investors. For property owners, we can take over the brokerage of off-market real estate without an exclusive order and sell properties silently. As a long-time real estate agent in Berlin, Hans Bamberger is also the right contact person to evaluate investment properties and clarify legal issues of contract design. Take advantage of this decades of experience and get advice on your real estate project!


+49 (177) 308 39 67



New Kantstr. 15, 14057 Berlin

Why choose E1 Holding?

E1 International Investment Holding GmbH has been active in the real estate business since 2007. The previous transaction volume is over EUR 2.4 billion with over 4,700 real estate transactions. E1 Holding is your answer to the real estate business. Get amazing investment deals when you buy a property and benefit from the sale.
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With our large portfolio for off-market investment properties, we are aimed at investors who are interested in investment properties in Berlin, Potsdam, Dresden and other major German cities. As an excellently networked investment broker in Berlin, we are reliable partners nationwide not only for regional investment investments, but also for investments in off-market real estate. Through E1 Holding, we draw on a variety of private and commercial properties in Berlin-Charlottenburg and many other German locations in search of suitable investments. Whether you want to invest in new residential complexes, nursing homes or interest-rate houses, our real estate agent Hans Bamberger finds a lucrative investment property.


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Real Estate Agents Berlin for OTC Real Estate

Buy yield objects nationwide

As an investment broker, we do not only support private and commercial investors in brokerage and purchase. We also advise investors if they have already purchased investment properties and are now looking for ways to increase returns. In these cases, we create individual concepts for efficient property management. If you hire us as a real estate agent in Berlin-Charlottenburg, we also support you for investment projects with off-market investment properties in locations outside the German capital, whether you are thinking of investments in Potsdam, Dresden, Hamburg or another big city. Tell us your preferences as an investor and we will introduce you to exclusive off-market real estate!

Your real estate agent in Berlin – Hans Bamberger

Sell without an exclusive order!

E1 Real Estate Investments: Berlin

Real Estate City of Berlin

If you want to remain flexible when selling your property or other property and still want to use the expertise of a real estate agent, you will find the perfect contact in our real estate agency E1 Investments Berlin-Charlottenburg. Our experienced real estate agent in Berlin works without an exclusive order, so that you can continue to operate freely in the real estate brokerage. They do not place an exclusive one order, either a simple one or a qualified one. Nevertheless, Hans Bamberger is working hard to get off-market real estate out as quickly as possible for the benefit of the owners. Are you looking for suitable buyers for your investment properties? Hire our real estate agency in Berlin-Charlottenburg with a real estate agency without exclusive order and use our services without obligation for owners!

Команда Бамбергер - Агенты по недвижимости Берлин - Мехмет Кайя
Team Bamberger - Real Estate Agents Berlin - Mehmet Kaya

Our complete service as a real estate agent in Berlin

Our real estate agent in Berlin uses his decades of experience and our excellent contacts with investor groups to sell investment properties silently. If you want to sell a property, you benefit from the fact that we offer some services without obligation for owners. Due to our good market knowledge and proven cooperations with local brokers, we offer a professional real estate valuation for off-market real estate nationwide. With our E1 Investments real estate agency Berlin-Charlottenburg you can sell your property silently, because the mediation takes place via an exclusive network and not via public sales channels.

Mehmet Kaya
Email: m.kaya@e1-investments.com

Top Real Estate Agents Germany for Investment Properties

Off Market Real Estate in Berlin with Real Estate Valuation

For large investments, you need a reliable partner with many years of experience, precise local knowledge and in-depth expertise in real estate brokerage, financing, object location, value calculation. Thanks to our decades of experience in the Berlin housing market, we have earned a reputation, a reliable and profitable partner in real estate acquisition, marketing strategies, the development of a broad network of cooperation partners and a variety of investment opportunities. The project planning of off-market investment investments is one of our core competencies.

Return objects for institutional, commercial or private investors in Berlin

Real Estate Agents Berlin – Charlottenburg | Are you looking for an investment or want to act as an investor in a real estate fund? We will find the perfect investment strategy for you in the real estate sector. Are you looking for a holiday property abroad or a small condominium that you would like to rent after the purchase? We charge you the rental yield! Our office in Berlin develops individual investment opportunities, both for small investors and large investors. For prospective buyers who have a property to sell, the exact forecast of interested investors is the focus. In addition, Mr. Bamberger is available to advise on the areas of real estate valuation, real estate brokerage, investment investment and other legal and technical topics.

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Investment Real estate Berlin

Real estate agents in Berlin

Are you already experienced in the investment sector and are interested in nursing homes and interest-rate houses with qualified rental status? Or you have already bought, but the return expectation of your property is not fulfilled – we help you to develop and maintain a tailor-made real estate concept with an efficient and “slim” administration (WEG and SEV). Safe low-risk returns and good profits offer above all investment properties. We create the desired investment object together with all the necessary information to suit your individual wishes. And are always at your side in an advisory capacity. E1 Holding has an extraordinarily large portfolio of interesting off-market properties that are exclusively and not publicly marketed. From this we determine the best possible investment properties for Berlin-Charlottenburg.

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Making money as a tipster for real estate in Berlin

As real estate agents, we know that often the right contact at the right time determines the success of a real estate business. You know investment properties or real estate investors and want to make money quickly? You can use this knowledge and make money with your recommendation as a tipster without a brokerage license. If it is sold on the basis of your recommendation, we will pay you a tip commission of 10 percent of our commission.

Purchase of Real Estate Berlin

As a nationwide active real estate investor, we generally acquire properties with a volume of 1 million euros or more. In doing so, we intend to keep them in our stock for as long as possible. We also buy apartment buildings to privatize them. Are you currently implementing a new residential project? Then you may be able to win us over as a solvent real estate investor.

Real Estate Agency Off Market Berlin

It is not uncommon for properties to change hands without having previously been offered on the open market. They wanted to avoid public attention and were also willing to accept price increases of about ten percent for discrete mediation. Today, off-market real estate brokerage has long since left this market niche. Commercial investment properties are also often sold in this way.

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