Real estate acquisition audit

Your Real estate Purchase Audit: Due Diligence within 14 days!

Commission protection for real estate agents

The brokerage service is an important component for us as a real estate investor, and E1 Holding attaches great importance to it. Once the initial check of the most important key data has been carried out, you will receive an expression of interest with commission protection. In order to be able to continue the audit promptly, we expect you to provide the necessary documents for a successful purchase audi

Previous knowledge Real estate examination

Our own database – gives us the opportunity to check the property’s awareness on the basis of the available parameters within a few minutes. Therefore, we do not need the complete address for the prior knowledge check, as we can perform a matching with the most important information such as state, location, purchase price, rental income, area, etc., which is recorded by our purchasing team with each incoming offer.

Real estate purchase offer binding / non-binding

After a complete check, you will receive an indicative purchase offer after consultation with our financing bank. The purchase offer is based on the mortgage lending value, which is prepared for the financing bank by a state-approved appraiser. As soon as we receive the acceptance of our purchase offer after consultation with the real estate owner, we commission the preparation of the draft purchase agreement. The direct contact to the seller must be established at the latest in this phase.

Notarial conclusion of purchase contract for real estate

After conclusion of the notarised purchase agreement, all basic charges existing under Section 3 shall initially be released against payment of the purchase price. The seller is responsible for the necessary deletions. As soon as the recording notary calls for release for payment of the purchase price, nothing further stands in our way of payment of the purchase price on the agreed date. The broker’s commission shall be paid as agreed at the conclusion of the purchase contract or at the due date of the purchase price.

Do you have an attractive real estate offer for us? We are pleased about your offer!

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