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There are more and more people in today who own large real estate holdings.

There are more and more people in today who own large real estate holdings. From time to time, some of the properties that are in stock have to be sold. However, it is often very expensive to find a suitable buyer. There are also many property owners who want to sell off their entire real estate portfolio. In such a case, finding a buyer is even harder. However, some companies have specialised in the purchase of real estate portfolios. It is therefore not a problem to sell the entire property portfolio.

The purchase of real estate portfolio or individual properties is possible throughout Germany

If you want to sell your portfolio of real estate or only individual properties, you can realize this project without any problems. Take advantage of the opportunities offered by professional investors and take advantage of the purchase of real estate portfolio. Your objects will be inspected and you will then receive an offer for the entire stock. The prices are market-oriented and up-to-date.

Does your real estate portfolio extend across Germany? This is not a problem, because the purchase of real estate portfolio is carried out by numerous investors or companies throughout Germany.

Why should you use the purchase real estate portfolio?

Of course, as the owner, you can sell all objects individually. However, this procedure takes a lot of time to sell all the properties. The search for a suitable buyer is already very long with a property. For example, if you want to sell 10 or 20 properties or properties, the settlement can take several months or even years. If you use the purchase property portfolio, your entire real estate portfolio will be purchased, so that you save time and get money immediately. You can’t sell your properties easily and conveniently.

Of course, the regional price differences for individual properties are taken into account. Do you prefer a share deal? This is also possible without any problems. A share deal also results in tax benefits.

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The advantages of buying real estate portfolio by E1 Immobilien Holding

One of the companies that specializes in the German-wide purchase of real estate portfolio is E1 Immobilien Holding. When working with E1 Immobilien Holding, you benefit from the following advantages:

– After the inspection of the properties, you will immediately receive a market-oriented and fair offer for the purchase
– You can sell your real estate portfolio as part of a share deal
– the real estate experts of E1 Immobilien Holding ensure a smooth and fast processing
– You will receive the money transferred to your account within a very short time
– the purchase of objects and land is possible throughout Germany

Are you planning to sell your properties for a long time? Would you like to have a complete offer for your portfolio? Do not hesitate and contact E1 Immobilien Holding to get an offer. All your questions will also be answered in a consultation.

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