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Whether multi-family houses, building plots, rented office properties, residential complexes in need of renovation or special nursing home real estate – E1 property is your investor for the discreet purchase of properties of all kinds nationwide and internationally.

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Become an E1 franchise partner. Broker large real estate as millions of dollars to investors. E1 is looking for you as an experienced broker. Expand your business with our portfolio of thousands of investment properties and solvent investors. Top returns, low capital input: Choose from two entry-level models.

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Alternatively, interested parties can use the contact form on our site. Then one of our experts will contact you and explain, among other things, our purchase profile. During a joint viewing appointment, we will then gain a comprehensive impression of your residential property. Then, based on various purchase criteria, our internationally active team carries out a qualified property valuation. On this basis, we will then make you an individual offer regarding purchasing the residential property. If you agree with this, we will arrange a notary appointment to sign the contract as soon as possible.

First, we thoroughly inspect your residential property for sale. Since our experienced team operates nationwide, we will visit you at any desired location in Germany. If you want to sell a large residential property in the EU or Turkey, we are also the first contact. After the viewing appointment, we will then inform you about our purchase decision within two days. As a solvent real estate investor, we will also immediately send you a confirmation of financing from a credit institution based in Germany. You see:

If you are thinking of selling selling your residential complex in the near future? Then you’ve come to the right address by E1 International Investment Holding GmbH! Then our professional real estate agents have focused, among other things, on the area of purchasing residential complexes. From a purchase volume of 1 million euros, we will be happy to make you an interesting offer. If you are considering selling a residential property, you as a real estate investor will benefit from numerous exclusive advantages. Our qualified team of real estate specialists is particularly well known for its rapid and conscientious handling.

Real estate investor residential real estate | Are you currently realizing a new residential building project? Then maybe you can convince us as a solvent real estate investor. Our E1 brokers are also looking forward to contacting you if you own a plot of land in Germany that is suitable for residential construction. Part of our purchasing criteria is that the property is located in a city with at least 10,000 inhabitants. In addition, the purchase of residential complexes is possible, provided that the expected return is 3 percent or higher.

Our E1 International Investment Holding has already made a name for itself in the real estate industry. Thus, we bundle our entire, comprehensive expertise in major construction and real estate activities – nationwide & internationally! Particularly when it comes to large-scale projects in purchasing part-owned residential property, we convince through first-class performance and services. So take the test now and send us a non-binding request to purchase your residential property. Our specialized team is ready for you!

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We are looking for houses, apartments, land, or commercial property for sale! Our competent team offers you a fast, smooth, and careful handling of the sale of your property. After we have inspected your property, we can inform you about our purchase decision within two days. Then, quickly and safely, you will receive a financing confirmation from a German bank. So you are on the safe side.

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You contact usand send us your object data. You can fill out our contact form or call us directly. One of our specialists will contact you soon by phone to ask you some questions about your property. An on-site meeting to view the accommodation will be arranged with you. We create a real estate valuation based on on-site observation and submit a bid for your property. After successful acceptance of the offer, we will buy your property. The purchase price is paid within four weeks after the appointment of the notary.

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This free real estate software “E1 Plus” has it all Because this gives you worldwide access to off-market real estate CRM without any risk on your part.

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TheE1 International Investment Holding is one of the largest integrated real estate companies in Germany. For many years, the company has combined the Group’s construction and real estate activities with the development and real estate sectors. This includes the traditional activities of the developer as well as portfolio management, asset and property management for the company’s existing properties. The focus is on major projects in commercial and residential areas in the central parts of the city. Next, we would like to provide information about our buying profile to owners and agents of land, farmland, or existing properties who are planning to sell.

Purchase of real estate (apartment buildings, office properties, retail parks, etc.)

E1 International Investment Holding is one of the largest integrated real estate companies in Germany. For many years, the company has combined the construction and real estate activities of the group with the areas of development and real estate. This includes the classic activities of the developer as well as the portfolio management, the asset and property management for the own existing properties. The focus is on large-scale projects in commercial and residential areas in the central districts. Next, we want to provide owners and agents of land, agricultural land or existing properties planning a sale with information about our purchase profile.

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Whether as a broker, owner, tipster, or investor - togetherwe move the real estate industry - you will be thrilled!

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Property ownership is tied capital. Turn it into real fortune. E1 acquires your apartment building or land, but also entire residential complexes or office properties. E1 pays brokers attractive commissions that are customary in the locality. E1 also enables immediate purchases of properties of all kinds, discreetly and without a lengthy bidding process, e.g., for investors.

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Instead of “We about us”: Everything for you! E1 is your specialist for off-market real estate brokerage. What does that mean? We bring together thousands of discreetly brokered properties and investor profiles. More than 40 franchise partners are already working under the E1 brand throughout Germany. And you know: The whole is more than the sum of its parts.

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