What exactly is the process of buying a property?

Here is our Process of buying a property.

  1. In principle, the property brokers must ensure the delivery capability of the respective investment property in advance.
  2. If two brokerage companies agree on a joint transaction in accordance with IVD guidelines, the agreement of a cooperation agreement is recommended.
  3. The client broker provides the real estate investor with a short exposure – without an address – so that the prior knowledge can be checked on the basis of the key data. Property companies request the announcement of the address in advance, as the daily incoming number of real estate offers makes it difficult to verify the initial verification on the basis of the key data.
  4. Further documents will be provided to the investor group after signing the expression of interest, for which the client broker is responsible. The expression of interest secures the broker’s commission in the event of a notarial purchase contract signing.
  5. Upon receipt of the signed expression of interest, the prospective buyer will receive the complete examination documents in order to carry out the purchase test.
    • Expose with accurate object description
    • Images
    • List of tenants with information on the current rental status
    • Site plan (2nd priority)
    • Land registry statement (2nd priority)
    • Floor plans (2nd priority)
    • Insurance policy (2nd priority)
  6. After receiving a positive feedback from the serious purchasing interests, a visit on site is agreed.
  7. In order to avoid unnecessary time wasting, the caretaker, caretaker & owner should attend the tour.
  8. Customer brokers are now demanding a non-binding purchase offer from the investor, which can serve him to achieve the best possible agreement between buyer and seller. Often the parties agree among themselves, since the essential task of the broker is to establish contact between the parties.
  9. The buyer may now designate his notary and forward his contact details to all parties involved, so that all parties involved contribute to the fact that the necessary documents for a notarial settlement can be made available to the notary to prepare a draft sales contract in full. The brokerage office may propose a commercialbroker clause to the notary.
  10. As far as the draft purchase agreement is drawn up, the notary shall disclose the logging date to the seller, buyer and brokerage company. Congratulations!
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