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Joint business:

Process and benefits in the real estate sector

Win-Win Situation

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For real estate agents, it can be useful to cooperate with other real estate agents in the community business when marketing real estate. For example, if a potential buyer is looking for a property in another city, it makes sense to invite a colleague to the store. The brokers must agree in advance with their colleagues on the exact procedure so that the joint operations run smoothly.

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Joint deals can be beneficial for brokers

Joint business transactions between brokers have clear advantages. On the one hand, real estate professionals can offer a wider range of different properties. On the other hand, they can also sell apartments and houses that they do not have in their portfolio, for example from a real estate agent from another city.

For us, joint transactions have the advantage that they are processed faster. Sometimes a colleague has a client who is only interested in one of the properties we have in our portfolio. However, there are reservations in the industry. Many colleagues prefer to run their own business. In order to avoid a dispute, the conditions for cooperation should be laid down in advance in order to avoid a dispute.

The brokerage of an off-market investment property in a joint transaction is essential. The property broker ensures the delivery of the property and advises the real estate seller and the client broker secures the commission by means of the expression of interest and advises the prospective buyer. The main idea of a real estate agent:“A commission is better than no commission!”. The real estate association Germany clarifies the fundamental topics of a cooperation with the aim of jointly recording a real estate transaction.

The cooperation agreement regulates the following topics for the joint transaction:

  • Confidentiality clause
  • Confidentiality clause
  • Customer & Source Protection
  • Commission scheme
  • Severability clause

IVD – Business practices for joint transactions: > > > The GTC’s


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The three types of Community transactions

A joint transaction is not the same as a joint transaction. There are three main types:

  1. The Hamburg Joint Business

In the so-called Hamburger joint business, two brokers receive a joint order. In the case of a contract, they usually split the commission, regardless of the amount of work.

  1. The real estate agent hires a sub-broker

This type of joint business activity is particularly suitable if the broker has to search for or mediate a property in a place where he is otherwise inactive. The real estate agent then hires a sub-broker on site. Here, too, the commission is evenly distributed between both. However, other agreements are possible.

  1. A real estate agent works with a broker of the searcher

This type of joint business is done automatically when both the real estate seeker and the real estate provider have ordered a broker and both brokers work together to complete a deal.

Here, either the real estate agents share a commission or receive it from their clients. Which compensation option is chosen is the subject of negotiations – on the one hand between brokers and their clients, on the other hand also between the two real estate dealers.

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Search orders from real estate investors are just as important and a potential joint venture is considered! You are welcome to forward the purchase profile to your customers and we check at short notice via our CRM software from over 1,500 off-market investment properties offers according to the appropriate offer. In advance, it is important to you that you also receive sufficient customer protection? We have the solution for this too! Download the cooperation agreement without obligation and send us a signed issue. Within a few days, you will receive a countersigned edition from us, so that you will then receive protection with complete certainty for the information transmitted.

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Off Market Real Estate Mediation in Joint Business

In the narrower sense, tips are not a joint deal, but a collaboration between brokers, in which one broker acts as a whistleblower for another. This means, for example, that he calls the owner who is ready for sale and thus helps his colleague to make a deal. In this case, a commission is agreed for the tip, which is usually less than half of the actual courtage. The exact amount of the brokerage fee depends on the work and can vary greatly. The only important thing here is that the amount should be agreed in advance.

The joint business is an alternative to real estate marketing by competing brokers. Joint transactions mean that additional agreements resulting from the cooperation of the real estate dealers can be fulfilled despite their competitive situation. In addition, this results in cost savings by avoiding duplicate or triple processing when selling objects.

There are no legal requirements for this type of deal, even with regard to the profit share. This means that each real estate agent receives a commission from his client in a joint transaction. The claim is based exclusively on contractual agreements between the broker and his client. If the commission is not paid in this employment relationship, for example due to the customer’s prior knowledge or the inefficiency of the agent, the feeder will not be paid. Therefore, in the case of a joint transaction, it is strongly recommended that an agreement be reached on commissions within the framework of the joint transaction. The real estate agent is only entitled to part of the commission of another broker if this has been agreed.

The type of fee distribution and other requirements can be found, for example, in the “Business Customs for Public Business (GfG)” of the German Real Estate Association (IVD).

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Joint business with real estate agents of e1-Holding

We work with reputable broker colleagues. If you are sure that you, as a real estate agent, have already found the right perspective for one of our offers, please contact us. “Good personal advice” is important to us. To justify this, we need complete and specific contact information from you and your customer.

Customer protection in the joint business is a matter of course for us!

We act according to the best German virtues. We quickly check whether your client was unknown to us. In this case, we guarantee the protection of the customer from the potential buyer for the property in question for one year from the date of notification.

Contact ingestion and submission of an offer to your potential customer

We are happy to include the interested party in our customer file. Of course, we will contact the person concerned or submit a proposal only after prior consultation with you. However, we must insist on being in direct contact with the interested party and sending him an offer from our hands in order to be able to “personally advise” him. Of course, we will also send you a copy of our proposal.

Our advice for you as a real estate agent referring to joint transactions

At this point, we would like to point out once again that the desire for participation in joint transactions is there for the time being. The final decision rests with the seller and the E1 holding company.

Benefits for you as a GG broker and your customers

+ Maximum price due to online bids

+ High service standard for optimal sales

What’s next?

You agree to register for a telephone meeting to examine the possibilities of joint cooperation. If you have a customer, an agreement with you by e-mail is sufficient. Then we start working.

Do you have any further questions in advance?

We are happy to help you by phone. Select the appropriate date and we will get back to you.

Joint business — Why sell only through a real estate agent?

Cooperation with competitors throughout Germany is a matter of course for us. Because we like to work with other brokers. If you think you have already found the right person who is interested in the property we offer, please contact us.

Broker commission

If your client is not yet known to us, we guarantee you the protection of the client from the potential buyer of the property in question. If he buys, we will distribute the commission fairly.

Real estate for life

Real estate marketing is a complex topic with many stumbling blocks. Real estate is difficult for most people due to the sometimes very confusing legal requirements. We want to make it easier for you to handle your real estate assets by providing you with our experience and knowledge at a reasonable price. Professional advice is the basis for your satisfaction and trust, because expertise is a top priority, especially in the real estate sector.

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Joint transactions with other brokerage colleagues such as in the USA,Canada or the Netherlands are, in our opinion, the business form of the future. Joint transactions between brokers working with other clients and clients make sense for all participants. If one person has the right property and the other has the right buyer, faster contracts can be concluded in the interests of the common clients – a win-win situation arises!

Since there are no legal requirements for a joint transaction, a clear and individual agreement is required. In addition to the classic distribution of commissions, you can individually agree on the placement fee in practice, depending on the effort, fulfillment obligations and division of tasks, for different invoicing of the courtagens.

Sell your real estate offer discreetly - Off Market in a joint transaction with our real estate agents professionals!

Our service is non-binding and non-binding for real estate agents. The buyer pays the commission if we have demonstrably submitted the property to the buyer as an offer. Afterwards, we share the commission on an equal footing.

We love to work together!

Community transactions between real estate agents are positive because we believe that all forces should be pooled so that you, as the owner or prospect, receive an excellent service. But what does that mean in concrete terms? Every real estate agent communicates with each of his E1 holding colleagues around the world: simply with our brokerage software, which automatically compares the new properties in our portfolio with all reserved search customers. And everyone benefits from entering our system – because this allows us to bring together what belongs together more quickly and significantly shortens the placement time.

There are many scenarios in which a global E1 holding presence is beneficial to you on the ground. Perhaps the ideal buyer for your condominium in Frankfurt is a customer from Denmark who is in the main metropolis due to a job offer? Or would you like to buya holiday home in Tuscany , but do not know the market situation and do not speak Italian? Wherever people and real estate are supposed to come together, the E1 holding brokers are already present and offer reliable service with knowledge of the local market.

Therefore, you only need one contact person at E1-Holding: your local real estate agent, who knows you personally and takes care of you. These synergies activate the entire power of the network for you and, if necessary, set all the levers in motion for you worldwide. By the way, we also love the joint business with real estate agents who do not work for the E1 holding company! We welcome every colleague who takes care of the satisfaction of his customers. We are pleased to compare institutions and stakeholders and to cooperate in accordance with the common business principles of the German Real Estate Association (IVD).

Would you like to get to know your E1 holding broker on the website? Or are you yourself a real estate agent and interested in common business? Then sign up now! Take the first step! We look forward to meeting you.

We are pleased that you are interested in a joint business with E1 Holding

As a digital and national real estate agent, E1-Holding is the right partner for you. By intelligently combining our respective advantages, we can work together to create real added value. For example, we are happy to take care of the properties of your customers that are outside your area. This way you can easily make money.

Example: Land outside your supply area

Do you have a request or a property outside your primary service area? E1-Holding operates throughout Germany and can help you successfully sell this property to your customers.

Your immediate benefits

+ You can recommend a top real estate agent to your clients without any effort and still earn a lot of money

+ You have only one contact person in Germany

+ You do not risk anything: the client stays with you and there are no costs

Why E1 Holding is a good partner:

+ Great service: Your customers get a great service

+ Process excellence: We process many collaborative transactions centrally

+ Industry experts: Our real estate agents are very well trained, and our advisory board has the best minds in the industry


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We are looking for long-standing experienced broker colleagues for existing customer support

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Distribution of the commission in the
Joint business

Real estate

If the joint business with the prospective buyer was successful, we distribute the commission fairly. As a real estate agent, you know for yourself that every property is something very individual. This is also reflected in The Sale or Lease. How we distribute the commission and whether a joint transaction with us is possible depends on several factors, such as:

+ Real estate offer period

+ Marketability of the object

+ Seller’s consent and discretion

+ Effort and costs

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