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Real estate market and investment potential Osnabrück

General Real Estate Information about Osnabrück

Buying real estate is becoming more and more popular. No wonder, because we can currently list many cities where high returns are to be expected. And it’s not just about the popular metropolitan areas, but about high-growth cities that are proving to be real potential in the real estate market. But does this also apply to Osnabrück?
Osnabrück is a big city in Lower Saxony and is stocked with numerous sights. Here in Lower Saxony, Osnabrück is even the third largest and county-free city with more than half a million inhabitants. In the meantime, it also has a university of applied sciences and a university, as well as the German Peace Research Foundation and the German Federal Foundation for the Environment.
Osnabrück is divided into 23 districts on a total area of about 119.80 square kilometers. Particularly popular for the purchase of real estate are, for example:

  • Osnabrück-Innerstadt
  • Osnabrück-Weststadt
  • Osnabrück-Westerberg
  • Osnabrück Port
  • Osnabrück-Haste
  • Osnabrück-Dodesheide
  • Osnabrück-Gartlage
  • Osnabrück-Schinkel
  • Osnabrück-Fledder
  • Osnabrück-Schölerberg
  • Osnabrück Limestone Hill
  • Osnabrück Desert
  • Osnabrück-Sutthausen
  • Osnabrück-Hellern
  • Osnabrück-Atter

About 60 kilometres to the south lies Münster and Dortmund is not far away with about 120 kilometres to the south-west. Bielefeld is located in about 50 kilometres south-east, Bremen is located in the north-east, about 120 kilometres away and in the east Hanover is reachable in 136 kilometres.

Residents key figures Osnabrück

Currently, more than 600,000 people live in Osnabrück on an area of 119.8 square kilometers. This corresponds to a number of 1,370 persons per square meter. This represents an increase of 1.03 compared to the previous year. In 1939, Osnabrück was officially declared a major city in Lower Saxony for the first time.

Infrastructure Osnabrück

Osnabrück can also compete with other cities in terms of transport links and infrastructure. The Lotte motorway junction is well known. Take the A 1 to the north in the direction of Hamburg, to the Ruhr area you go south, also via the A 1. Berlin and the Netherlands you can reach by the A 30 and E 8, as well as via the motorway junction Osnabrück. Bielefeld and Kassel can be reached via the A 33. Deutsche Bahn AG has a railway junction with Osnabrück station. Cologne – Hamburg and Amsterdam – Berlin are easily accessible by Intercity. Münster-Osnabrück FMO International Airport offers even faster connections. A regional airfield in Atter is available for air taxis and travel aircraft. The port of Osnabrück is referred to as an inland port with a connection to the Mittelland Canal.

Economy & Unemployment Rate Osnabrück

There are so many products that are delivered to the whole world in Osnabrück. Osnabrück is the contact person for elevators, photo paper or chocolates and cars. In fact, the city thrives on the steel and metal industries, as well as the paper and automotive industries. As a company location in this sector, Osnabrück is therefore the ideal location. This is also due to the location at the intersection of transport axes-Amsterdam-Berlin-Hamburg. Thus, Osnabrück can also be regarded as a hub in the centre of Europe. This is where successful industrial companies and a broad medium-sized company live. Start-ups and smaller companies from other industries have also been successfully gaining a foothold here for many years. And not only is the economy growing, but now there are as many as 780 000 inhabitants, with a trend of increasing. Thus, the unemployment rate of only 7.1 from 2018 is absolutely excellent, with a trend of decline.

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Real Estate and Investors Key Figures Osnabrück

The population has grown by more than six percent since 2012, nearly 6,000 new jobs have been created, and the number of students has risen to 33 so far. The number of 3400 students from the fields of computer science or engineering is also astonishing. The increasing demand for office properties makes it interesting for investors in Osnabrück. Industry and commerce alone are looking for 20,000 square metres of production space and 82 hectares of land. In fact, the expected return on the office market alone is more than 5 or more. Significantly more than in well-known metropolises such as Munich, Hamburg or Berlin, whose returns only reach the 3.

Basic real estate data

Among the most popular residential complexes are definitely the Osnabrück garden location, Hellern, the beautiful and almost picturesque city centre, Nahne, Westerberg/stadt and of course desert. The vacancy rate here is only 2.9, an extremely low rate, which is currently only topped by the metropolises. The average price of a 60 square meter apartment is 8.31 euros rising.

Buildings and housing statistics

Existing and habitable buildings with living space are available in Osnabrück with a total of 32,268 units. Excluding dormitories, the figure is 30,867. Other buildings with living space are to be quantified at 1,255. We count 143 dormitories and 3 inhabited accommodations in Osnabrück.

Residential buildings in Osnabrück are becoming more and more popular. 3864 condominiums can be identified, i.e. 12.52 of all residential buildings. The number of municipalities is rather small with only 24 units and thus only 0.08. Before 1919, 6.75 out of a total of 3864 residential buildings were built. After 1950 and up to 1969 it was already 37.62 of the total and from the year 2000 until today 8.11 of them were built.

Data on residential buildings in Osnabrück

Residential buildings in Osnabrück are becoming more and more popular. 3864 condominiums can be identified, i.e. 12.52 of all residential buildings. The number of municipalities is rather small with only 24 units and thus only 0.08. Before 1919, 6.75 out of a total of 3864 residential buildings were built. After 1950 and up to 1969 it was already 37.62 of the total and from the year 2000 until today 8.11 of them were built.

Data on single-family houses in Osnabrück

In Osnabrück we find 15,641 detached houses, i.e. detached buildings, semi-detached houses and terraced houses. A solid number, which increases annually. In view of all residential buildings, this amounts to more than 50. Detached buildings account for 7,107 units, representing a percentage of 23.02458937.

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Investment in real estate: forecast for Osnabrück

In Osnabrück, investors can expect high returns in the future. The current ever-evolving economy is making a significant contribution, as is the expected number of inhabitants in the future. Especially in the area of commercial real estate or as a location for medium-sized and large companies, the purchase is worthwhile. But Osnabrück can also provide a lot for families with children in the future, especially in terms of education and training, but also in terms of a consolidated labour market.

Investing in a secure future

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Year of

City ofOsnabrück
Area in km2328.48 km2
Ew./km2 (2016)1666 km2
Änd. [] (previous year)0,62 %
city for the first time
State ofSaxony
Economic focusnanotechnology, IT, life science, tourism, plant construction
Unemployment rate6.8 (8/2018)
Top residential locationsLoschwitz, Blasewitz, Striesen-Ost, Bühlau, Weißer Hirsch
Vacancy rate2.1 (2014)
Rental mirror(good location, from 76 m2, status: 2015) 7.99 € / m2
Buildings with living space and inhabited accommodation inthe al.57159
Number of single-family houses (detached buildings, semi-detached houses, terraced houses with exactly 1 apartment; only residential buildings)23865
on all residential buildings43,13991323
including: in detached building13697
on all residential buildings24,75958062
Residential buildings
below: which are divided into condominiums
8173 st.
including: the municipalities or municipal
whg. companies belong to
construction Residential building built before 191924.2
Residential building built from 1950 to 19698.34
Residential building built in 2000 or later10.73

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