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Successful business as licensee of the E1 Immobilien Franchise Group: New partners for the real estate franchise system sought

E1 International Investment Holding GmbH offers profitable prospects for investors, brokers, buyers and sellers of real estate as well as private individuals as tipsters. As one of the leading companies for off-market real estate, it is always looking for new real estate franchise partners who want to benefit from the existing network.

Wiesbaden, the 19.02.2020

Franchise partner of E1 International Investment Holding: entry with good prospects

Real estate agents need a strong network of potential buyers and natural as well as legal persons who want to sell properties. This is exactly what E1 offers. The GmbH has been in business since 2007 and has over 50 subordinate companies, which are managed by a team of 140 people. With a circle of approximately 121,000 people, over 40 real estate agencies and over 2,100 off-market real estate offers, real estate franchisees are provided with outstanding resources to benefit from the growth of the market leader in investment properties.

There are 4,700 active purchase profiles available for direct use. In addition to contacts and databases, forms, document templates and the marketing and sales strategy of E1 Investment Holding are provided.

The prerequisite for entering the real estate franchise system at E1 is a broker’s license that has been valid for five years. The fees and a contact form for the Real Estate Franchise System without one-time license fees can be found here.

Expansion runs successfully, goal: 1,000 offices worldwide

Real Estate Franchise System | Behind E1 International Investment Holding GmbH lies a rapid expansion, which will increase in the future due to an enlargement of the team, own training and constantly growing institutional and private investor contacts. In the next few years, 1,000 offices will be involved in the purchase and sale of real estate and the associated financing transactions on behalf of E1 Investment. A healthy but still rapid growth is particularly important to the managing director in order to gain market share in the real estate market and to become an international champion.

The fixation on the customer’s wishes is to be further developed, which is already more than competitive with the 360° service in the opinion of E1 Investment. The all-round service includes all services around the offered properties from one source. This includes financing, property management, insurance, due diligence and project development. Further information is available under this link.

Joint business is possible in principle

Whether national and international investment properties, apartment buildings or commercial premises – E1 International Investment Holding has a broadly diversified portfolio. Likewise, an exclusive database of buyers constantly on the lookout for favourable opportunities is available.

Non-company brokers can benefit from E1 not only in the real estate franchise system for finance brokers, insurance brokers or property brokers, but also with a lucrative joint business. Successful joint business brings independent real estate agents forward, since they can handle more business overall and create a larger customer database. Of course, a commission is payable when accessing E1’s databases. But a joint business is better than none. You can read more about this topic here.

Store purchase profile without obligation – get a quick answer

The E1 International Invest portfolio database contains numerous residential complexes, shopping centres, industrial parks, hotel properties and many other types of real estate. Many of them are not officially listed in advertisements. For this reason, private as well as commercial investors can contact E1 confidentially and without obligation.

Buyers can communicate their criteria via a form. Of course, contacting by telephone is also desired. The purchase criteria form can be found here. Real estate references of E1 can be viewed here.

Receive commission from E1

In the field of off-market real estate, every tip is a competitive advantage. Every person who knows a potential buyer or seller of a property can benefit from contacting E1 in hard coin. A whole ten percent commission of the profit of E1 can be earned for a business initiating contact – for a lifetime. Offers and purchase requests from one million EUR upwards are welcome. A further condition is that the investor or the party selling the property is not yet known in the E1 International Invest Holding database. Further information is available here.



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