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Since 1992, as a real estate agent, I have been supporting private and business people who want to buy or sell a property or a property and whose focus is on reducing uncertainty and effort in these transactions to a minimum. Over the years, I have specialized in hotel properties, residential complexes, commercial real estate, nursing homes, specialist market centres, industrial real estate, land as well as new housing and commercial projects.
In the meantime, the brokerage office i founded from Berlin Reinickendorf has established itself nationwide. Today, E1 Investments has distributed locations all over Germany. Not only in Berlin Reinickendorf has a team of professional real estate agents, who know how to assess the condition of the real estate and to clarify related legal questions in the sense of our business partners.
Are you looking for a house or apartment in Berlin? Or would you like to sell a property? With a good real estate agent, you make sure that the best in the real estate sector is brought out for you. As a Berlin Reinickendorf broker, we represent your interests with the utmost zeal and skill. This is particularly beneficial if you do not know so much about the real estate market in Berlin.

Erfahrener Immobilienmakler Berlin Reinickendorf - Bernd Steidl
Real Estate Agents Berlin - Bernd Steidl
  • Real Estate Franchise License: .Gold
  • Entry in the real estate industry: 1992
  • Strengths: Professional competence through 27 years of professional experience
  • Advantages over customers: Current, attractive investment offers
  • Languages: German
  • Purchase of real estate: Yes
  • Mediation Focus: Hotel properties, residential complexes, commercial real estate, nursing homes, specialist market centres, industrial real estate, land, new construction projects Residential, new construction projects Commercial
  • Property management activities: Yes
  • District: nationwide
  • Agency Foreign Real Estate: D, A, CH and others

The real estate agent in the Berlin Reinickendorf area

If a real estate agent has been working for a long time in the area where your property is located or where you want to buy a property, as we do as a real estate agent in Berlin Reinickendorf, then he can be a great help with settlement, as he already knows the area and knows more about it than someone who does not. Thus, we meet one of the most important prerequisites that you need to think about if you want to succeed in the real estate market.
E1 Investments Immobilienvermittlung is your professional real estate agent in Berlin, because as a Berlin Reinickendorfer real estate professional, we see ourselves as a mediating authority between prospective buyers and property owners and support the purchase and sale of objects of all kinds. We meet all requirements for competence, professionalism and reliability.


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E1 Investments for Real Estate Services from A to Z

One of our services is to take care of the entire simbling of real estate to a buyer with a decent credit rating from A to Z. From viewing to querying and checking Schufa entries. Over the years, E1 Investments has become one of the first addresses for the brokerage of real estate in sought-after Berlin locations. Our special offer is the free real estate review.
But buyers are always having a good experience with us, because we are aware that buying a home is the biggest financial decision of their lives for the vast majority of people. Choosing the right real estate agent is therefore a serious consideration that should not be taken lightly. We have been successfully proving for more than 20 years that we are able to provide exceptionally good services to our customers in this area.
Let us convince you. Arrange your real estate agent appointment with us in Berlin Reinickendorf and get your own picture!

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Our offer is aimed at private and commercial investors. As a long-standing experienced broker, our berlin office supports you both in building construction projects and in the acquisition of existing properties. Together with you, we develop a long-term investment strategy and provide you with the right properties for this strategy. This is exactly what distinguishes our work as an investment broker from the services of the numerous real estate agents in Berlin, whose offer is primarily aimed at private tenants or prospective buyers. As an investor, you should immediately contact real estate professionals who are well acquainted with the technical, tax and legal specificities of the investment business. We look forward to hearing from you soon!


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Buy yield objects nationwide

If we recommend real estate in Berlin as an investment, this is admittedly not an original insider tip. It is rare that almost all the experts’ forecasts come to the same conclusion as this is the case here: Real estate in Berlin will continue to experience significant increases in value over the next few years. Demand for both commercial real estate and housing is forecast to increase significantly, which will not be met by the existing supply. In fact, a glance at London, Paris or one of the other major metropolises that have been the capital of their respective countries for some time is enough to confirm this. There is simply no capital of a large economic nation where demand for real estate would suddenly collapse. This is also inconceivable in Berlin.

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Many properties are not offered on the open market in Berlin. For commercial real estate, a discreet sale is already widespread in order to preserve trade secrets for as long as possible. Owners of individual residential properties or larger residential complexes are not currently interested in making sales considerations public in Berlin too early and thus getting into the heated discussion. As a long-standing experienced broker, we have gained trust in the Berlin real estate market, which is why we are often commissioned with the discreet brokerage of such off-market properties. We can therefore often also provide you with suitable objects that do not seem to be available on the market. Off-market real estate also offers good return opportunities, as the discreet sale guarantees that the purchase price will not be artificially driven up by speculation.

Our complete service as a real estate agent in Berlin

Although our service as an investment broker is very different from the usual private real estate business, there are still some tasks here as there. Inspection appointments must be agreed and carried out, a sound valuation must be carried out, price negotiations must be conducted and annoying formalities such as notary appointments and land registry entries must also be completed. Of course, our work as a real estate professional in Berlin also includes all these services. It is best to contact us today. We will be happy to explain to you what we can do for you!

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Off Market Real Estate in Berlin with Real Estate Valuation

The Berlin real estate market has run hot. The price increase of the apartments in Berlin in the last 5 years was 9.5 , as the economic performance of the interested parties is growing and the supply is limited, prices are rising quickly. For the next five or six years, e1 investments expects a further sharp price increase.

Only then will Berlin reach the level of other European capitals. Safe low-risk returns and good profits are mainly provided by investment properties, which is currently considered a very safe investment. We are at your side when selecting the right investment object and determining the value. E1 Holding has an extraordinarily large portfolio of interesting off-market properties that are exclusively and not publicly marketed. From this we determine the best possible investment properties for Berlin.

Return objects for institutional, commercial or private investors in Berlin

In no other city in Germany is the mismatch between demand and supply greater, according to a study by the Institute of German Economy TH Köln. In Berlin, construction is too slow and past demand, so that it gives investors and private investors plenty of INvestitionspotenziel. Our portfolio is very broad and is aimed at private investors as well as large national and international investors with an interest in investment properties in Berlin and the surrounding area. We have suitable offers for every type of investor. In the past, projects ranging from EUR 1 million to EUR 60 million have already been successfully supported and implemented.

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Investment Real estate Berlin

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Real Estate Agent Berlin – Bernd Steidl (Radius Real Estate) | You own an investment/property/property and would like to invest it as a return object or for direct sale? We work with brokers on the ground who bring the expertise of the area and also with analysts who monitor and evaluate the real estate market. Our e1 Holding accesses the Germany-wide network, the e1 Holding Offices, and therefore has an overview of the overall development of the market and can make direct forecasts. Large industry and private investors are in constant contact with us in order to realize new return projects. We help you to raise your goals and large-scale projects.

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Making money as a tipster for real estate in Berlin

As real estate agents, we know that often the right contact at the right time determines the success of a real estate business. You know investment properties or real estate investors and want to make money quickly? You can use this knowledge and make money with your recommendation as a tipster without a brokerage license. If it is sold on the basis of your recommendation, we will pay you a tip commission of 10 percent of our commission.

Purchase of Real Estate Berlin

As a nationwide active real estate investor, we generally acquire properties with a volume of 1 million euros or more. In doing so, we intend to keep them in our stock for as long as possible. We also buy apartment buildings to privatize them. Are you currently implementing a new residential project? Then you may be able to win us over as a solvent real estate investor.

Real Estate Agency Off Market Berlin

It is not uncommon for properties to change hands without having previously been offered on the open market. They wanted to avoid public attention and were also willing to accept price increases of about ten percent for discrete mediation. Today, off-market real estate brokerage has long since left this market niche. Commercial investment properties are also often sold in this way.

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