Location analysis Hamm: real estate prices and market forecast

General Real Estate Information about Hamm

Hamm connects the Münsterland, the Sauerland and the Ruhr area and lies in the middle of these three regions. The entire cityscape is characterized by many green areas and offers some historical highlights such as the water castle Oberwerries from the Baroque period or the castle Hessen.
Hamm was once one of the central cities of mining in Germany. However, the city is increasingly brushing off this mantle from the past and is becoming a dynamic location for the economy.
More and more companies are settling in Hamm. The former site of the Maximilian colliery in Hamm has been converted into a park and is now a recreation area and an attractive leisure destination for the inhabitants of the city.
In the 1990s, Hamm was a model city for ten years as part of a project on the topic “Ecological City of the Future” announced by the state government of North Rhine-Westphalia. The aim of this project was ecologically oriented urban development and some of the ideas initiated were implemented, from which the city still benefits to this day.

Residents of Hamm

Real estate investor Hamm » The district-free city of Hamm is located in North Rhine-Westphalia and had 179,571 inhabitants in 2016 on an area of 226.43 km2. This is 793 inhabitants per km2, 0.1 more than in the previous year. Hamm first maintained its status as a city in 1975, when various neighbouring towns were incorporated.
After a decline in the population in the 1980s, this trend has recovered and since then it has been slowly rising again – albeit with small swings down again and again.

Infrastructure Hamm

Thanks to the good location of the city between the important a1 and A2 motorways, Hamm has developed into an attractive logistics centre in the eastern Ruhr area. Other routes to Hamm are the A445 and the B63.

Hamm rail transport

The ICE and IC also stop in Hamm and thus connect the city directly with Berlin, among other things. Hamm has a large freight yard, which was once the largest in Europe, and is therefore predestined for the topic of logistics. With the city port of Hamm, which is the second largest canal port in Germany, the city scores with another interesting factor.

Hamm Airports

The proximity to the three international airports Düsseldorf, Dortmund and Münster-Osnabrück also strengthens the attractiveness of the city.
The combination of rail, road and air transport has already attracted three large companies, Edeka, Trinkgut and Plus, which handle their freight logistics in Hamm.

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Real estate investor Hamm » Economy & unemployment rate Hamm

Mining and the metal industry, the chemical industry and various automotive suppliers continue to be among the city’s main economic sectors. In the mining sector, however, more and more mines and land have been closed in recent years and the economic structure of the city is changing.
Based in Hamm are several companies from the steel industry, such as Mannesmann Precision Tube GmbH and Mannesmann Line Pipe GmbH. In the chemical industry, the DuPont plant is a major employer in the city. In der Autozulieferbranche ist die Hella KGaA Hueck&Co. first of all.
The unemployment rate in Hamm was 8.7 in August 2018, 5.3 above the German average of 3.4 .

Real Estate and Investors Key Figures Hamm

Basic real estate data

Among the most popular districts of Hamm are the Jägerallee, and parts of Bockum-Hövel, Hamm-Mitte, Uentrop and Rhynern.
Real estate in Hamm is still affordable in a nationwide comparison. The price per square meter for a 60 m2 apartment is 6.44 €. Investors can still make a good deal here, especially if you compare prices with those in other major German cities.
But as prices are slowly rising in Hamm, it is important not to wait too long with an investment before it becomes too expensive and yields shrink. Despite the currently good prices, however, there is still vacancy, it is in Hamm 3.9 .

Buildings and housing statistics

There are 38,739 buildings with living space and other inhabited accommodation in Hamm. 37,489 of these buildings are residential-only buildings and 1,204 other buildings with living space. There are also 40 dormitories in Hamm and 6 other inhabited accommodations.

Data on residential buildings in Hamm

There are 3,397 residential buildings divided into condominiums in Hamm, which is 9.06 of all residential buildings. 750 of these residential buildings belong to municipal housing companies or municipalities, i.e. a total of 2 of all residential buildings.
There are relatively many old buildings in Hamm. 13.92 of all houses were built before 1919. Between 1950 and 1969, 29.03 of all houses were built and 9.33 of the properties are new buildings built after 2000. This number is quite high and suggests that a lot is happening in Hamm and that the city is changing.

There are 22,097 single-family houses in Hamm, which is significantly more than half of all residential buildings in the city at 58.94. 9,149 of these detached houses are detached, that is 24.4 of all residential buildings in Hamm.

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Investment in real estate: Forecast for Hamm

Real estate investor Hamm » Prices in Hamm are rising and new buildings are becoming increasingly expensive. Older properties are also rising more and more in price.
The city is still undergoing structural change and the trend for the future is that a lot will happen in Hamm. The city wants to expand its status as a university and science location even more, which also makes it interesting for investments in commercial real estate.
With an innovation centre to promote the transfer of knowledge between universities and companies, a project is planned to take Hamm even further forward.

Assessment of the real estate market - Hamm

It makes sense not to wait too long with an investment in apartments and other real estate in Hamm, otherwise it can become too expensive.
Many new buildings already exist in the city and further projects on the way to digitization are planned. An investment in Hamm could be promising and with the right object, investors can help define the pulse of the times.

Investing in a secure future

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Year of

City of Hamm
Residents 179571
Area in km2 226.43 km2
Ew./km2 (2016) 793 km2
Änd. [] (previous year) 0,1 %
city for the first time
State of North Rhine-Westphalia
Economic focus on mining, metal industry, chemicals, automotive suppliers
Unemployment rate 8.7 (8/2018)
Top residential areas Bockum-Hövel (in parts), Hamm-Mitte (in parts), Jägerallee, Rhynern (in parts), Uentrop (in parts)
Vacancy rate 3.9 (2014)
Rental mirror (good location, from 76 m2, status: 2015) 6.44 € / m2
Buildings with living space and inhabited accommodation inthe al. 38739
Number of single-family houses (detached buildings, semi-detached houses, terraced houses with exactly 1 apartment; only residential buildings) 22097
on all residential buildings 58,94262317
including: in detached building 9149
on all residential buildings 24,40449198
Residential buildings
below: which are divided into condominiums
3397 st.
including: the municipalities or municipal
whg. companies belong to
construction Residential building built before 1919 13.92
Residential building built from 1950 to 1969 29.03
Residential building built in 2000 or later 9.33

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