Real estate financing: How to Invest in Real Estate?

Discover effective strategies for investing in real estate with our comprehensive guide on real estate financing. Start building your portfolio today.

The purchase of real estate is a fruitful investment because it can generate revenue in the form of rents and appreciation, which allows for the sale of appreciated property at a profit. As an asset subject to different impacts than stocks and bonds, it is a fantastic method to diversify your portfolio, another benefit of investing in it. (videos) 

And for the average person, it might be easier to get a hold of than you imagine. 

Shares, ETFs, Or Funds 

You can also buy shares of firms involved in the real estate market if you want to invest in German real estate but want to do it differently. You run the same risk of investing in a cluster of properties as you do when you engage in conventional real estate trading because buying shares in a single corporation does not qualify as diversification and exposes you to the same level of risk. Purchasing an exchange-traded fund (ETF) that invests in numerous real estate companies (perhaps even those in different countries) is one way to increase the diversity of your investing portfolio. 

Be conscious that stocks and exchange-traded funds (ETFs) are exchanged on normal stock exchanges. As a result, the value of shares and ETFs will vary much more obviously than the value of real estate in the real world. Nobody truly knows whether the value of a home has increased or decreased by a couple of thousand Euros since yesterday. You can keep track of the exact worth of your investment in real estate shares or ETFs every single second. Bear this in mind and try to maintain your composure the next time the stock market experiences a decline for whatever reason and your investments also suffer losses. 

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Real Estate Shares and ETFs

Real Estate Investment Trust

You have a strong interest in making financial investments in real estate. You probably wouldn’t be reading this article if that were the case. If you, too, are a fan of earning money with little or no effort, you will fall head over heels in love with real estate investment trusts (short: REIT). Many people in Germany have little to no REIT experience because trusts (called “Stiftung” in German) are more common in the United States. 

Real estate investment trusts are normal corporations that hold and manage income-generating assets in a particular region or even properties worldwide.Because most REITs are listed publicly on a stock exchange, they are extremely comparable to real estate exchange-traded funds (ETFs) and real estate mutual funds. To generate income for their shareholders through dividends, real estate investment trusts (REITs) purchase properties and rent them out. 

Real Estate Partnership

Investing in real estate is typically considered a long-term plan; as such, you should only consider doing so if you have a long time frame in mind for your investments. Joining a real estate partnership gives you access to the same expert real estate investing tactics mostly deployed by major institutional investors. This option is for you if you have a particularly lengthy investment time horizon that extends into the far future (e.g. pension funds, investment banks, insurance companies). 

A real estate limited partnership with one partner who performs all of the operational work and carries all liability for the firm is a popular type. This general partner also takes on all of the partnership’s legal responsibilities (usually a corporation or professional property manager). You can become a member by making a financial contribution to the real estate partnership as a limited partner. Limited partners do not participate in day-to-day business activities and are therefore only liable for the total amount of money provided. Investors will receive a maximum return on their investments as a thank-you for the money that they contribute. 

Before entering into any kind of real estate partnership, you need to give careful consideration to the objectives of the partnership you’re interested in and the degree to which they coincide with your own individual financial objectives. The time that real estate partnerships are allowed to operate can vary. While some partnerships distribute the dividends derived from rental income, others choose to reinvest their profits to acquire other real estate holdings. You typically have the opportunity to select which real estate partnership you would like to join as an investor because there are typically numerous real estate partnerships actively operating simultaneously. 

Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs)

Real Estate Partnership

Real Estate Partnership Strategy

Real estate crowdfunding is a method and a proper way of investing in real estate that has gained much traction in recent years and is certainly not the least important of the available options. Crowdfunding makes use of the power of retail investors to gather money from a large number of individuals towards the achievement of a shared goal, as opposed to conventionally raising funds, such as by obtaining a mortgage from a bank. In most cases, an internet platform is used to gather monetary contributions from the crowd. 

Some of these online platforms make outlandish claims about their interest rates, such as at least ten percent annual returns on investments, which are difficult to trust. At the end of the day, these investments in crowdfunding are backed up by properties. As a result, in order to pay out a profit of 10 percent, the property must also provide a 10 percent return on an after-tax basis. You can probably imagine that a bigger return is typically accompanied by a greater amount of risk. There is a cost associated with having interest rates in the double digits. You won’t get this return without taking on the risk that is unquestionably the greatest among all of the many kinds of real estate investing that are covered in this article. 


If done correctly, investing in real estate in Germany, with the assistance of experts like E1 International Investment Holding, can result in significant financial benefits. There is always the possibility of loss with any investment. You need to take an honest look at your current financial standing before you can settle on the best investment strategy. 

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