Buy land: What to do and what to consider?

What to do and what to consider?

Buy a piece of land – This is important for land. Many people want to own their own house. If this is to be exactly what you want, the most obvious solution is to build your own home. For this, however, you first have to buy a plot of land. There are already a lot to consider.

1. The location of the property

First of all, of course, you have to think about where your property should be. Would you rather build in a quiet rural location or centrally in the city? What should be found in the area? There are countless factors that play into this decision. The climatic conditions, a good infrastructure or a beautiful landscape can be part of it.

3. The nature of the land

If you have limited the location of your desired plot, you can go in search of suitable building land. It is very important to distinguish between farm maintenance land, building land and building plots.
The safest option is with building plots or ready-to-build land. These are plots of land that are already fully developed. In addition, a building plot is already connected to transport, supply and disposal systems. These include sewerage, electricity, water, gas, television and telephone lines. A development plan has already been available for these plots. A development plan is also already in place for an area designated as building land. However, the property is not yet fully developed and connections still need to be laid before it can be built on. Farmer’s maintenance land is an area on which construction is likely in the future, but not guaranteed. For example, it may be entered in the land use plan for such use. However, the owner is not entitled to a construction there at any given time.

4. Property condition

The nature of a plot of land also affects the development possibilities. An angle of inclination, for example, can limit the construction project. Soil conditions and groundwater flow also play an important role. Have expert opinions on these points. In the event of problems, the evaluators can also come up with suggestions for solutions.

5. Building opportunities

Various documents can be used to determine the possibilities of building on certain plots of land. These can be viewed, for example, at the Building Regulations Office or the municipal administration. The land use plan of a municipality shows which construction measures are planned in the vicinity of its own land. The construction of a large road, for example, can be important for the purchase decision. The development plan of the property specifies how exactly the land may be built on. It contains, for example, the type of building, the number of floors or the slope of the roof. It also specifies how large the living space of the house may be. This is specified as decimals in the number of floor areas GFZ. For a plot of 600m2 and a GFZ of 0.5, the living space may not exceed 300m2. For the building application and the construction financing with the bank, you also need the official site plan of the property.

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Purchase price and additional costs of land

The purchase price is highly dependent on the location, condition and condition of the property. Please note that undeveloped land and building land may still incur additional costs for development and connection to supply systems. Additional costs include property transfer tax, notary and land registry fees and possible brokerage fees.

What are the advantages of buying a property?

If you buy your own property, you can dispose of it yourself within the scope of the specifications. There is no landlord who needs to be consulted on any decision on changes to the house and garden. You can also design your own home according to your own ideas. In addition, a plot of land can be a good investment, as building land is highly valued and only in exceptional cases loses value.

What are the risks of buying land?

Of course, buying land comes from risks. On the one hand, you should pay close attention to the development measures and changes that are still necessary for your construction project. Otherwise, additional costs will quickly come to you at unimaginable heights. Moreover, such an investment always risks losing value. Especially changes in the vicinity, such as the construction of sewage treatment plants, wind turbines or the like, can reduce the value of your property. Find out in advance exactly what is planned for the neighborhood in the future.

Land value

As described above, there are some factors that affect the value of a property. This includes above all the buildability, the property condition and environmental factors such as macro and microlocation. The general location within Germany and the proximity to conurbations and the infrastructure of the surrounding area are called macro-location. The microlocation includes features such as the orientation to traffic and the use of neighbouring land. Last but not least, less obvious factors such as contaminated sites in the soil or monument protection can reduce the value of a property. The value of the property increases many times if it is suitable as an investment property for investment properties.

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