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Real estate insights and knowledge imparted by experts. Get to know subject-specific terms and useful tips. The E1 HOLDING knowledge area includes definitions of terms, explanations, calculation examples for fixed investments and explanations for buying or selling real estate. In addition, on the following pages you will learn what you should pay attention to when investing. Tax issues are also applied here and are explained. Furthermore, our specialist staff is available to answer any questions you may have about your property or investment (investment properties). We are happy to support you with your real estate and/or investment projects.

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Investing in a secure future

The E1 Investments concept provides a proven system for building a solid business as a broker and owner of a real estate business. E1 Real Estate has the infrastructure and operating systems that allow us to provide top-notch services with a team of brokers. You are investing in the market of the future.

Benefits for Investors & Owners of Registration with E1 Holding

Expert advice on your investment.

Many years of experience with large-scale investments and large-scale projects.

Our references speak for themselves.

We bring together investors and owners for large-scale projects.

Earn the big money with the right real estate!

With just one store, you’re in the fast lane! Contact us now!

Real estate price analysis for 80 locations throughout Germany

Location analyses

E1 Holding offers location analysis for real estate nationwide for almost 100 cities in all federal states. Our well-trained experts for real estate and investments and, above all, off-market properties in various locations and sizes take a close look at the real estate market at the respective location in a professional and authentic manner. In doing so, we determine realistic and continuously updated real estate prices depending on the market situation as well as a corresponding real estate forecast. We are constantly expanding the list of locations in alphabetical order and intensively expanding the database for more and more cities. In addition to investors and investors with budgets of any size, our nationwide location analyses are also valuable for house builders when deciding on a location. Click here

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