Job Real estate agent cross-starters

Job Real estate broker cross-starter

The days when workers remain in the same company for 40 years are long gone. In fact, estimates by the Federal Employment Agency indicate that workers change careers three to seven times over the course of their lives. Especially if you have already gained professional experience and are thinking about a later career change, we would like to give you some good reasons why this can bring benefits for you, because it is never too late for a career change in the real estate industry.

Transferable experience in the job Real estate agent cross-starters

You may have reservations about a late career move to the real estate business, especially if you don’t have a background in the industry. But if you make this change only in the middle of your life, the transition could be easier for you. You already have transferable skills from your previous professional experience that, combined with a high level of self-confidence, could take you to the top of your career.

Areas where already acquired skills can be well implemented in real estate are sales, marketing, PR and communication skills – all of which can be acquired in different industries. Combine these skills with new market knowledge that you may have acquired through real estate courses.

Existing network

For example, a career change between the ages of 30 and 50 ensures that you have already had the opportunity to build up a professional and personal network. Compared to a young candidate who starts from scratch, you will join the job of real estate agent with a wider network of contacts that you can fall back on.

This will prove extremely useful when it’s time to advertise vacant properties or build your first client base in the job of real estate agent. You can strengthen this existing network by conducting additional research, arranging face-to-face meetings with industry leaders, and expanding your expertise in the job of real estate agent.

Long-time experienced real estate agents wanted for existing customer support!

More freedom in the job Real estate agent cross-starters

If your current business feels a bit stuck, a change of career at 30-50 years or another age, at which you have already gained some professional experience, will allow you to bring a breath of fresh air and, above all, more freedom into your daily work. The real estate industry promotes autonomy within your network and gives you a high degree of freedom to expand your own business-enhancing activities.

Whether you are interested in commercial real estate or the sale of residential real estate, there are no limits to personal pay in the job of real estate agent. As an independent broker, you can take care of your own clients and the corresponding salary development instead of being on the sidelines and following the rules of another. You also have the freedom to control your daily workflow yourself, so you can achieve the work-life balance that suits you.


Compared to recent graduates, you have already gained professional experience and may already have completed career stages. You probably know what it feels like to make mistakes and learn from them as you move forward. A later career change means that with an advanced self-confidence, you will make a new start that will make it easier for you to pursue your goals.
You will have learned what your life priorities are, from spending time with friends and family to spending more time travelling or a particular hobby. With defined goals, you can shape your new career to meet expectations.
Are you ready for the next step? We are looking for freelance brokers on a 70/30 basis nationwide – we give you properties and clients as freelancers and if successful you receive 70% commission.

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