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The general definition for project planning, for example for the purchase of project planning office park or for the purchase hotel project, is the phase from preparation to implementation. The purchase profile of project planning is always directly related to this. In this design phase, the location, location, infrastructure, cost and return are analyzed. This applies to both the property itself and the land with project planning, for example for the subsequent purchase of the hotel project or for the office park new building purchase.

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As an investor for real estate project, but also as a co-investor, we orientate ourselves on self-imposed criteria for a purchase project planning. For the purchase of project planning hotel we attach great importance to hotel properties with long-term operating contract. A purchase of a hotel project is as interesting nationwide as it is internationally in predominantly European countries. Prerequisites for the purchase of project planning Büro Park are high-quality investors and also co investors. Multi-storey car parks in the best city location are planned by us and handed over to the operator on a turnkey basis at the end of the project phase. The same applies to participation in the design of nursing homes, senior citizens’ centres and senior citizens’ residences, as well as hospitals and medical centres.

Land with planning permission for purchase real estate projecting hotel

E1 International Investment Holding GmbH from the Hessian city of Wiesbaden is permanently looking for commercial real estate as well as properties as land with planning permission. For the financing of an office park new building purchase or for the purchase hotel project we cooperate mainly with German banks. If you are interested in buying project planning hotel or as an investor for real estate project in general, we will include you in the database for off market real estate. Our portfolio for Germany-wide and international investment properties is maintained with the greatest care. All contacts are confidential and absolutely discreet, so neither tenants nor operators will know anything about the purchase.

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Lead investor and co investor for participation in real estate projects

As a real estate investor for project planning, the function of a lead investor is just as conceivable and possible as that as a co-investor.

For the first time to create a purchase profile configuration, please contact E1 Holding and send us initial object data. At the beginning of the 2020s, we were one of the nation’s leading integrated real estate companies. We have always linked the real estate and investment activities of our group of companies with the purchase of project planning, participation in project planning either as a lead or as a co-investor, up to the investor for real estate project. Our portfolio management is just as professional as the purchase of commercial properties or the creation of a purchase profile of project planning.

Investor for real estate projects with lease and lease agreement

A decisive prerequisite for participation in project planning for commercial real estate is the existing lease & lease agreement, but at least the serious interest of potential tenants and operators. The purchase profile project planning is updated for the purchase project planning hotel; and with the office park new building purchase together with land with building permit, we see extremely good chances for a long-term successful return also for the co investor.

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