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Real estate agent Bielefeld | Sales of owner-occupied and third-party condominiums, single-family and multi-family houses, commercial as well as listed and renovation properties, since 1991. We accompany property owners and investors in a structured process from the valuation, through the development of goals and strategies to the notary appointment. The project planning of off-market investment investments is one of our core competencies.

Our services and competencies at the Bielefeld site

We attach great importance to the satisfaction of our clients. Therefore, we ensure that we can offer you a wide range of our services. Our office in Bielefeld supports you with private, commercial and institutional projects. Real estate sales, purchases and investment projects are among our core services. Another focus of our services is the management of rental, condominium and commercial units. To this end, the focus is on real estate acquisition and financing.

Detailed research of suitable offers or interested investors is the focus of every project, because it forms a fundamental basis for future processes. In Bielefeld, Mr. Jörn Clasen and his team are ready to support you and advise you on questions regarding real estate valuation, real estate brokerage, investment and any legal and technical topics.

Mr. Jörn Clasen

Contact details:
Mobile: +4915254217114
Email: [email protected]

Real Estate Franchise License: Gold
Entry into the real estate industry: 1991
Strengths: Sales, administration, leasing
Advantages over customers: Full service; Insurance service
Languages: German, English
Training company: Yes
Purchase of real estate: Yes
Average annual turnover: six digits
Brokerage volume to date: estimated in the double-digit million range
Mediation Focus: Residential complexes, land
Transactions / References: Residential real estate (ETW, EFH, ZFH; MFh) ; Monument and Restoration Objects (ETW)
Property management activities: Yes
Real estate financing: Yes
District: Nationwide and Regional

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Jörn Clasen – Your E1 real estate agent for Bielefeld and the surrounding area

In the east Westphalian city of Bielefeld, E1 International Investment Holding GmbH, based in the Hessian capital Wiesbaden, is represented by Jörn Clasen and his real estate agency. The IHK-certified real estate expert and Bachelor professional of real estate management has been working in the real estate industry for three decades now, as it is called. At the latest since the partnership with E1 Holding as a franchisee, the focus has been on off-market real estate and real estate; these are land and buildings that are not traded on the open real estate market.

One of the strengths of my Bielefeld real estate office as an IHK-recognized training company are the business areas of administration, rental and sales, real estate financing as an IHK specialist consultant for financial services as well as property management activities for property and rental properties. The Leineweberstadt Bilefeld, with its ten districts and several dozen districts, is about 260 km2 in size and has a population of about 335,000.

Download our company presentation:

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E1 Holding from Wiesbaden – Network partner off-market real estate for investment properties nationwide

E1, as Wiesbadener International Investment Holding GmbH is briefly called, is a service provider for the brokerage, purchase and sale of international off-market real estate since the mid-2000s. More than 40 E1 sites are maintained abroad; here in Germany there are about three and a half dozen, one of them in Bielefeld with Jörn Clasen at the helm.

Real estate agent Bielefeld | E1 Holding with CEO Muharrem Erdogdu and its subsidiaries are first-class positioned for all matters relating to off-market real estate. Real estate financing and insurance, due diligence or conservation up to privatisation are considered E1 core competencies. Here in the Bielefeld E1 real estate office, the focus is on the mediation of land and residential complexes, on condominiums as a refurbishment property, residential properties as property with apartment, single-family and multi-family house up to the listed building.

Joint Business Real Estate - E1 Holding - Off Market Real Estate
E1 Holding – Off Market Real Estate

Real estate agent Bielefeld – Your professional for capital investments and real estate brokerage without an exclusive mandate

Today, it is more important than ever to think about the future. First-class opportunities are real estate for retirement provision or as an investment for later use. For decades, it has been observed that investment property is one of the best ways to invest or build up assets in a meaningful way. Factors such as the development of the market, demographics or the economic power on the ground are decisive for the pricing of real estate purchases or for a real estate investment.

We at E1 Real Estate Agency Jörn Clasen offer you a professional forecast with know-how and our many years of experience. Together with you, we develop a suitable investment plan for your off-market desired property. The portfolio of the E1 Holding database is a good thing for us. As a result, you benefit from the stock of audited and valued properties in the E1 data set for Bielefeld and the entire Ostwestfalen-Lippe metropolitan area in a variety of ways. Within E1 Holding, we work here for Bielefeld as a broker without an exclusive mandate.

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Service as investor and off market real estate agent

Let us convince you of the performance of the real estate agency Jörn Clasen as an E1 real estate agent. We offer you a service package where you only decide and sign; we do the work for you.

In addition, a short excerpt from the catalogue of services for E1 Off Market Immobilien Bielefeld

• Environment and location analysis for private, commercial and institutional investors
Market value assessment as well as real estate and real estate valuation
• Development of a sales strategy with selection of potential buyer segments
• Organization and documentation of the entire sales process
• Contract and price negotiations until signature maturity
• Support and mediation of real estate financing
• Accompaniment to notarial contract reporting
• Object transfer with final protocol for handover & takeover

The E1 real estate office Jörn Clasen in the Bielefeld district of Jöllenbeck can be reached by

Phone: +495206-7077417
Mobile Phone: +49152-54217114
Fax: +495206-7051384
E-mail: [email protected]

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Real estate agent Bielefeld – Jörn Clasen

Investment Properties & Investments in Bielefeld

Real Estate Agent Bielefeld | It is never wrong to think about the future. Forward-looking thinking in relation to your assets is particularly important, also in the form of real estate. As has been observed for decades,
investment properties
are one of the best ways to invest their assets wisely. Of course, factors such as market development, demographics and surrounding economic power play an active role in pricing, but we offer our many years of experience and professional forecasts. Especially in densely populated regions such as the Ruhr region in North Rhine-Westphalia, there is always growing demand and a resulting shortage.

This real estate shortage in the coveted inner city and water locations and the resulting high prices in Bielefeld are fuelling demand in districts that hardly any investor has ever had on the bill. We work with you on a suitable investment plan that is tailored to you. Thanks to years of experience and cooperation, E1 Holding has a very diverse portfolio. Private Off Market real estate is one of our exclusive offerings. Benefit from our professionalism and knowledge. If you are interested, you can take a look at the following form: Form: Off-Market Real Estate – Enter your purchase profile now!

Return objects for institutional, commercial or private investors

Real Estate Agent Bielefeld | Our broad portfolio is of course aimed at private investors as well as national and international institutional investors with an interest in investment properties in Bielefeld and the surrounding area. Our experience has enabled us to successfully implement projects with a size of up to 60 million euros in the past.

Off Market – Investment Properties ( Bielefeld )

Real Estate Agent Bielefeld | Our advantages speak for themselves. The diverse range of off-market properties offers clients a suitable offer for you at a realistic and fair price. The advantage of off-market properties is the protection against speculation,which can push the price of a property to a high level. In addition, we are distinguished by our high level of satisfaction from our clients, professionalism and discretion. We support you in your project and accompany you on your way to your destination.

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We are represented with 42 E1 Investments locations in10 provinces and are growing continuously.

E1 Real Estate Franchise Locations

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Our service for you as an investor:

  • Query of investment objectives
  • Development of investment strategies
  • Identification of suitable and verified properties
  • Direct contact of institutional and private owners
  • Reconciliation of viewing appointments
  • Indicative object assessment and inspection

Even more power:

  • Price negotiations with the seller’s side
  • Assistance with financing and contract drafting
  • Preparation for notarial purchase agreement
  • Attendance at the premiere
  • Object transfer with protocol

Do you have a plot of land to sell?

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Land sale and brokerage to investors in Bielefeld

Property ownership can offer many advantages. Objects in the Rhine-Ruhr area are becoming increasingly sought-after. We will help you find the right project for your property. E1 Holding works on a daily basis with investor groups and investors who implement construction projects in the Bielefeld area. To this end, we can count one of the largest investment and real estate investor networks in the whole of Germany among our property.

With us, all action sequences and the service concept are geared towards customer orientation as well as the orientation to their wishes. Institutional and private investors are in constant contact with us in order to realize new return projects. Economic management, short reaction and implementation times characterize our actions. We support you in your projects and look forward to joint success.

Real estate agent Bielefeld – Jörn Clasen

Real estate sales performance – real estate agent Bielefeld

Thanks to our broad network of real estate agents in the Bielefeld region, we can precisely assess the current market situation and thus develop forecasts for future investment properties (see also Investment Object & Investment Objects). Preventive strategy/s for the efficient property management and preservation of the respective unit in close coordination with the owner, determine our objectives.

We support you in brokering your real estate (E1 real estate & selling real estate), whether to institutional investors or private investors. We also help with valuation. After a price analysis (property status, market, location), we perform an valuation and advise you on the determination of an offer price. The experienced E1 Holding team creates sales documents and an appealing exposé. We pass the exposé absolutely discreetly to selected investors/customers with real buying interest. EXKURS: Find out more about ourFranchise Real Estate program here.

Are you a real estate agent and interested in a joint venture?

We look forward to reliable business partners and are happy to cooperate with you.

Successful real estate transactions:

✓ Business park in Bad Münder – 30,000 square meters

Martini shopping center in Bad-Kreuznach

4 BMW car dealerships in Rhineland-Palatinate

Residential complex with 434 units in Stendal

✓ 124 residential units in Koblenz

✓ Housing complex with 85 units in Kassel

✓ 14 apartment buildings in Aarbergen-Kettenbach

✓ Refugee house in Wiesbaden-Erbenheim

✓ Apartment building with 90 apartments in Kleve

✓ etc.

Info: Our clients attach great importance to the discreet handling of the reference – we are happy to disclose at least a few references to you.

E1 Frankfurt am Main

Even more off-market service real estate agent Bielefeld:

✓ Price negotiations with the seller

✓ Support in the formation of a contract and in the financing

✓ Preparation for the notarised purchase cantract

✓ Attendance at the certification of the purchase contract

✓ Object handover with protocol

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Service Sales Brokerage – Real Estate Agent Bielefeld:

  • Environment and location analysis
  • Access to floor plans, building descriptions, etc.
  • Market valuation
  • Registered easements
  • Leasehold
  • Städtebauliche Maßnahmen
  • Development of a sales strategy

Even more power:

  • Selection and definition of potential buyer segments
  • Visits with prospective customers who have been checked for creditworthiness
  • For institutional investors, data room setup and coordination
  • Organization, support and documentation of the sales process
  • Examination and evaluation of incoming bids
  • Support in price and contract negotiations
  • Object transfer with protocol

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Register court: City of Bielefeld
Register number: HRA 15830

Responsible supervisory authority: City of Bielefeld

Approval Authority of Section 34c GeWo

Competent Chamber: Chamber of Commerce Bielefeld

Permission: Commercial office of the city of Bielefeld

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