Real estate franchise system for experienced real estate agents

Successful real estate franchise system for experienced real estate agents

Real Estate Franchise System

Real estate

Real Estate Franchise System | Benefit from the E1 Real Estate Franchise License. As a leading entrepreneur, you are looking for a new challenge in the field of investment & investment real estate? You are already working as a real estate agent and are interested in expanding your real estate business in the field of investment real estate with E1 Investments? Real Estate Franchise System – E1 Investments Holding offers you access to 2,100 investment real estate,more than 4,700 active purchase profiles and access to a network of more than 121,000 people. Save time and money for the elaborate real estate acquisition and research of off market properties and solvent real estate investors.

E1 Holding Team

How can real estate agents benefit experienced brokers?

Real estate franchise No. 1: Achieve a high return with little capital. The best real estate franchise without an entry fee appeals to long-standing experienced brokers who want to make a lot of money with off-market investment properties. As a franchisee, you can achieve a high return with little capital thanks to a strong network and excellent offers throughout the country, in Europe or internationally.

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Real estate franchise with only 7 sales commission!

E1 offers you the opportunity to enter the investment real estate business directly. Experienced real estate agents with their own company benefit from our real estate franchise licensing system. As an independent broker, you retain your existing real estate agency and benefit from the investors & business partners contacts, investor databases, contracts & forms,documents and the E1 marketing & sales strategy. You will receive pre-qualified real estate contacts as well as off-market real estate offers that you will not find at any other provider.

Real estate franchise system for real estate agents

Do you have a passion for exceptional real estate combined with a strong sales staff? Become part of our success story and start your own E1 Real Estate Franchise & License Partnership!

Real Estate Franchise System | The E1 holding company offers attractive off-market investment opportunities in capital real estate in Germany and internationally – and this with many franchisecompanies. The franchise and licensing system of E1 Holding experiences a high level of satisfaction among the franchise partners!

We are looking for experienced colleagues for many years for existing customer support!

Real estate sales, brokerage and deals in the millions – with E1  Real Estate Franchise  /Real Estate License Partnership

Our Real Estate Franchise Partners

Real Estate Franchise Möhnesee

Astrid Felder

Агент По Недвижимости Менезеи

Again and again, new real estate franchise partners are added as business owners, who enrich the company and support the colleagues in their common goal. Another success story is the addition of the very experienced real estate agent Ms. Astrid Felder to our real estate franchise team. Investment broker Astrid Felder has joined our team as a platinum licensee. Ms. Astrid Felder is now part of our successful E1 franchise group.

Real Estate Franchise Sweet

Helmut Dick

emlak franchise

Again and again, new real estate franchise partners are added as business owners, who enrich the company and support the colleagues in their common goal. Our business partner Helmut Dick, whom we welcome to E1 Investments as a Platinum Franchise Partner. We look forward to good business as well as many other successes with the experienced real estate agent from Baden-Württemberg, who has been independent since 1992.

Real Estate Franchise Osnabrück

Joachim B. Müller

emlak franchise

Again and again, new real estate franchise partners are added as business owners, who enrich the company and support the colleagues in their common goal. Real estate franchise E1 Investments Osnabrück – Another success story describing the efficiency and success of the group is the Osnabrück location. Joachim B. Müller, a long-standing business partner of the E1 Group, recently opened the E1 Investments office in Osnabrück and has thus become a partner.

Real Estate Franchise Hannover

Uwe Hinz

E1 Ссылки на финансирование

The real estate franchise system E1 Investments enjoys great popularity and constant demand. Again and again, new real estate franchise partners are added as business owners, who enrich the company and support the colleagues in their common goal. So does our partner Uwe Hinz, whom we welcome to E1 Investments as a Gold Franchise Partner. We are looking forward to good business as well as many other successes with the experienced and since 1983 independent real estate agent from Hanover.

Will I be supported during the startup phase?

Real Estate Franchise System | Of course, we are always at your side, especially in the initial phase. We train you in our successful way of working, help you find the right place, develop your business plan together with you, help you plan the expansion of the business, develop the necessary marketing tools tailored to your market, and help you choose the staff. Of course, we are happy to help you with our other questions with our experience, so that the entry phase is as short and fruitful as possible.

The amount of the investment is independent of the license area and we have 2 franchise license variants Gold & Platinum – one-time or monthly payment variant. Whether you rent a store space and set up or work comfortably from the home office is up to you. Due to the fact that you have a 95 percent office job in the field of investment real estate and coordinate appointments, you need a quiet workplace – that’s it! No high costs for advertising tables, exclusive furniture, etc.

License revenue fees account for only 5-7 of net sales. In addition, a monthly or one-time marketing fee is charged for participation in the national marketing costs, which is in the three-digit cost range. This includes supporting our franchise partners, controlling, corporate governance and business comparisons, our national PR and the development of all marketing tools. Our license agreement has a term of only 24 months as we are confident that you will renew it. You also have the option of extending the validity period for a further five years.

Real Estate Franchise Concept of E1 Real Estate

With the E1 franchise law and its brand, every franchisee has all the tools they need to build a future-oriented, modern real estate services company. We are looking for experienced and successful entrepreneurs who want to set up their own E1 company for investments in real estate. Qualified brokers who have to act independently are the cornerstone of a real estate agency that is spoiled for success. The franchise members also have the opportunity to become part of the network and specialize in the brokerage of investments in real estate.

Your turnkey real estate franchise business

Together with professionals, E1 has developed its own concept for you, which you receive turnkey. With this concept, you can move to other business locations or expand further as the franchise expands. At E1 Holding, they know what you’re getting, and they’ll save a lot of time setting up your business so that the company’s employees can create the business professionally.

Real estate franchise system without entrance fee?

Investing in a property, whether privately or through professional brokers, is a constant trend. Such long-term, so-called megatrends are reflected in the franchise economy. Accordingly, there are many
real estate franchise systems
– thus creating many opportunities for potential founders or existing real estate agents.

The business goes far beyond the real estate industry or the purchase and sale of real estate. Rental and property management, removal companies, real estate inspectors, real estate agents, painters, restorers and related service providers – all of these are part of a large real estate industry. In recent years, this industry has grown steadily. Higher incomes and improved access to credit are driven by industry growth. We have the contacts in this context for the large investment properties!

In addition to entering the industry, franchise systems in the real estate sector also offer opportunities for those who are already active in the real estate sector. Switching to a franchise system has proven to be a suitable growth strategy for a number of independent real estate agents.

Opening a franchise to enter the real estate industry offers benefits such as brand awareness, purchasing power and marketing support, to name a few.

How does the E1 real estate franchise work?

Our real estate franchising is based on the brokerage of investment properties in the off-market segment. The different licensed locations are long-time experienced real estate agents/investment brokers. In preliminary telephone discussions, we determine which license is appropriate in each individual case. An international network of cooperation partners advises buyers on investing in real estate in Germany and abroad.

In the long term, we want to further expand our international market presence and improve the quality of our existing franchises. In real estate franchising, we always strive to expand with excellent partners. Become part of the successful E1 real estate franchise concept.

Investing in a secure future

The E1 Investments concept offers a proven system for the solid development of a business as a broker and owner of a real estate business. E1 Real Estate has the infrastructure and operating systems that enable us to offer first-class services with a team of brokers. You are investing in the market of the future.

We would be happy to inform you about our real estate franchise concept

Would you like to learn more about our real estate franchising or have you already made a decision? Then contact us and learn more about the successful concept of E1 Real Estate. We support you in the mediation of investment real estate from the acquisition to the verification of a notarial contract. So you don’t have to worry, because we have already successfully built up over 40 locations as of August 2019. We are pleased to tell you more about our special real estate franchising and its advantages.

E1 properties as a franchise system

The E1 network is Germany’s first online franchise for real estate investors. The network is known for its strong network of real estate investors and off-market real estate offerings. We are an economically active franchise system from Germany and thanks to our business concept, the E1 network is also available for international licensees abroad. Our brand E1-Immobilien is looking for suitable franchise partners in Germany & abroad, who can operate as independent branches. Thanks to innovative advertising strategies and new marketing concepts, E1 has been able to record an excellent expedition in two years.

Advertising activities at national level are carried out by our system centre, whereby our partners themselves are involved in regional advertising concepts. Our company offers close cooperation with our franchisees. Thanks to this strong network, we have become a system provider with attractive market potential in Germany.

Comprehensive franchisee support

Real Estate Franchise System | Of course, we provide our franchisees with all our knowledge to prepare them for future business tasks. We also help them with their daily activities to save them from their unloved administrative work. This allows our franchise partners to focus on their sales responsibilities, which are critical to business development.

This is what we do for you as a real estate franchise donor

Real Estate Franchise – With more than 40 real estate franchise locations throughout Germany, E1 Investment Holding is one of the largest brokerage companies in the field of off-market investment real estate. The convincing marketing concept, which also provides real estate offers and investor contacts for your franchisees, is the basis for a successful entry into the international world of investment real estate brokerage.

Successful real estate franchise without seed capital – With various online services such as training and coaching programs, public relations, visual media, numerous print products as well as the presentation on social media, we offer our franchise partners on the international investment market an efficient basis for successful real estate brokerage.

Real Estate Franchise System | If you want to be part of this success and grow with us, please contact us. We would be happy to present our franchise concept to you in a personal conversation. Starting a franchise partnership with E1 Investments could be your guarantee of success. With us you are guaranteed to move the real estate industry.

Franchise Real Estate – As investment brokers, most of the agents arereal estate agents, financial brokers,bankers, insurance brokers,lawyers, etc. with a professional experience of mostly over 5-10 years, who in the off-market segment investment investments usually mediate in the two or three digit million range and earn up to 7.14 commissions. Should we have aroused your interest in franchise real estate so contact us today.

Marketing services for you as a real estate franchisee

As a franchise licensee, benefit from the strong E1 Investments brand

Our marketing team supports you with extensive marketing know-how. As a franchise partner, you will receive your own website here on this website and thus participate in all the measures and visitors that we generate for you as a group. E1 Investment Holding continuously invests in search engine optimization (Google), social media, website technology and textual content in your favour.

Real Estate Franchise System | As a partner, we provide you with logos, stationery and e-mail. You use all marketing tools without restrictions. Not enough, in addition, we also provide you with training and marketing know-how. Our marketing experts are also at your side.

You use all prefabricated contracts,agreements, forms and documents of the E1 Group. The documents make your daily work and bureaucracy easier. All our documents are constantly updated and accordingly applicable law.

Real estate franchise - training, joint conferences and trade fair visits for licensees

Our real estate experts help you as a franchisee with useful & established strategies

Experienced real estate and investment brokers of the E1 team support you with training. On request, you will receive tried-and-tested success strategies and tips. In workshops, investment brokers exchange their success strategies and recent successes. You have the opportunity to access a total of over 100 years of professional experience from the group as well as will present concepts on franchise real estate where you benefit as a franchise partner.

Real Estate Franchise – In addition to regular workshops, conferences and meetings with the other more than 40 estates of E1 Investment Holding take place. The Franchise Real Estate Conferences discuss goals, strategies and challenges. In addition to developments in the market, new marketing measures are also discussed and a common strategy is defined.

Why should I become a real estate franchise partner of E1 International Investment Holding GmbH?

To get an insight into the franchise concept of E1 International Investment Holding, you will initially receive a four-week free trial period including the right to terminate. This way you can convince yourself of our promising franchise concept without any pressure. In addition, as a franchise partner, you not only have access to over 1500 off-market investment properties,but also the company’s own CRM software “E1 Plus”.

Real Estate Franchise System | In addition, you benefit from an unbeatably favorable 5-company or 7-company revenue share of E1 Holding.
If we have been able to arouse your interest in a franchise partnership, please feel free to contact us. In the next step, we would explain our franchise concept in a personal conversation to discuss open questions. Continue to run your own business as usual and build a successful investment business with your E1 Real Estate franchise.

The Franchise Real Estate System has proven its worth

E1 Investments Real Estate Franchise – As a provider of numerous real estate investors, business partners, property managers, family office contacts and off-market investment properties, we take a large part of the work and entrepreneurial risk from our E1 Investments Real Estate franchises. This is a regular reference with our E1 Investments business owners that a strong partner can also generate large-volume sales in the real estate investment sector, provided that the business owner can concentrate fully on the sale. The goal of the real estate franchise donor is to be able to avoid unnecessary time loss for both parties for the real estate franchisenehmer with access to the previous correspondence.

Real Estate Franchise System | Existing purchase profiles of real estate investors give the franchisee the opportunity to take into account exactly the wishes and goals of the existing customer from day one. Existing expressions of interest or commission assurances from existing customers give the franchisee a high degree of security, so that the real estate franchisee is always aware that working time is a good investment. The references of the business owners Candogan and Scherf as well as the business owners Brüser and Lütkehaus – within a few months – have proven that the E1 Investments Real Estate Franchise System works!

What do E1 Investments real estate franchisees get?

Real estate

+ Excellent reputation of the brand E1, known for off-market real estate

+ Strong presence

+ First-class education and training opportunities

+ Access to the E1 real estate network and properties

+ Network of experienced colleagues with helpful ideas and concepts

+ Proven sales channels and tried and tested concepts

+ Turnkey real estate business from E1, in appealing design, modern, appealing, expandable

+ Secure online database to work around the world

E1 International Investment Holding

Schützenhofstraße 3
65183 Wiesbaden
Tel.: +49 (611)
710 97 36
Fax: +49
(611) 710 97 37
Mobile: +49 (175) 911 6885

Do you have any questions about our real estate franchise?

Your job is to succeed. IN our franchise system, your only task is to use the data provided to you for your personal success. With us you can reach investors and off-market investment properties of owners with statements of intent.

The E1 Investments brand, which has been successfully established in Germany and large parts of Europe with more than 40 national and international locations, is at your side as a reliable partner and with a strong brand. You benefit from an established and successful brand in the off-market investment real estate segment. You get access to over 121,000 contacts, our online marketing team & PR and the website. There are also workshops, seminars and success strategies and regular conferences. We provide you with decisive competitive advantages and strategies.

Yes, the offer is aimed at real estate agents who have had a brokerage permit for at least 5 years and have a sense of the real estate business/a sense of consulting services. Experienced real estate agents are welcome.

Yes, you are completely free to continue your existing business. We have many examples of franchisees who also run their own business.

We offer our partners regular workshops and trainings. In recurring seminars and meetings, we discuss success strategies and provide support in the development and further development of the sites. In addition, all franchise partners also receive regular documentation and tips on acquisition by e-mail.

The next step is the easiest. You simply fill out the form above and we will get you immediately. You get free 14-day access to our E1 software.

Real Estate Franchise System | Franchise is a partnership- that is, a certain form of cooperation. This is concluded between legally independent companies in order to achieve economic expansion. The franchisor grants the franchisee (also: franchise partner) certain rights (licenses) which allow him to use a discussed business model in compliance with certain standards. In other words, the franchisee operates its own business based on the franchise and corporate concept specified by the franchisor. The franchisee therefore remains responsible and is considered to be a legally independent entrepreneur.

The form of cooperation in franchising may have some advantages. For example, a larger target group can be addressed, wider market coverage can take place or more effective customer loyalty can be achieved.
You are a strong business personality in the real estate business and are looking for a new challenge in the field of investment real estate? Then e1 Investment is the right place for you!

Through a franchise collaboration with E1 International Investment Holding, you can enjoy some benefits that you would not get as a self-employed broker. In general, it is becoming increasingly difficult for real estate agents to assert themselves in the real estate market these days. After all, Germany is one of the countries of Western Europe that has the highest broker density ever. Through a franchise cooperation, franchisees or licensees can either benefit from the established reputation of the franchisor or use its support services (e.g. in the marketing area) for its own benefit. In other areas, such as administrative, the franchisor can also help his franchise partner. In addition, the franchisee can of course benefit from the franchisor’s many years of experience in the field of franchising and thus acquire new knowledge.

Real Estate Franchise System | In a franchise collaboration with E1 Investment Holding, real estate agents gain access to 2100 investment properties, more than 4700 active search profiles and a network of more than 81,000 people. In addition, real estate agents save time and money for the complex acquisition and research of objects or solvent investors and get to know valuable contacts as well as relevant off-market offers. E1 Holding offers you the unique opportunity to successfully enter the investment real estate business and at the same time to remain self-employed.

Do you have any questions or would like to test the real estate franchise?

We look forward to hearing from you!

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