Our Previous Cooperation

Saturday June 24, 2017

Our previous cooperation in the investment property sector

Dear business partner,

You also have noticed that E1 is changing the business strategy.

For the efficiency of the collaboration we reduced the number of business partners and increasing the access to confidential data.

So far, we have provided you real estate offerings and the information of our investors’ criteria. The aim of our cooperation is to have mutual added value through business partnership. With the portfolio of more than 140,000 investors and 1,500 investment properties and the increasing demand it is becoming difficult to operate from Duisburg, Wiesbaden and Istanbul locations. Therefore we will now opt for 100 business partners to hand over sales transactions.

In order to remain consistent towards our customers, we have restructured this system into a so-called franchise system. As the quality of the E1 partners is of importance, we have established fair amounts, which are by no means comparable with the equivalent value. The Gold partnership is expected to cost less than 50% of a part-time worker per month and the platinum partnership is comparable to the realised commission from sale of a property of € 200,000.

There is no difficulty in continuing your work and company title, because the focus of E1 remains on the segment of the investment real estate from 1-2 million euros or more.

Please note that only applications up to June 30, 2017 will be taken into account when selecting future business partners. Further applications are only accepted as of January 1, 2018 and only include trademarks and know-how services at the regular conditions, as already published and described on our website.

We do not ask you to make any payments before your application is confirmed. For questions, I am personally available via Skype. Skype ID: e1holding

Thank you for your understanding and trust in our company.

Kind regards,

Muharrem Erdogdu

>>> Link: Previous cooperation.pdf

>>> Link: E1-Franchise-ENG-SPECIAL OFFER


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