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Real Estate Franchise System for Realtors & Property Agents!

Benefit from the E1 Investment Holding Real Estate Franchise. As an entrepreneur with a strong management background, are you looking for a new challenge in the field of investment properties? Are you already a real estate agent and interested in expanding your real estate business with E1 Investments?

E1 Investments Holding offers you access to more than 2,100 investment properties, more than 4,700 active search profiles and access to a network of more than 81,000 people. Save time and money for the time-consuming acquisition and research of properties and solvent investors. E1 Investment Holding gives you the opportunity to enter into the investment property business directly. Experienced real estate agents with their own company benefit from our licensing system. As an independent real estate agent, you retain your existing company and benefit from contacts, data, documents and the E1 marketing & sales strategy. We will provide you with pre-qualified contacts as well as off market offers which you will not find at any other provider.

Sales, brokerage and deals in the millions – with E1 Investment Franchise / Partnership

E1 Investments Franchisee

Another success story is the gain of our very experienced colleague Mrs. Astrid Felder in our team. Ms. Felder has joined our team as a Platinum Member and is now a member of our team.

E1 Investments Franchisee

After just a few weeks as a real estate franchise platinum partner, the trained real estate agent Onur Candogan registered his first reference worth 1.35 million euros. With the help of the E1 real estates Franchise of system, the 25 year old sold a living and a business house in the Mainzer city center. E1 has a very strong network, whereby one comes problem-free with investors, societies and brokers into contact as well as sales orders in the million range receives, says Mr. Candogan on its firm operational readiness level.

Helmut Dick E1

The real estate franchise system E1 Investments enjoys great popularity and constant demand. New real estate franchise partners are constantly being added as business owners, enriching the company and helping colleagues achieve their common goals. This includes our newest business partner Helmut Dick, whom we warmly welcome as a Platinum Franchise Partner at E1 Investments. We are looking forward to good business and many more successes with the experienced and since 1992 independent real estate agent from Baden-Württemberg.

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Inform yourself about our free test phase of 4 weeks. If you are interested in working with us, just leave us a message. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

The success of our E1 Holding Real Estate Franchise Partners

Sales, brokerage and deals in the millions – with E1 Investment Franchise / Partnership

Immobilien Franchise Partner Trier

The experienced real estate professional Norbert Scherf has been independent in the real estate sector for years. In addition to his own company, he has been expanding his business in the area of off-market investment properties with real estate franchise E1 Investments for almost a year now. This example shows how a small investment pays for itself within a very short time. With E1 Investments, Mr. Scherf succeeded in selling four BMW car dealerships worth 8.175 million euros to an AG from Trier. A successful kick-off for further business for him and E1.

E1 Investments Ahlen Carmen Lütkehaus

Mrs. Carmen Lütkehaus from the Ahlen location was able to record a major deal as part of the cooperation with the E1-Holding Group. E1 Ahlen was involved in the sale of 90 apartments in the Kleve area. The contact was established through the cooperation and the portfolio of the E1 Group.

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Inform yourself about our free test phase of 4 weeks. If you are interested in working with us, just leave us a message. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

Further growth with E1 Investments Franchise & Partnerships

The group grows steadily and opens offices at new locations.

Gerd Krügel

E1 Investments Hamburg – The colleague Gerd Krügel of LBS real estates experienced of many years founds the E1 Investments Hamburg address. Thus we extend our range as E1 getting thing. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you are also interested in your own E1 location.

Robby Dobler Nürnberg

E1 Investments Nuremberg – Since the beginning of 2019, Mr. Dobler has been offering the entire range of services of the E1 Group with the E1-Holding office. Mr. Dobler has also opted for the franchise partnership with E1-Holding. Get in touch with us and receive further information about our franchise offers & services.

E1 Investment Holding is already present at more than 40 locations

You too can benefit from the potential of franchise partnerships

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If you are interested in working with us, just leave us a message. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

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What we do for you

The E1 franchise concept works with the help of the group for your success.

Test the E1 Franchise Service here
Unbeatably favourable 5% or 7% share in sales of E1 Holding
Use of the company's own CRM software E1-Plus
Access to over 1,500 off-market investment properties
Continue to operate your own company & build up investment business on the side

With more than 30 locations all over Germany, E1 Investment Holding is one of the largest real estate broker associations in the field of off-market investment properties. The convincing marketing concept, which also provides your franchisees with real estate offers and investor contacts, is the basis for a successful entry into the international world of investment real estate brokerage.

With various online services such as training and coaching programs, public relations, visual media, numerous print products and presentations in the social media, we offer our franchise partners on the international investment market an efficient basis for successful real estate brokerage. If you would like to become part of this success and grow with us, then contact us. We would be happy to present our franchise concept to you in a personal meeting. The start of a franchise partnership with E1 Investments could be your guarantee of success. With us, you are guaranteed to move the real estate industry.

Investment brokers are mostly real estate brokers, financial brokers, bankers, insurance brokers, lawyers, etc. with a professional experience of mostly over 5 – 10 years, who act as intermediaries in the off-market segment of capital investment real estate mostly in the two or three digit million range and earn up to 7.14 % commissions. If we have aroused your interest in franchise real estate, please contact us today.

Test the E1 Franchise Service here

Inform yourself about our free test phase of 4 weeks. If you are interested in working with us, just leave us a message. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

Marketing services for you as a franchisee

Benefit from the E1 Investment Holding brand.

Right to use the well-known and strong brand E1 Investments
Media design (business cards, stationery, envelopes, etc.)
Personal email address [email protected]
Emblem data, e-mail signature
Use of contracts, agreements & forms

Our marketing team supports you with extensive marketing know-how. As a franchise partner you get your own web presence here on this website. Thus you participate in all measures and visitors that we generate for you as a group. E1 Investment Holding continuously invests in your favor in search engine optimization (Google), social media, website technology and textual content.

As a partner, we provide you with logos, stationery and e-mail. You use all marketing tools without restrictions. Not only that, but we also provide you with training and marketing know-how. Our marketing experts are also at your side.

They use all prefabricated contracts, agreements, forms and documents of the E1 Group. The documents facilitate your daily work and bureaucracy. All our documents are constantly updated and thus comply with applicable law.

Test the E1 Franchise Service here

Find out about our free trial period of 4 weeks and reserve your location. You have the possibility to test us for 4 weeks free of charge.

Trainings, conferences and fairs for real estate franchise partners.

Our experts will help you with useful & established strategies.

Participation in regular conferences
Coaching via various media and on site
Trade fair visits as a group
Workshop to learn successful strategies

E1 team real estate and investment brokers support you with training. On request, you will receive tried and tested success strategies and tips. In workshops, investment brokers exchange their success strategies and recent successes. You will have the opportunity to access more than 100 years of professional experience from the group and will also be presented concepts for franchise real estate in which you will benefit as a franchise partner.


In addition to regular workshops, conferences and meetings will take place with the other 30 locations of E1 Investment Holding. During the conferences, goals, strategies and challenges will be discussed. In addition to market developments, new marketing measures will be discussed and a joint strategy defined.

Only a few locations still available!

Find out about our free trial period of 4 weeks and reserve your location. You have the possibility to test us for 4 weeks free of charge.

Services you can expect as a franchise partner

With more than 30 locations throughout Germany, E1 Investment Holding is one of Germany’s largest real estate broker networks for off-market investment properties. As a franchise partner, you benefit from many convincing service offers such as a strong marketing concepts, promising real estate offers and valuable investor contacts. For you as a real estate agent, all those special services could form the basis for your successful entry into the international world of investment property brokerage.

With various online services such as training and coaching programmes, public relations, visual media, numerous print products and an appropriate presentation in the field of social media, we offer our franchise partners an efficient basis of real estate brokerage in the international investment market . If you would like to share our experiences and become a part of us, don’t hesitate to contact us directly. We would be more than happy to present our unique franchise concept to you in a personal meeting. Join our franchise programme to make a significant contribution to the real estate industry.

E1 Investment Holding: Annual conference with business owners and franchise partners.

At the semi-annual conferences, many E1 Investments franchisees meet to further develop the franchise real estate system and exchange experiences. A group of partly young and partly experienced entrepreneurs work together under one brand with the aim to become the number one in the investment property segment. The E1 Franchise Nehmern are real estate agents with many years of experience. The aim of these meetings, from the point of view of the franchisor, is to give the franchisees the opportunity to participate by presenting various points, topics and suggestions for improvement to their colleagues in person in a lecture. After all, it is our joint company. Discussing facts or holding discussions with existing customers and business partners helps the franchisees to quickly gain opinions among each other on how to proceed. The franchisees also work closely together, so that the network often carries out your real estate transactions internally.

The Franchise Real Estate System has proven itself

As a provider of numerous real estate investors, business partners, property managers, family office contacts and off market investment properties, we relieve our E1 Investments franchisees of much of the work and entrepreneurial risk. The regular references of our E1 Investments franchisees show again and again that with a strong partner also in the field of capital investment real estate large volume sales can be achieved, provided that the franchisee can fully concentrate on the sale. The aim of the franchisor is to avoid unnecessary loss of time for both parties for the franchisee with access to the previous correspondence. Existing purchase profiles of real estate investors give the franchisee the opportunity from day one to consider the exact wishes and goals of the existing customer. Expressions of interest or commission from existing customers give the franchisee a high degree of security, so that the franchisee is always aware that working time is a good investment. The references of the business owners Candogan and Scherf as well as the business owners Brüser and Lütkehaus – within few months – proved that the E1 Investments real estate franchise system work!

Become part of our success as a franchisee!

In order to continue our success, we are looking for competent and experienced businessmen from the real estate industry for the last remaining locations in Germany who, in addition to their end consumer business, want to successfully expand the real estate investment sector with us and support us in achieving our own goals. We offer each franchisee, whether platinum or gold, a free trial period of 4 weeks during which the franchisee can cancel. The goal as a franchisor is to attract independent real estate agents who will take over the work of the E1 Holding team.

Do you have questions about our real estate franchise?

What is your role as a franchise partner at E1 Holding?

Your job is to succeed. In our franchise system, your only task is to use the data you provide for your personal success. With us you reach investors and off market investment properties of owners with declarations of intent.

What are the advantages of the E1 real estate franchise?

The E1 Holding brand, successfully established in Germany and large parts of Europe with over 30 national and international locations, is your reliable partner and strong brand. You benefit from an established and successful brand in the off-market investment property segment. You get access to our CRM software with over 50,000 contacts, our online marketing team & PR and website. In addition, there are workshops, seminars and success strategies and regular conferences. We provide you with decisive competitive advantages and strategies.

Does the franchise offer only apply to experienced real estate agents?

No, the offer is also aimed at lateral entrants who have a sense for the real estate business and a feeling for consulting services. Both experienced real estate agents and career changers are welcome.

Can I retain my existing real estate agency/business?

Yes, you are completely free to continue your existing business. We have many examples of franchisees who also run their own business.

Are trainings or workshops offered for franchisees?

We offer regular workshops and trainings to our partners. In recurring seminars and meetings, we discuss success strategies and provide support in setting up and further developing the locations. In addition, all franchise partners receive regular documentation and acquisition tips by e-mail.

What are the next steps?

The next step is the simplest. Simply fill out the form above and we will get back to you as soon as possible. You will receive free 14-day access to our E1 software.

Which requirements are needed?

It would be great if you had a high level of interest in our E1 International Investment Holding as well as a strong passion for the real estate business. Of course it would be nice if you had some previous knowledge about the real estate business, too. Moreover, you should have a good knowledge of human nature and a great empathy in order to meet the needs of your/our customers. In this connection, persuasive skills would definitely be helpful as well. Last but not least, you should be motivated and excited to work with us.

What exactly does “franchise” mean? How does the real estate franchise concept work?

“Franchise” is a special form of cooperation based on partnership; hence, it is a specific form of cooperation. On this occasion, legally independent companies form a partnership in order to achieve economic expansion. The franchisor grants the franchisee (also: franchise partner) certain rights (licenses) which allow him/her to apply a previously discussed business model in compliance with certain standards. In other words, the franchisee runs his/her own business based on the franchise- and business concept defined by the franchisor. Therefore, the franchisee remains an autonomous, legally independent entrepreneur.

In how far do I profit from a real estate franchise?

Franchising can bring numerous advantages for both sides, the franchisor and the franchisee: one can address a larger target group, achieve a broader market coverage or build up a stronger and more effective customer service relationship.
Are you a strong entrepreneur working in the real estate business and looking for a new challenge in the field of investment properties? Then you should definitely take a look at the franchise concept of E1 Holding!

A franchise cooperation with E1 International Investment Holding can bring lots of advantages in the field of real estate which you would not be able to enjoy as an independent real estate agent. Generally, it gets increasingly difficult for brokers nowadays to establish their own business in the real estate market. This is particularly due to Germany’s high density of real estate agents. With the help of a franchise cooperation, franchisees can either profit from the respective franchisor’s reputation or use its helpful support services (e.g. in the marketing sector) to their own advantage. Furthermore, the franchisor can also support his franchise partner in other areas, such as in administration. In addition, the franchisee can learn from the franchisor’s long-term experience in the field of franchising.

What is special about a real estate franchise with E1 Investments?

A franchise cooperation with E1 Investment Holding not only gives real estate agents access to a network of over 81,000 people, but also to more than 4700 active search profiles and 2100 investment properties. Moreover, real estate agents save themselves time and money which is usually needed for the complex acquisition and research of solvent investors or objects. Besides, E1 Holding helps brokers to gain valuable business contacts as well as relevant Off Market offers. E1 International Investment Holding offers you the unique opportunity to enter the investment property business in a successful way while remaining entrepreneurially independent.

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