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Franchise Portal Real Estate by E1 International Investment Holding GmbH

Elevate your position in the real estate industry by partnering with E1 Holding as a franchise professional. With a lengthy track record in real estate, you can substantially enhance your achievements as an E1 Holding franchise associate. Globally renowned for our off-market real estate expertise and investment property diversity, we provide an extensive network and a meticulously maintained database.

As a prospective franchise collaborator, continue operating your real estate office seamlessly—without limitations. Bid farewell to laborious efforts and time-consuming research. Through our franchise, swiftly access esteemed private and commercial investment properties spanning the globe. This newfound simplicity allows you to concentrate on your core broker duties: effectively connecting real estate opportunities with discerning investors.

What we do:

A franchise portal in real estate like E1 Holding refers to a digital platform designed to connect individuals or businesses interested in real estate franchises with established franchisors. These portals serve as informational hubs where potential franchisees can learn about various franchise opportunities within the real estate sector. 


We provide a platform where aspiring franchisees can access comprehensive details about the real estate franchises it offers, including insights into business models, training programs, support structures, and associated costs. By acting as an intermediary between interested parties and established real estate brands, E1 Holding exemplifies how franchise portals facilitate the process of entering the world of real estate franchising. Furthermore, we offer resources that aid in effective business management and expansion strategies within the realm of real estate franchising.

Unveil the Potential of the Franchise Portal Real Estate for Off-Market Success

At E1 Holding, our franchise enterprise thrives in the highly lucrative and discreet off-market real estate sector. Our exclusive data repository meticulously manages properties within the five- to seven-digit range. Access to this treasure trove of opportunities translates to an exponential rise in profit potential and earnings.

Franchise partners find that the off-market arena holds far greater revenue possibilities than the conventional properties that flood the market. The current demand for off-market offerings has reached unprecedented levels. This presents franchise partners with an ideal chance to seamlessly integrate the E1 Portal Real Estate into their existing, well-functioning brokerage operations. With no changes or restrictions, your work remains as seamless as ever. If you lack an established physical setup, the E1 franchise model accommodates easy home office operation. Plus, by immersing yourself within the E1 network, you’ll rapidly expand your expertise in all facets of the field.

Long-time experienced real estate agents wanted for existing customer support!

Seeking Experienced Real Estate Agents to Elevate Customer Support

E1 Holding is actively seeking seasoned real estate agents who are ready to take customer support to new heights. The Franchise Portal Real Estate provides agents with an array of exceptional benefits:

  • Almost no equity is required to join E1 Holding.
  • The franchise contract runs for 24 months; a subsequent extension of up to five years is possible.
  • Contract choice between gold and platinum – franchise payment once or in monthly installments.
  • Online access to 1,500 plus X Off-Market Properties.
  • Free use of the connected E1 Plus CRM.
  • Access to the E1 Document Center and related legal support.
  • Participation in regular workshops, seminars, and video switching for further education and training.
  • Coaching via online video as well as colleague contact using all technical aids.
  • Building a completely new business segment – international expansion, investment real estate segment.
  • Always access to the E1 intranet with tens of thousands of numbers, data, and facts.

Have you become interested or even curious? Then you can get further advice on an E1 cooperation as a franchise partner. Make an appointment by phone or write to us via the contact form. A timely callback is guaranteed. They will quickly become home in the E1 family and be able to participate in the business success.

Curious to Learn More? Take the First Step Toward an E1 Franchise Partnership!

Are you feeling intrigued by the prospects of becoming an E1 franchise associate? If so, we enthusiastically invite you to embark on a journey of exploration by seeking further information and guidance. Reach out to us through our provided phone contact or convenient online form, and rest assured, your inquiry will be met with a swift and informative response. Your pathway to joining the E1 family is ready and waiting, offering the exciting promise of shared business triumphs and a supportive community to thrive.

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